Chapter 1:


Reincarnated with an omniscient grimoire

“So, you are … from another dimension?” The police officer, she was female, asked with a rather doubting expression.
“That’s what I was telling you about two hours ago, yes.”
It was so damn frustrating talking with this woman. But what should I expect? If I was in her place I also would be unbelieving.
“You’re not the only one whose grimoire has been stolen, but you’re the first one claiming to be summoned from another world.”
I sighed at those first words.
“Please don’t remind me of that again…”
“Okay, so you could just finally start describing what exactly happened to you, or we get you an exorcist, or something, before you totally start spazzing out.”
“I’m not …”
“Look, it’s in the middle of summer, so it would be only natural for you to get sunstroke and imagining weird things, so pleeeease just tell me, who stole you the book and it’ll get a lot easier for both of us.”, she exclaimed angrily.
“Okay, just forget the first part already.”
“Well then, explain. In every. Single. Detail.”Bookmark here

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