Chapter 1:



"Thank you for coming back to our TV program. Today, our panel members will discuss the anonymous man who got a high score in our prime minister competitors survey." said the news program host.

"I would like to share my opinion" one of the panel members said "I think anonymous is not valid to be a prime minister. We simply need a face to our country, one person we can lean on with all of our trust. I can't trust someone faceless, I don't even know his gender or age."

"I would like to add something to your talk" another panel member said. "Because we don't know anything about him we also can't judge if he is a single person. Isn't he too perfect to be a single human? In the most extreme scenario maybe he isn't even a human being, we cannot know if a tech company testing an absurdly advanced AI that way"

"I would like to respond the two of you" the screen behind the panel members changed into pitch black with a single white dot inside. Everyone in the room looked dreadfully on the infected screen. "I could not not hear you, so I would like to respond. I'm a single person, a male and 42 years old. Although my seemingly perfect skills I'm not better than any other person that was ever born. Let's just say I have a talent to get things together. Thank you for listening, I will undo my hacking on the system now. Keep on doing marvelous job with your show!" The screen became the same as it was before.

"Did he just hack our system?" the host ask.

"He did…" one of the panel members responded.

"Great job today guys" a teen with black short hair and deep blue eyes sat near his desk and four more boys about his age sat behind him. "I think you all just earned yourselves an ice-cream"

They all walked together silently from the small old house to the nearby Ice cream shop, and sat together on the wooden seats.

"I don't understand why you are so cold to us, the only prize we ever get is ice-cream" said the tall boy with dark brown hair sitting next to the blue eyed boy. The blue eyed boy licked his ice-cream once more "I use you for a reason, be thankful I chose you from all of our classmates."

"Yui, we have worked for you for almost three years now and you never told us what your actual goal is" said the brown haired boy.

"My goals are none of your business." Yui said in a flat voice.

"At least look straight into our eyes once" the brown haired boy looked upset.

"I'm physically unable to do so", Yui looked like he was getting angry too.

"Stop bothering our boss!" barked a short boy with big eyes behind thick glasses.

"It doesn't bother you the way Yui thinks of us as servants?" yelled the brown haired boy.

"Wasn't he your best friend? I'm sure you need to be on his side" the short boy’s voice squeaked.

"YOU TWO SHUT UP" said Yui. The two boys jumped in fear. "Yes boss" they said, shaking.

"I think we will be heading home right now, please behave." said Yui

The bunch walked down the street, no one knows who they are, no one will ever know. At least, so they thought.

One of them, a boy with long black hair opened the squeaky old door of their home, "this sound is so nostalgic don't you think?"

"What makes you say that all of the sudden?" a tall and strong looking boy said. They entered the old apartment, the walls looked like nobody thought of repainting for a long time.

"It’s the date," said the long haired boy.

"Is it?" asked the brown haired boy.

"Yes, it's the date our classmates got killed and we found this little old apartment." answered the strong looking boy.

"What a perfect day that was" said the boy with glasses "three years ago was it? Time goes on so fast…"

"Excuse me for not knowing what that feels like" a feminine voice erupted from the computer on Yui’s desk.

"WHO ARE YOU?" Yui ran to his computer stand.

"Weirdly, your hacking guy can hack the news program but can't notice a girl with basic hacking skills spying on you"

"WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT US?" screamed Yui knowing he got exposed.

"I did my research, I know almost everything about every single one of you"


"Stop shouting already! I will make it quick. You fascinate me therefore I want to meet you in person. Meet me tomorrow at 14:00 in Coffee Wonder, you should know where it is" the feminine voice invited.

"What will happen if I don't come?" Yui calmed down a little.

"It will be unfortunate if a tiny bit of information will spill over to the police by mistake" the voice from the computer sounded unnaturally innocent.

Yui's face was almost red of anger. He leaned forward to his microphone and said quietly: "You got yourself a meeting at a coffee shop"

"Don't forget" said the female voice and disappeared.

"That's bad, that's really really bad" the short kid with glasses walked in circles.

"Someone knows about us, there is no way we can make sure the information is safe."

"Actually we can, if I kill her. Once I know where she is, it will be a simple task." Yui looked a little calmer.

"Good idea boss, our wire tip is your computer, it should be enough" said the boy with glasses.

"Nakata, found her address"

"Yes sir Yui" the boy with brown hair said, rolling his eyes.

He opened the computer and the same voice was heard again.

"This is a record, I thought you will try to find my address and try to murder me so I locked Nakata's and Yui's computer until tomorrows meeting. Of course you can remove the lock and find me but I got all your files, you have some essential stuff in your computer right? It's kinda sad how dumb you think I am." the same voice erupted once again.

"She won, I don't know what she is plotting but I can't kill her in a cafe on the main street but same goes for her. Just in case, Minato will come with me and serve as a bodyguard." said Yui looking at the strong looking boy.

"Should I bring my gun?" the strong looking boy said.

"There is no need, if someone will notice it will get us in trouble. Nakata and Eda, check if the headset is working properly." Yui gave a command.

"Should I do something too?" the boy with the glasses asked.

"I need your brain fresh tomorrow, Kimori, get yourself a good sleep.” Yui said

Girl, if you like it or not I have you as a target now, no one of my targets can get out of my hands very quickly.”

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