Chapter 5:

Past 4 - Tears

Last Man Alive

I failed to protect her.Bookmark here

My vision blurred out, my mind turned blank, I lost the motivation to fight but my momentum pushed me forward and my machete pierced the zombie's skull and it died, falling down with the machete stuck in its skull.Bookmark here

Both of us stood there with eyes devoid of all emotions, staring at the ground as the blood dripped down from Sheila's shoulders.Bookmark here

She quietly held my hand and we walked out of that bloody room. I followed her and we reached at the end of the hallway directly opposite to the door leading to second floor. Bookmark here

There was a open window at the end of the hallway. I stood there showing my back to the window, she stood directly opposite to me.Bookmark here

Finally tears fell down from both sides, still starting at the ground. Bookmark here

SOB SOBBookmark here

"I'm sorry" I finally broke the silence. Bookmark here

"Not your fault. It was our destiny. It was supposed to happen this way. All those super extraordinary zombies and stuffs, that isn't normal at all." She took a little sniff, wiping her tears. "But I'm so damn happy that you protected me until the very end" she finally looked up to me.Bookmark here

I gathered some courage and looked in her eyes filled with tears.Bookmark here

"But I failed... failed to protect you for the second time."Bookmark here

"That's not important, you idiot. What's important is that you were always there for me even in the rough times." She gave me a smile, that could be the most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my life.Bookmark here

"Now you have to go." She spoke, still smiling while being in unimaginable pain.Bookmark here

"I can't just leave you all-" she didn't let me finish.Bookmark here

"Can't you see, the sound of gunshots has stopped."Bookmark here

She was correct.Bookmark here

"They all died." Bookmark here

Hearing that broke my heart into pieces.Bookmark here

They all died because of me…. If only I didn't press the trigger to protect Sheila, none of this would have happened.Bookmark here

Tears started flowing out of my eyes more than ever before, I started weeping like a little a kid.Bookmark here

She hugged me, embracing me for one last time, while we both cried.Bookmark here

"I love you!" she said these final words with all the energy left inside her, and pushed me out of the window.Bookmark here

I was falling down.Bookmark here

Tears, coming out of my eyes, were shining brightly under this gravely moonlit night.Bookmark here

I crashed into a big trash can and its door closed due to the sudden impact.Bookmark here

The sound made by me because of this impact was covered up by the sound of a gunshot fired from the second floor.Bookmark here

I stayed inside the big box.Bookmark here

Tears kept flowing out of my eyes. I regretted everything, every action of my life until today, i hated it all. All of my friends were dead all of this happened because of me. They all must have hated me until the very end. I wasn't able to protect anyone. I wasn't able to fulfill my Oath. Bookmark here

I had no rights to live after getting all of them killed but I didn't move, didn't make a single movement, i just laid down in the trash doing nothing else but crying. I wanted to scream but didn't.Bookmark here

I locked myself in there for almost two days, doing nothing, not even sleeping. Tears flowing constantly not even stopping for a single second.Bookmark here

After 2 days, when I couldn't hear any footsteps nearby, I came out. My eyes red, so red as if blood would start flowing out instead of tears.Bookmark here

I went ahead, to the entrance of the chamber. Hall full of filthy dead bodies, flies flying around them. It was stinking like crazy but didn't bother me at all and I made my way up the staircase walking upon all the corpses.Bookmark here

Second floor, also filled with dead bodies. Splattered blood everywhere which already dried up. I didn't bother searching there.Bookmark here

I went straight to the left door. Pushing the doors inwards, thar was a very clean path, leading to a body. Bookmark here

I slowly followed along the path, reached the end, there was a body right in front of me. Holding my gun in its hand.Bookmark here

I kneeled down. Grasped that body into my arms. Turned it over so i could see the face.Bookmark here

I already knew it before even checking. It was Sheila.Bookmark here

I glared at her for ten minutes. Then tears came out.Bookmark here

All the emotions within me bursted out. Bookmark here

I screamed with all my might. I didn't care if those zombies would hear me. I just screamed hugging her dead body. Bookmark here

"SHEILA!!" I screamed out loud.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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