Chapter 2:

Coffee shop meeting.


The watch on Yui's wrist kept ticking. It's already 13:58 and not a single woman or girl is coming close to table six where Yui set on.

Behind the bushes outside the coffee shop sat Minato, hiding and ready to do whatever it takes to protect his boss.

13:59. she is supposed to be there in a minute, she said 14:00 so she must come any second.

It's 14:00. She is coming!

The door opened and Yui felt the cold breeze. Everyone looked at the door and at the girl who went inside, shocked. Is that really her? Yui thought to himself. She got closer to him, the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Her light brown hair in a clean bob cut decorated in flower shaped pins, her green-azure eyes full of desire and passion, her lips and dress are in a matching peach colour but it doesn't seem like she has lipstick on. She sat in front of Yui and said: "Yui Takashima, a murderer and an aspiring prime minister" there was no doubt, it was her. “When I said I want to meet you in person I didn’t say I want one of your minions behind the bush.” “Should I do something?” Minato’s voice came out of the headset.

“she knows you’re hiding spot, I don’t know what else she knows. The best thing we can do is retreat home” Yui whispered, making sure the girl didn't hear.

“And also give me the headset in your ear, I know you have some support from your tiny apartment.” Her face is so peaceful yet so fearsome at the same time.

Yui slowly handed over his headset to her, her smile shined sweetly while she crashed the headset with her hand. “Good boy. Now that we are done with all the bothersome children, I can finally introduce myself.” Yui’s face was full of rage “I’m Yui Aku, we have the same name isn’t it the funniest thing?”

“I’m ashamed to share the same private name with you” Yui crossed his arms.

“Haha!” her laugh was as cute as a newborn puppy “you are so funny, ashamed to share the same name with the perfect being? don’t be ridiculous hahaha”

“The perfect being? you are the one being ridiculous!”

Aku erased the sweet smile from her face and replaced it with a serious expression. Somehow it just made her even prettier. “I didn’t reached out to you for a small talk, I have a request, two to be exact, one is harder then another, I will give you the honor to choosing which one is which”

“You broke every contact I had with my partners so I guess it’s something related to them” Yui didn't sound too excited.

“One of them is” Aku’s eyes stared at Yui’s face.

“I lose focus very quickly, tell me your requests already”

“Fine, first request, I have the talents the five of you have together, even better,if I wanted to replace you all I could do it easily. My point is that one person is much more efficient than four. I want to work for you and in exchange you will get rid of your minions.”


Aku looked to the side and giggled “I never fool around, I want to research you and I’m afraid your little classmates will be in my way”

“You know why I kept them alive? I killed all my classmates except four children because I thought they would be useful, they are doing their job greatly, it’s surprising how good people behave when you threaten them, I don’t need a replacement” Yui was furious.

“Helpful…. it gets me to the other request” her soft pink cheeks became red as a strawberry. “I want to be…. I want to be….. I want to be your girlfriend!” Aku’s face was so close to Yui’s face he could feel her heavy breathing. “Girl… girlfriend?!” he almost fell from his chair.

”When I checked about you I understood something, you killed most of your class, you participated in the prime minister elections, you never look at anybody straight to their face. I believe there is something that connects all that. I like mysterious men, they make me wanna try to solve their mysteries so badly.”

“You are overthinking” Yui blushed the same way as Aku.

“I might be overthinking but your actions must have something to do with your goal. Anyone wants something.... They want money, they want power but you, you do not look the type to want that, do you? you want something else, right?”

“There is something I know for sure I don’t want. you as a girlfriend”

Aku closed her eyes and looked up with a desperate expression on her face “such a humiliation for the perfect being, if I can’t win you this way I will win you the traditional way.”

“Excuse me sir, would you like to take an order?” a young waitress approached table six.

“Can you return to us later? we are a bit busy right now”

“Us? sir, will someone join you later?” The waitress looked confused.

“What do you mean? she sits right there…” Yui looked over to the chair, it was empty as no one had ever sat there. “When did she have the time to leave?”

“Sir, would you like me to take your order or not?” the waiters leaned forward to Yui.

“I think I will leave now” Yui stood up, his formal suit looked out of place among all the casually dressed customers.

“Come back soon!” the waitress waved her hand and smiled. Her smile was sweet but nowhere as sweet as Aku’s.