Chapter 11:

The Sign of the Scorpion

Bible 2: The Sequel to the Bible

After hours of wandering around, Vorelando found himself walking out into an open field. Well, it wasn’t truly open, off in the distance and high above the clouds he could still faintly see that it was enclosed by the jungle gym.Bookmark here

In the middle was a huge tree, underneath it sat 11 men, all shirtless, all beautiful. They were clearly together as a group. In fact, Vorelando recognized them as the people who had stood up immediately with him and Kobe, they were serious business.Bookmark here

Vorelando didn’t really want to fight 11 people at once, but he didn’t really have a choice. He required sustenance and right now he saw 11 bags of blood just waiting in front of him.Bookmark here

He approached them slowly, anticipating a quick attack but none of them moved.Bookmark here

“Stop!”Bookmark here

The absolutely gorgeous man sitting above the rest of the troupe raised his hand and commanded that Vorelando halt his advance, which he did. Expecting the leader to continue Vorelando waited but not another word was spoken for the next minute. Vorelando had to be the one to break the silence.Bookmark here

“You can see I stopped right.”Bookmark here

“I can.”Bookmark here

Silence. Vorelando was confused.Bookmark here

“You ain’t gonna say no more? Not gonna fight me? Something?”Bookmark here

“We have no intention of ganging up on you.”Bookmark here

It was now that Vorelando noticed that all these shirtless demigods had the same tattoo, an 11 legged scorpion with a number in the middle, each persons number seemed to be different. It looked very awkward with the odd number of legs but to each their own.Bookmark here

He wished now that he hadn’t been so stubborn and had taken up Kobe’s offer to scout out the competition with him. If he had he might be able to recognize such a distinctive tattoo.Bookmark here

“Can I at least have your name bro?”Bookmark here

“I do not have a name, only a number.”Bookmark here

He presented his magnificent pecs to Vorelando, underlining the number 1 in his scorpion.Bookmark here

“Alright, so you’re 1, got it. Everyone else the same?”Bookmark here

They all nodded in unison.Bookmark here

“Mind if I ask y’all a question?”Bookmark here

“You may.” One allowed.Bookmark here

“You were all listening at the start right? Only 5 of us get to leave this place.”Bookmark here

“We understand that.”Bookmark here

They looked at him sexily, unblinking.Bookmark here

“So, what’s your plan? How do you get 11 into 5?”Bookmark here

“We don’t you dumba-“Bookmark here

“SILENCE.” One cut off four harshly as the latter had begun to rise to his feet. One then turned back to Vorelando and began to explain. Bookmark here

“We are the scorpion boys, the strongest vorers from the city over the horizon. We are not a cooperative group per say, everyone here wants to vore each other. But we’re all aware that in vore, your first loss is your last. We all love the game and we want that loss to be the match of our lives and so, we train together in the hopes that we will become each others final opponents.”Bookmark here

Vorelando could sense the passion oozing from their perfect skin. He respected it.Bookmark here

“What are the numbers for?”Bookmark here

“They are much like a ranking, the number below can challenge the one above at any time, if they think they’ve grown strong enough to do so, except for 11, 11 is always there to fill in to 10 when someone loses.”Bookmark here

“That’s an interesting system but why keep it going in here? You’ll have to duke it out eventually.”Bookmark here

“We understand that, we are merely waiting to see if a worthy challenger might pass by before we do anything rash, it wouldn’t do to miss out on the match of a lifetime because we were impatient.”Bookmark here

Vorelando saw his chance here. He didn’t know how powerful the scorpion boys were but he was confident he could vore their weakest member, even in the state he was in. If he could do that, he’d be refreshed and then he could take on anyone.Bookmark here

“Well, if you were looking for the match of a lifetime, you’ve found him.”Bookmark here

There was a pause and then all of the scorpion boys, except for One, burst out laughing. Vorelando put on an annoyed expression but he could barely contain his smile. This was perfect, they clearly didn’t know who he was.Bookmark here

“I apologize for the boys’ rudeness but I understand where their laughter comes from. You, sir, are in no more a position to fight a child than you are any of us.”Bookmark here

“You’d be surprised at what I can do when I get going. You’re not scared are you? Come on, throw out your runt, I can take him.”Bookmark here

11 took offense to Vorelando’s remarks and stood up quickly but an outstretched arm from 1 prevented him from going any further.Bookmark here

“I suppose it is tiresome waiting for competition to pass by, I’ll allow it.”Bookmark here

11 cracked his knuckles and walked out from under the tree to face Vorelando.Bookmark here

“This match between 11 and the newcomer shall begin on my count of 3.” said One.Bookmark here

“1, 2, 3!”Bookmark here

One clapped his hands together and 11 was off to the races. In an instant he had turned into a liquid form and rushed down Vorelando, engulfing his body. In a matter of moments, he had been fully dissolved inside the gorgeous liquid man’s body.Bookmark here

“Nothing but bluster, don’t know how he made it so far.”Bookmark here

11 turned back towards the tree but he only took 2 steps before he froze on the spot. He felt the same thing Clark had all those moons ago.Bookmark here

Talking a lot of shit for someone within voring distance.Bookmark here


Starting in the right wrist, Vorelando’s mouth tore up 11’s arm, then through his torso, around the rest of his body before finally, replacing his head with his own. Bookmark here

Just as quickly as Vorelando had been dissolved, he was back, and better than ever.Bookmark here

The remaining scorpion boys’ alluring eyes shot wide, all of them now fixated on Vorelando Jones.Bookmark here

“Alright, dickheads. Who’s next?”Bookmark here

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