Chapter 8:

Chapter 8

Short and Romantic, right?

Saruko: ERINA!

Saruko: Hey Erina!

~ he then notices that it wasn’t erina who he saw ~

Saruko: huh I swear that was erina who I saw, guess not.

Saruko: Maybe I’m seeing things I’ve got to go get some more sleep.

Saruko: I think for now I’ll pass on the park. I just want to get home and lay on my bed.

~ Saruko finally gets home. ~

Saruko: Hey mom, I’m back.

Mom: That’s good to hear, did everything go good for you?

Saruko: Yeah just about.

Mom: Okay are you still hungry I’m about to start dinner

Saruko: no thanks, I think I’m going to go back to room for now.

Mom: Okay sweetie, let me know if you need anything.

~ he then goes to his room, and sleeps the rest of the night away. ~

~ now waking up ~

Narrator: Days start to go by and he hasn’t left his bed, only to eat and shower occasionally.

~ his mom now walks in ~

Mom: Hey.. School starts in two days you sure everything's okay.

~ Saruko doesn’t look too good, baggy eyes, messy hair, pile ups starting to form around his room. ~

Saruko: yeah I just need some time..

Mom Okay well there’s some food down stairs if you want it.

Saruko: oh okay.

~ the next two days go by and still he has done nothing, but now he’s waking up for school to start. ~

Saruko: I guess I got to get ready for school.. If it even matters at least I’ll start to get to know more people.

~ Saruko gets ready, eats breakfast, says bye to both of his parents and is now leaving for school

Saruko: Today’s finally it, the day I’ve been waiting for.

Saruko: Man, I’m so nervous...I wish renji was still here

Saruko: It still doesn’t feel real, how does something like that even happen.

Saruko: Well, it’s nothing now. I shouldn’t think about it.

Saruko: Wait, I didn’t even think about this but what class am I even going to and what grade am I even in.

Saruko: Hopefully someone notices me or there’s a list somewhere to find this all out.

Saruko: I got to think of what to say when I see Erina too.

Saruko: Let me just try to remember everything that is right with the wrong, her house did burn down, and now that I think of it that’s basically everything I know.

Saruko: Okay based off of that maybe I should just go up to her and try to greet her or see if she even knows me.

Saruko: But what if she’s nothing like I remember her, what if she’s a whole different person...nah I don’t think that’s the case. Or at least I hope.

Saruko: I could be straight up and just ask her about it but then again I don’t think she’d respond well to that, if anything she’d probably start to distance herself more from me.

Saruko: I think a good thing would be just to start off slow then maybe I could try to gain her trust and then ask her about it.

Saruko: Yeah that sounds like the best thing to do.

Saruko: Oh wow well it looks i'm here...time to do this.