Chapter 1:

Am I going crazy?

Crazy kid's monologue in Korona quarantine

Hello, who are you? Why the heck are you suddenly appear in my head???

Am I finally going crazy? Haahahahahaha? WTF? I guess depression, despair or whatever this’s, is kicking in, hah? Well, at least can you talk? Yeah, I don’t think so. It’s not a bad thing or anything, I guess?

After 5 months of quarantine, I guess become Mister. Robot or something. OK, now I gonna go hack some shit and destroy the world, I guess?

Ok, Coding for Dummies, read!

Python, downloaded!

Open, type some shit, done!

Now what am I suppose to do? When the world gonna go boom?

Yeah, I guess a person appear out of nowhere inside your head does not change the fact that you are stupid to begin with.

Ok! Next, let try to get high! Do you remember, that in Mister. Robot, the dude usually smoked or injected something? And then, he suddenly went all serious, eyes wide, and smashing the keyboard like a madman. Now I gonna do that, and then I gonna go destroy the whole fucking world! Muahahahaha!

No no no, ok? Drug is bad, OK! I mean, I don’t know how old you are, or what you look like, but you can never be too careful . Listen, kid, if you a stranger give you some candy, don’t take it, ok! If some one gives you random pill, don’t take it, ok! And stay away from the white powder, OK! That stuff is no good for you, not like I know it for myself or anything... Why, you asked? If you touch it, the boogie gonna come and eat you!


Ok, enough with the joke, not that is funny or anything.


Shut up, will you? You supposed to laugh, where the fuck is your sense of decency?


Yeah, I know, I am going mad.

OK, let’s get real.

Now, I don’t know you, you don’t know me, so it’s the introduction, I guess. Not that I know how to do one or you gonna give me one anyway.

Ok, I guess I start.

“Hi, my name is A.”


Shut up! I know, ok! You not even talk or show your face, why the hell I have to say my name?


Yeah, I don’t know, I guess 5 months with no sunlight and no people kinda hit me hard hah. Well, this might be a part where I tell you where I from, what I do and stuff like that, I guess?

Yeah, that a no go. That stuff is for normie, I, for one found that stuff a bit useless and bothersome. It's not like I kinda hate talking about something like that or anything, OK!

I think, let’s start with some history, I guess. I never too fond of history, or any good at it, but I think, this is my story, so how dumb can I be to even forget it.

Ok for start, let rewind for a bit, before this fucking pandemic, before I become this abomination of a person, where there was a hope in life, when days were full of colors, where an outstanding student, a modest citizen, an earnest son and a caring brother started his new life, far away from friends and family - the people his was being with through out his entire life, to go and find the purpose in life and the ending destination. 

Joe Gold