Chapter 10:

Beyond The Balls, Beyond Belief

Bible 2: The Sequel to the Bible

Kobe inched his way further into the Jungle Gym. He was taking it slow, not just on account of his dislocated shoulders but his immense paranoia. Luckily, Robert’s blood from the day prior made sure he wasn’t dehydrated but he was getting to that stage. His mouth was dry, his limbs were weak but still, he carried on.Bookmark here

The thing that was getting to him, and he assumed everyone else, was the lack of sleep. His eyes kept trying to close on him and his movements were sluggish as a result. He needed rest or some cocaine.Bookmark here

“Looks like someone’s seen better days.”Bookmark here

Suddenly Kobe shot straight up into a defensive stance, though his left arm slumped down beside him. Even though he’d sprung directly towards the direction he’d heard the voice, no one was there to be seen.Bookmark here

Then he felt a hand come down on his left shoulder which caused him to yelp out in pain. Bookmark here

“Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to hurt you.”Bookmark here

Kobe spun heel and came face to face with a toothpick in a suit. Long, tall and white, Kobe could tell he couldn’t trust him as much as he could vore him.Bookmark here

He struck at his opponent who jumped back gracefully.Bookmark here

“Now, now, Mr. Steakhouse, I’m not here to fight you, I’m here to help.”Bookmark here

“You expect me to believe that?”Bookmark here

“Do I look like I could take you in a fight, good sir?”Bookmark here

Kobe gave him the once over and determined that he had become even thinner over the course of their conversation, but still, he wouldn’t drop his guard.Bookmark here

“You don’t look it but I don’t judge a book by its cover, only by the voring prowess hidden within.”Bookmark here

The man looked at Kobe for a moment and then smiled.Bookmark here

“Very good, very cautious! I knew I picked the right person to shadow! Here, I’ll show you I mean no harm.”Bookmark here

He took off his suit jacket and used it to tie his hands together.Bookmark here

“See?”Bookmark here

Hesitantly Kobe dropped his guard. He was still wary of this guy but with his hands tied, any moves he could be using wouldn’t be deflected by a hand in front of Kobe’s face.Bookmark here

“What do you want?”Bookmark here

“Introductions my good man! Introductions first! My name is John, my second name is reserved for family and friends only, I hope you understand. I consider myself somewhat of an investor. I’m not much of a vorer myself you see, my molars were never built for the job.”Bookmark here

He flashed Kobe a big cheesy grin, letting his teeth sparkle in the harsh artificial light of the room they were in.Bookmark here

“My only chance of getting into the top 5 and out of this hell is to hitch my wagon to a real competitor and you’re my top choice.”Bookmark here

“Why me?”Bookmark here

“Well, you’re in a bit of a pickle right now, I’m sure you’d agree.”Bookmark here

He gestured towards Kobe’s limp arm.Bookmark here

“You can imagine what would happen if I walked up to a top 5 talent with no injuries. Nom, nom, nom, that’s how it’d go. I’m investing in an distressed asset, something with potential.”Bookmark here

Kobe didn’t like this guy, he reminded him a lot of Vorge. But he was write, Kobe couldn’t hope to beat any of the remaining people in this competition if things didn’t change.Bookmark here

“What can you even do for me John?”Bookmark here

In an instant, John had his hands untied and, seemingly out of nowhere, had produced an energy drink and a first aid kit.Bookmark here

“I can get you whatever you need, whatever you desire. All you need to do is accept my generous offer.” Bookmark here

He holds a hand out to Kobe.Bookmark here

“And what do you get in return?”Bookmark here

“Well, I hopefully get out of this alive and, of course, I’ll be expecting a small favour if and when we get out of here.”Bookmark here

Kobe was still apprehensive; he could tell the favour he’d be asked for wasn’t small at all but he also felt like he didn’t have a choice.Bookmark here

“Fine, but try anything funny and I’ll ingest you.”Bookmark here

He grasped John’s hand firmly to let him know who was boss.Bookmark here

“Wouldn’t want it any other way!”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Nine thousand nine hundred ninety eight!”Bookmark here

Vorelando Jones had nearly completed his training montage.Bookmark here

“Nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine!”Bookmark here

Vorelando Jones would never lose. For Berry. For Benedict, he would never lose.Bookmark here

“One thousand!”Bookmark here

He shot up in triumph, sweat drenching his body. As thirsty as he was, he knew that the strategy he was going for was risky but it was a risk he had to take. He had spent the last few hours on his island exercising, trying to lose as much weight as possible, the sweat helped with that. Bookmark here

With a final roar, he took off his jeans and belt and threw them across to the west entrance. He was hoping that he would be able to make it to that one but in truth, he would be happy if his plan led him to any of the four.Bookmark here

Vorelando dropped to the ground, spreading his body as wide as he could and then started shimmying towards the edge of his island.Bookmark here

Vorelando had from the start assumed that the ball pit was impassable, but Benedict’s words had woken him to the lies of reality. Nothing was impossible with the right state of mind.Bookmark here

“Fight… scream… believe…”Bookmark here

Vorelando’s head crossed the edge of the island and came to rest on the balls.Bookmark here

“Fight… scream… believe!”Bookmark here

He slowed his shimmying down but gradually, he worked his whole body onto the balls. This is why he’d dropped the weight, dropped his pants. He figured that if he could spread his weight out, he should be able to float on top of the balls if he was careful. And he was right, by not breaking the surface tension of the balls, Vorelando was just light enough to float on top.Bookmark here

“Fight, scream, believe!”Bookmark here


Vorelando looked up across the surface of the balls and could see he was drifting towards the west entrance. His body felt lighter, as if Benedict was supporting him from beneath, carrying him to the promised land.Bookmark here


For hours Vorelando heard these words in his head. As he got closer to the west entrance, he had to restrain himself and not reach out too early, break the surface tension of the balls before he was close enough to actually escape them.Bookmark here

Eventually, he decided that he was close enough and started shimmying himself across the balls. Another hour later and he’d mad it off the balls. He lay at the west entrance, delirious but alive.Bookmark here

“I DID IT! I DID IT!”Bookmark here

Even though he couldn’t see it, he could feel Benedict’s spirit waving him goodbye before crumbling back into the ball pit.Bookmark here

He bowed towards the ball pit to show his respect.Bookmark here

“Rest in peace Benedict Eggmond, I will never forget you.”Bookmark here

Then, Vorelando slung his jeans over his shoulder and headed off into the dark corridor of the western entrance, ready to start his next adventure.Bookmark here

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