Chapter 6:

Sheila's voice

Last Man Alive

Present DayBookmark here

He found himself in a dark place, his eyes couldn't see anything. The place was pitch black. It had no floor or walls. He was floating in the dark. Bookmark here

I'm sorry i wasn't able to protect you, he said it to no one in particular. Bookmark here

A voice responded, how many time do i have to tell you!? It wasn't your fault. Bookmark here

It was Sheila's voice. Bookmark here

But- but- I-...Bookmark here

Sush, now stop rambling about the past. You have to get to the apartment before it gets dark. Now open your eyes slowly.Bookmark here

He did as he was instructed. The darkness swept away when he opened his eyes. He found himself sitting in the kitchen besides a dead zombie girl.Bookmark here

Oh right, he said it inside his brain. I think i passed out here, i must hurry home. Sheila you must be tired by hearing that story again, take some rest now.Bookmark here

Yes. I will talk to tomorrow, bye. Sheila responded, but that voice had no physical form. It was almost like it didn't exist outside Raiden's brain. Bookmark here

Bye. Good night, Raiden said it as he stood up. Filled the remaining food cans inside his bag then his gun and dirty knife which he took out from dead girl's skull. Bookmark here

Sun was almost down. He slowly made his to the apartment, going back from the same way he came. Passed the novel shop then cigarettes shop. He encountered few zombies in his way but each time those pebble helped him to put away their attention from him. Bookmark here

Sun was fully down and moon shone in the sky. Moonlit reached him, making his path visible. Bookmark here

He reached his apartment. Going slowly up the stairs he made his way to the upper most floor. Bookmark here

At at the top floor the staircase led two different paths, one on the left and one on the right. He took left then moved ahead passing lots of rooms which had number plates embedded on the door. He came across a room having number '1504'. He stood facing the door, starting at number '1504' for some time. The room on his left having number '1505' on it had open door. It was the room in which he woke up today's morning.Bookmark here

After staring at the door for some time he put his bag down and kneeled over to open a small chain from which he took out a bundle of keys. Bookmark here

He opened the door using a key and closed it after entering in.Bookmark here

That room was exactly like the room in which he woke up today. He ate the canned food which he brought then drank water which was available in the fridge.Bookmark here

After changing his clothes he went straight to bed.Bookmark here

His eyes closed. He again floated in the darkness. He was falling down in the deep abyss. Bookmark here

Hey Sheila! Are you asleep?  He called out.Bookmark here

No one responded.Bookmark here

I guess you are. Well I'm going to sleep too now. See you tomorrow.Bookmark here

He got himself mixed in the darkness. Now just a void was left there. He fell asleep.Bookmark here

Morning came as well as sunlight on his face. He woke up and followed his regular routine. Brushed his teeth, took a dump still not flushing it, ate canned food, drank bottle water from refrigerator, wore his regular clothes. He was ready to leave.Bookmark here

While doing all these tasks he went inside his mind and called out for Sheila, you still not up?, No response came and he didn't bother asking again.Bookmark here

Then he left the apartment to wander on some new location. Big buildings all around him. He walked on a 4 lane highway.Bookmark here

I'm so bored, he spoke in his mind.Bookmark here

Ohh then why don't you do "that"? Sheila responded in his mind.Bookmark here

Oh you are awake, good morning.Bookmark here

Yes, good morning. So are you going to do "that"? Bookmark here

Well just to kill some time i will do it.Bookmark here

Cool. Let's see you can beat the high score this time.Bookmark here

Ahh yes let's see it for real.Bookmark here

He reached a crossroad consisting of traffic lights at all four side but were off. That crossroad was surrounded by big building and he stood in the very middle.Bookmark here

He took out a device from his pocket which can only play music.Bookmark here

Music started playing out of it as he pressed the middle button then he put his player back in his pocket, music was still hearable. It wasn't playing at full volume, maybe believe half so it could only be heard at a close rage.Bookmark here

He waited there for few moment and then a zombie, coming out from the far end of one of the four streets, caught his attention. Bookmark here

Then he noticed they started coming from all four directions. Not a big horde buy certainly more than 30 at total.Bookmark here

He opened the furthest chain of his bag as the bag was hung on his back. Holding in both hands he pulled out two machetes and gave those upcoming zombies a grim look. Bookmark here

He held a machete of green handle in his right hand and a red handle in his left.Bookmark here

The red handled machete was Sheila's.Bookmark here

The zombies were almost on him when he jumped out ahead while swinging his machete and started killing them.Bookmark here

His facial expression didn't even change a single time when he was cutting off their heads. Bookmark here

He kept on killing them. He sliced the neck of the zombie who stood ahead then rolled his machete behind without even looking and impaled the skull of the zombie which stood behind.Bookmark here

They were coming from all directions and he kept killing them as he only stood at the very middle of the crossroad.Bookmark here

21..Bookmark here

22..Bookmark here

23..Bookmark here

..24Bookmark here

While beheading the zombies, a voice was subconsciously counting them. Bookmark here

That voice was Sheila.Bookmark here

At last the music stopped and the zombies stopped coming too. Everything became silent again. And he stood in that silence in the middle of the road surrender by tons of corpses from all sides. Bookmark here

How many? He asked.Bookmark here

53, Sheila replied.Bookmark here

Damn it, i only needed 12 more of these suckers. Bookmark here

Haha better luck next time. Next time you should go to some more populated area so- Bookmark here

A voice cut her off in the middle. It came from one of the streets and Raiden stared towards the far end of that street. He was shocked as he heard that.Bookmark here

He took a step ahead, stomping on one of the corpses but he didn't take his eyes off the far end.Bookmark here

His eyes widened, sweat fell down from his head, he was shocked as if he had seen a ghost.Bookmark here

But his condition was for a valid reason, because a car appeared out of the far end and now was coming towards him.Bookmark here

He was so shocked that it took him some time to notice the big horde of zombies that was running behind a car at some distance, literally covering all the 4 lanes.Bookmark here

He stood still even after the car almost reached the crossroad. Finally the car made its way on the corpses towards him and stopped right by him.Bookmark here

In these 5 years it was the first time that he saw a life full skin. Not a pale white skin with no flesh underneath it but a real human's skin.Bookmark here

An open roof car and on the left side sat a man holding the steering wheel.Bookmark here

He just stood there glaring at the man's face, eye to eye. And in the first time in five years he saw something so alive.Bookmark here

He was so lost there, just staring at the man, that he forgot about the big horde of zombies coming at them.Bookmark here

"Hey!" the man in the car screamed.Bookmark here

That hey was so loud he felt his ear drums were being torn apart. But because of that sound he snapped out of it and looked at the left, from where all the zombies were coming, then again to that man.Bookmark here

"What are you waiting for? Get the hell in!" The man screamed once again.Bookmark here

Raiden again looked at the zombies, they had almost reached the crossroad. Bookmark here

He immediately jumped inside the car, that man pushed the accelerator with full force and the car boosted ahead before the zombies could reach them.Bookmark here

They went ahead and ahead and ahead and zombies followed them just like that.Bookmark here

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