Chapter 2:

Chapter 1 - The not so glorious start to my adventure

Reincarnated with an omniscient grimoire

The story began when little 14-year-old Nathan, let’s call him “Me” for short, just wanted to get some sleep after finishing the third thirteenth part of Final Fantasy (man I hated it) and then woke up somewhere else. I’m not even sure, whether I died, maybe of exhaustion, or whether I was summoned magically, but I somehow was here in this fantasy world.Bookmark here

And also, I was naked.Bookmark here

Apparently, whoever thought it was a good idea to teleport me into this fantasy world also thought it was a good idea to bring me here with my best piece of clothing which was my birthday suit. (I don’t have any abs, sorry girls.)Bookmark here

I didn’t realize it at first (it was friggin’ hot so I was kind of glad for a moment) since I was sleeping and rather irritated. I was quite sure I fell asleep at home, in my bed, and not outside under a tree on a vast field. Bookmark here

After running around the tree, which felt really weird without any clothing, I realized that I wasn’t alone. There weren’t any people nearby, luckily, but beneath the tree, just one step next to the spot where I woke up was a book. It had a symbol on its cover that reminded me of the one used in the opening of NGE. It had some circles and lines and I think it was something religious.Bookmark here

At least in our world.Bookmark here

Clueless of what to do, of course I reached my hand out for it. The moment I touched it, a beam of light went through my body, engulfing it completely, and then going back inside the book, that was flying in front of me. I could see how the book’s pages were turning and I was able to catch small glimpses of its contents. At first unable to read them, I was able to understand some words and then phrases bit by bit as if someone was pouring this language, unknown to me, in my head.Bookmark here

After this happened words popped up inside my head. It was not like I was seeing a text box in front of my face, but more like those words just popped into my mind.Bookmark here

[Language transfer complete]Bookmark here

[Bond established]Bookmark here

“I am thou, thou art I, I know that shit already, what do you want?”Bookmark here

[Please register new owner]Bookmark here

The book turned to its first page, and apparently it wanted me to write my name in it.Bookmark here

“But I don’t have a pen…”Bookmark here

[No pen required.]Bookmark here

[Use your thoughts to choose a name.]Bookmark here

So, this is a talking book, or what…Bookmark here

[This is not a book.]Bookmark here

“And now you’re readin’ my mind?!”Bookmark here

[This is a grimoire.]Bookmark here

“A grimoire?”, I heard of those before. They often appeared in certain RPG Games and apparently, they also exist in real-life, but this is the first time I actually saw one. I think it’s used to cast spells or something like that.Bookmark here

[Please register new owner]Bookmark here

Again, those words appeared in my head. I was considering using one of my online usernames just for fun, but walking around with them for the entire rest of my life would be a total cringe. So I simply decided to choose my real name, Nathan.Bookmark here

[Register >>Nathan<< as owner?]Bookmark here

“Aye.” I exclaimed.Bookmark here

[Registered >>Nathan<< as owner]Bookmark here

[Confirm species >>Human<<?]Bookmark here

I scanned my body for anything unusual like furry ears or a tail, but apart from the one I already owned before, there wasn’t any.Bookmark here

“I’m human, I guess…”Bookmark here

[Species >>Human<< confirmed]Bookmark here

[Confirm profession >>Mage<<?]Bookmark here

“Geez, I’m annoyed, couldn’t you simply give me some clothes and stop babbling, so I could start my adventure? Ugh, are there any other professions?”Bookmark here

[You don’t have any choice.]Bookmark here

My angry expression faltered. It was quite irritating to be given a choice without any options.Bookmark here

“Then just confirm already.”Bookmark here

[Profession >>Mage<< confirmed]Bookmark here

The grimoire turned its pages again and this time it showed me my stats which looked quite similar to the ones you usually see in video games. I decided to sit in front of the tree, hugging my knees. The book … grimoire was still floating in front of me, so I didn’t have to hold it in my hands.Bookmark here

[Confirm?]Bookmark here

I quickly skipped through my stats and checked everything.Bookmark here

[Name:] >>Nathan<<Bookmark here

[Species:] >>Human<<Bookmark here

[Profession:] >>Mage<<Bookmark here

The other stats all showed some basic things like Level, MP, HP, and a section with useable skills, which of course was completely empty, because I was still Level 1. Bookmark here

On the other hand, I’m a mage, so what is this bullshit?Bookmark here

“Turn … page?” I asked hoping it would work, and it did.Bookmark here

The next two pages displayed my items, armor, and weapons, which of course were still non-existent.Bookmark here

[Confirm?]Bookmark here

This pesky son of a book asked again.Bookmark here

“Yes, please.” I asked with the cutest voice you could possibly imagine. Again, this beam of light went inside of me but this time it actually gave me some clothes.Bookmark here

Well, at least that’s something.Bookmark here

[New >>Items<< added to inventory]Bookmark here

[Added >>White Shirt<<]Bookmark here

[Added >>Black Shorts<<]Bookmark here

[Added >>Leather Boots<<]Bookmark here

[Added >>Red Scarf<<]Bookmark here

“Why the heck did you give me a scarf? It’s in the middle of summer. But well, I actually like how it looks.”Bookmark here

[Check >>Items<<?]Bookmark here

“Sure, why not…”Bookmark here

I quickly looked at their descriptions and stats. The clothes were quite comfy although it was a weird mix. Perhaps they were chosen randomly and I just happened to get this interesting combo consisting of shorts and a scarf? Also, my Shirt hat long sleeves so it might get a bit hot. That’s why I decided to roll them up. Also, I took of my boots. They were quite uncomfortable to be honest so I told the grimoire to take them off and they appeared in my inventory.Bookmark here

“That’s better.” I thought, feeling the grass under my feet. Then I finally took time to take a look at my surroundings. On the field weren’t any other trees. The only thing I could see was a small river in the distance and a bridge leading across. I figured there had to be a path, although I wasn’t able to see it, because the sun shone too bright, and the bridge was too far away, and too small to really make out any detail.Bookmark here

Not having any other option, I decided to run over to the river and to cross the bridge.Bookmark here

I got slower after a while, and when I nearly came to a stop, a finally spotted a path which I chose to follow, although it would be faster going the direct way of course. The path was curved on rare occasions mainly because of steep hills or trees preventing it to make a straight line.Bookmark here

Also, it looked better this way.Bookmark here

It took a little while until I could see the bridge build of stone above a small river. It would have taken maybe two steps to cross it.Bookmark here

A small gust of wind let my hair fly carrying the faint sound of church bells in the distance to me. I counted.Bookmark here

I counted twelve.Bookmark here

“Is it noon yet?”Bookmark here

Wait a moment. I’m hearing church bells, doesn’t that mean, there’s a city nearby?Bookmark here

[The next city is >>Ataraxia<<]Bookmark here

Shiver’s went down my spine. I glanced down at the grimoire in my hands.Bookmark here

I didn’t ask you for your opinion, okay?Bookmark here

Believe it or not, this thing actually got me scared. Having those thoughts popping into my mind felt like hypnosis.Bookmark here

Maybe I am only a game character controlled by a player. At least this would explain why this all reminds me of another RPG.Bookmark here

Then I heard … Hooves?Bookmark here

I looked up and saw a carriage in the distance coming my direction. I crossed the bridge and then took a step to the side to avoid being run over. It wasn’t necessary though, as the carriage came to a halt next to me. The curtains of the window next to me opened and revealed a beautiful young lady.Bookmark here

“You seem … lost. May I help you?” She spoke with a charming voice. Too charming for her to be fully honest about just wanting to help me. She sounded like one of those manipulative characters you sometimes see in various TV shows. Her eyes were sky blue, but were surrounded by black makeup and her lips had a pink tone, but it was hard to make out any more details since it was dark inside of the carriage.Bookmark here

“Umm … Is this the way leading to … Ataraxia?” I asked with a shivering voice. She was beautiful, but this situation seemed scary at the same time.Bookmark here

[This is the path leading to >>Ataraxia<<]Bookmark here

Shut up, you stupid book! Are you a living search engine?!Bookmark here

[I contain all knowledge of this world.]Bookmark here

Well, that’s something …Bookmark here

“Yes, I just came from the city. Follow this path for a few minutes and you reach the city gate.”Bookmark here

Then something changed about her gaze. I wasn’t able to pinpoint it though since it was still dark inside the carriage but then she leaned outside the window.Bookmark here

“Boy, tell me … Where did you find this book?”Bookmark here

Now that I saw her face completely another message popped up.Bookmark here

[Name: >>Ebony Dark’ness Dementia<< | Race: >> Succubus<< | Profession: >>Mage<<]Bookmark here

“What is a Succubus…?” I muttered to myself, quietly.Bookmark here

And I was soon to find out.Bookmark here

[>>Succubi<< are one of the many races in this world.]Bookmark here

She opened the door.Bookmark here

[They are known for seducing the other sex and in the process often killing them.]Bookmark here

I took a step back.Bookmark here

[Although the deaths through >>Succubi<< have faced a sudden decline due to them being integrated into the society of the other races.]Bookmark here

She took the hand I held the book in.Bookmark here

[They bite their victims to hypnotize them and make them their slaves.]Bookmark here

She bit.Bookmark here

[There are some differences in contrast to Vamp…]Bookmark here

She took the book and let my body drop onto the earth.Bookmark here

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