Chapter 1:


The Beastman Saint is H*rny, so I was Kidnapped to Another World Vol. 8

***The Plains of Cherwind, several leagues away from the Outer Wall of the ‘Enclave’, several ‘long sleeps’ back… ***

The stillness of the fog-blanketed flatlands of Cherwind was disturbed by a single, loud trumpet blast that rang across the open ground. Moments later, it was answered by two smaller trumpets, followed by the sounds of thousands of feet marching. Leading that huge host of men and beastfolk through the thick mist were the Duchess of Malvette, in her full armored splendor, and the captain of the Beastman Saint’s guards, Kashca Telis. Following them were the other leaders of their army, and some human knights. Upon reaching a certain point in their march, the Duchess raised her hand in a gesture to stop the army from their tracks.


“Have your men ready themselves,” Telis told her, “I could smell those vermin nearby.”

The Duchess nodded and gave the order, “Form defensive lines!” At once, the humans organized themselves into a tightly-packed formation, with their shields raised and swords unsheathed, bracing for an assault. The ones armed with demon weapons made sure their slow matches were lit, and trained their arms towards the thick swirling mist.

“This fog is getting thicker the longer we stay here,” the Duchess commented, “Did our bait really worked?”

“I told you they’re here,” Telis replied, “And this is no ordinary fog; I’m sure that the accursed Lady Konka had something to do with this. She must’ve cast this spell to distract your forces from pillaging the Hare Tribe’s villages.”

“I really don’t like this. Why do I have to join my army with yours in trapping that Insetus woman? It’s your race’s business, not ours. Besides, my forces are still recuperating from our losses…”

“I don’t think you have any other choice, human. It’s either you help Her Holiness, who believes in your people, or end up dead in another Telessaria under Lady Konka.”

The Duchess, though she wanted to counter Telis’ words, found that she had nothing to say. Indeed, while the humans in Cherwind could defend themselves, it’s the support of the Beastman Saint that got them to stay that long in this hostile land. “Well, if you put it that way, then we should ensure that our plan is effective in drawing her out.”

“Yes, after we destroyed her hideout before, Lady Konka’s forces are getting weaker. She couldn’t afford to lose any Beastman villages supporting her cause, like that of the Hare Tribe. Ransacking them would definitely draw her out, as is the case now.”

“But still, I couldn’t believe that the Insetus woman convinced some of your men to betray and attempt to kill Her Holiness. You guys have internal issues too, huh?

Telis remained silent at what the Duchess had said. While she never showed any emotion, her feelings deep inside were complicated. There’s a part of her that was relieved that nothing happened to her liege; a part where she’s blaming herself for the deaths of her ‘treacherous’ kin, and a part where she was admiring Lady Konka’s ability to twist people’s motivation to serve her cause.

Well, it’s a known fact that most Beastmen don’t like humans, and will grab the opportunity to get back at them when the chance comes. But, still…

“So, Lady Telis—”

“Stop for a moment,” the Fox captain interrupted for the Duchess for a moment, just as she heard faint footsteps dashing to their direction, “They’re coming!”

“Milady,” it was one of the human knights, “please retreat to the rear for now.”

“Come, Lady Telis!” the Duchess offered her hand, but she refused it.

“I don’t need to,” the Fox captain pulled out her sword. “I prefer to meet my enemies head on; I’ll lop off that Insetus’ head!”

By the time the Duchess had retreated to the rear lines, tense silence had descended the battlefield. The fog was thick, and so the humans waited anxiously as their eyes never left, peering into the swirling mist. They could already hear their enemies running, as well as feel the shaking of the ground. And then, in what seemed like a terrible premonition, animalistic screams and cries echoed and pierced their ears, as well as their hearts.

Then came the thunderous order, “Brace for the attack!”


From the fog, several silhouettes leaped out and crashed through the human line. Several of the soldiers were knocked down, and the gunners were initially frozen, concerned to hit their allies should they decide to pull the trigger. The first wave of Konka’s forces wreaked havoc on the human formation, but the humans won’t back down easily and fought toe to toe with their enemies.

And then, someone shouted, “Here they come again!”

Another group of Konka’s Beastmen came out of the fog. However, this time, they were countered with the Fox tribesmen, led by Kashca Telis herself.

“Kill these traitors!” she encouraged them, “We’re avenging Our Holiness!”

“Raaaarrrrrgghhhh!!!” buoyed by their leader’s words, the Fox tribesmen fought like in a frenzy. Soon, the human side’s gunners joined the battle, and small explosions from their firearms began to make its presence known. Blood, guts, and even body part were flying everywhere, and the agonized screams of the injured and the dying mixed with the chaotic sound of the battlefield.

But Konka’s forces wasn’t done just yet. Just as the first and second waves were withering from the tenacity of the combined human-fox tribal forces, a new set of animal cries were heard. That caused the human-fox side to cease fighting, allowing the survivors of the earlier waves to retreat.


Telis nervously turned her eyes towards the swirling fog, now thicker than before. Then, several silhouettes slowly appeared, walking towards them. The humans hurriedly reorganized their lines, while the fox tribesmen virtually froze in their spots, for they knew who those figures were.

“Milady…” one of the fox tribesmen muttered to Telis, “…those are…”

“Yes…” the fox captain shook off the blood from her sword, “They are the Wessen Ursus, one of the most powerful beastfolk to exist.”

At that moment, the silhouettes broke into a charge, letting out a terrible war cry as they steamrolled at the humans and fox tribesmen. The relatively small human and fox warriors tried to put up a fight, but the Wessen Ursus continued on their charge, sweeping and bashing the shields, breaking swords and spears. Some of them were even used by the Wessen Ursus as clubs against their own allies, or were torn apart and their mangled bodies launched as projectiles. It was a gory, sick sight. Even Telis was knocked down, and was almost crushed if not for her quick reflexes. The infamous Bear tribesmen of the Wessen Mountains, to the east of Cherwind, finally started making their mark on the battle!

“Stand your ground! Rally to me!” the fox captain tried her best to rally her allies, whose courage immediately melted at the sight of those hairy, wild, and violent berserkers. But her effort was of no avail. The duration of the battle, as well as the appearance of those powerful enemies, took its toll and struck fear in the hearts of men and Beastmen alike, and not even the gunners of the humans could make a difference. The Duchess of Malvette was nowhere to be seen, probably escorted off the battlefield by her men. Telis knew that if she had to do something drastic, now’s the time to do it.



Just as Telis was looking for an opportunity to strike, a Wessen Ursus got to her and was about to crush her head. The fox captain, surprised at the suddenness of the event, couldn’t even raise her sword to defend herself…


At that point, the Wessen Ursus’ neck was cut by a burst of wind, and blood splattered on Telis’ face. The Beastman never got to know what happened to him as he fell down the ground, his head separated from his body. Then, another gale-force wind blew against the opposing side, and caused the fog to dissipate in an instant. It revealed the disposition and numbers Konka’s forces, who stood directly in front of the human-fox tribesmen army.

And Konka herself was commanding from the rear.


Still in shock, the fox captain looked at the one who cast that wind spell.

“If you think I’d let you die, my sweet Telis, then you’re greatly mistaken.” Hovering above the human-fox army was Her Holiness, Ruro of the Wolf. A bright, golden-yellow aura surrounded her, and the skies above was turning dark as swirling clouds and flashes of lighting were forming. Marching below her was the Duchess of Malvette, accompanied by her knights, and the human reinforcements coming from the villages they plundered.

“I knew you’d come, Ruro!” Konka called out to her rival.

“Of course!” the Saint countered, “I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to give back to you the treacherous gift you sent me before!”

“Did you like it?”

“Why do you think I’d come here for, if I didn’t?”

“Good. Then, let’s get this bloody business done with, Ruro!” the Insetus-woman then pulled her sword and ordered a general advance, “Noble Beastmen, kill every human and fox traitor in your sight!”


Without the cover of fog, the battle resumed. Humans against Beastmen, Fox tribesmen against other tribes, and Konka against Ruro. The weather didn’t let up as well, and a powerful storm formed above the battlefield just as the intensity of the fight increased. Swift bolts of lightning and heavy downpour fell to the ground, wreaking death and destruction to both Ruro’s side and Konka’s, compounding the chaos.

Meanwhile, a few leagues west of the Plains of Cherwind was a fleet of small fishing boats from the Eagle tribe. Just as they had cast down their nets, the leader of the Avinus fishermen watched in horror as the skies quickly darkened and peals of thunder echoed from the distance. Adding to her worries was the violent wind, slowly increasing in strength as it disturbed the usually ‘calm’ waters.

“Haul the nets,” she ordered her panicking men, “We’re returning to land!”