Chapter 4:

In an alien world, all the rules are thrown out of the window.

Why the heck are novel titles so long?! Why is every single story an Isekai?! What happened to creativity?! I could give you my whole life story in a single sentence but I'm not going to. Find it out for yourself. Peace and love. No hard feelings.

What's this? We've magically ended up on a planet...that looks exactly like earth. Called Thear. How long will it take Haruto to figure out what Thear is referring to?

The inside of the spaceship only has one room, with smaller auxiliary rooms. One of them is probably the engine room. The room the Protagonists are in looks like a child's playroom. The velvet carpet feels nice under my feet. I get tingles whenever I walk over it, but I'm wearing shoes...The walls are blue for some reason, and it's like were caged in a dome. It's the perfect place for some of us to live in.

We land on Arien's home planet, and it looks like a normal city, but there are flying cars. Oh, it's a utopian citadel. It's what people prophesied the earth to look like when we reach that great turning point or whatever with technology.

"Retsu du disu!" Haruto didn't have to say that. Now that saying is like some slogan for this novel..."Where's the tractor? How are we supposed to go down?"

"What tractor? Aren't you talking about the beam?" Arien responded with as much confusion and disappointment as I had.

"No. It has an engine. Haven't you seen a tractor? It has big wheels. Isn't that what creates the beam?" Haruto tried to explain his utterly ridiculous way of thinking.

I look at the hard to miss monitor above the control panel that has coordinates of the planet, and live footage of people walking on it and realise that this is all an Isekai in disguise...How long did it take for us to go to another world? There's nothing creative about this! It's no different than being hit by a mosquito and dying, just to be transported to another world! I thought the point of this was to make fun of Isekai's...not join one.

There's so much to do back on earth, and the first thing we do after the concert is going on an adventure into another world? There are so many things to parody! There's so much and you decide to copy...this...

Haruto notices that there's a different wall of red buttons inside the spaceship on a metal board attached to the side. He walks over, and I follow him.

"What do these do?" I tried to ask Arien, but the child inside of me took over, and so to did it with Haruto.

"What does the stupid button do?" Haruto was going to push the button regardless. He just said that to distract Arien.

"Wait! Don't push that button!" Arien tried to stop him, but you can't stop someone who doesn't have a brain.

He pushed the button and we turned around because we heard a massive thud. Arien was upside like a crab on his back with his hands and legs out. He was doing that thing they do in Anime to show that they've seen something so stupidly unbelievable that they have to snap their neck to escape reality...or something like that.

Ariso and Kendo were laughing at the sight of Arien upside, whilst I and Hartuo were furiously laughing with silly faces on to rub salt into his alien wound. Haruto started pressing the button rapidly and it kept on flipping Arien right way up then upside down. We started laughing even more and we couldn't stop. 

"Okay! We've had or fun! That's enough!" Haruto stopped.

"Why do you have a button on your spaceship that does that, and only to you? What kind of purpose does it have?" I tried asking him to find the reason behind it.

"I put my biometrics on it so it flips me. I was testing it." Arien said that whilst nervously sweating so he didn't look stupid. Too bad he already looked stupid.

"Are you going to tell us what's up with your planet? It looks pretty normal thus far." Yes! Kendo! Progressing the plot like usual! Now you're thinking.

When he says that, I see Haruto in the corner of my eye picking off the 'Stupid Button' from the metal board. He also takes off the 'Restriction Button', the 'Plot Button' and the 'Convenience Button'.

"Haruto. You forgot the armour button." I whispered to him.

"Oh yeah! Thanks." He whispered. I wasn't helping him. He thinks that the buttons will work on their own...when they're just three-dimensional circles that have nothing to sink into or activate...Haruto must be a fourth-dimensional being if he thinks this is going to work...

"We're going to need these later. They're going to come in handy." He had confidence in him, so I decided to believe him but I remained sceptical.

"In this world, there are three factions that want the power to rule over the entire planet. Hence the planet of Thear has been divided into three continents. There were originally seven, but then technology happened. I live within the red faction. There's a blue faction and a yellow one."

He explained the story to us, and I was looking at the others to see their reaction. Ariso was smiling with her eyes closed...It looks so stupid. Why does she need to have her eyes closed to smile? Isn't eye contact important to convey emotion? How does that add anything significant?

Haruto was so focused that I think the synapses in his brain begin to shut down. Kendo looked like he understood what Arien was saying. I'm glad he's the deuteragonist. He's the only one progressing the plot so we're not messing around constantly. This isn't a slice of life. Why does that sound so dangerous? If someone said they wanted a slice of your life, you would run all the way to the country of Antarctica to hide...Wait.

I feel like the length of these chapters are scaring people off. Especially that two-parter at the concert. Do you want the stories in this novel to be dragged on longer than they need to be? I to cower in fear at the sheer sight of paragraphs of words. They torment my mind, they only exist to force me to read. I'm just going to wait for it to be adapted to an Anime so I don't have to do that.

All we've done today is mess around in a spaceship, gone into an Isekai storytelling route, and then stolen things from a spaceship and learnt about a planet we should not even be able to visit.

I wonder if the story is going to get any better or worse. Probably worse. I don't have high hopes. I wonder if the others will get any development so they don't feel so one-dimensional, except Haruto. That guy is already a fourth-dimensional being at this point.

Peace and love. No hard feelings.