Chapter 4:

Beautiful stranger

The broken bond

Rehan was strolling through the forest to escape the hectic workload at the castle. The forest made him feel calm and at peace. He saw the signs of spring arriving in the forest as there were Flower buds beginning to bloom. The ground was wet and damp with the rainfall of the early spring. The smell of the murky mud and the sweet scent of the blooming flowers made his stroll much more relaxing.Bookmark here

From far he saw two figures laying on the grass. Rehan went closer to investigate thinking who in their right mind would sleep in the middle of a forest with dangers lurking around every corner making them vulnerable to their surrounding. He went closer to the figures and he saw two young ladies sleeping soundly. One of them looked like a spirit while another looked human. Rehan accidentally snapped a twig which caused them to wake up.Bookmark here

Both of them got into battle mode to attack whoever disturbed their slumber. Rehan got into battle position if they attack him. The girl whose spirit turned into a spear asked him " Who are you and how did you enter the forest,". The girl had captivating brown eyes which lured Rehan. It made her more angelic and she had caught Rehan's interest. Bookmark here

"Are you gonna answer or shall I slit your throat for trespassing my forest," the girl threatens. "Wait your forest, Doesn't this land belong to the royal family," Rehan asked shockingly.Bookmark here

 "This forest belongs to my family guardian spirit and no other, You didn't answer my question stranger. Who are you and how did you get past the barrier,". " I am just a traveler who is enjoying the forest which is welcoming its first spring," Rehan lied.  He didn't want a stranger who was pointing a weapon at him to know he was the prince although she looked beautiful. Bookmark here

Suddenly the wind began to blow strongly and it almost throws of both of them. A booming voice began to talk "Who dares to trespass my forest, ". "Well, then beautiful seems like I should disappear now. I get the feeling I will be seeing you again. Till next time angel," that he created a doorway which lead to his study. Bookmark here

When he arrived at his study Arnold was fuming. "Damn it I didn't ask her name," the prince thought to himself thinking back to his encounter with a pretty stranger in a strange forest. Bookmark here

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