Chapter 4:



.......Tetsuya, holding his nerves, gazes at "White Wolf" which is creating bizarre silence in the surrounding like a silence before the upcoming storm or like a death battle is expected to be taken place in the near future.

Although this is the most dreadful circumstance that Tetsuya has ever faced, he stands resolute to face the imminent consequences and exterminate that beast( who can be much stronger than him) with all he got.

But this can only happen when he(Tetsuya) will sort out the biggest conundrum in front of him(How to outweigh it in intelligence?) because it(Wolf) has possessed Tire-4 magic status which is enough to overwhelm every part of his body and this is ample to kill both of them in a transient.

" To overcome this challenge I have to reckon something distinctive plan otherwise today will be going to be our last day either." He mumbles.

At the same time, the White wolf(making low guttural noise in the throat) scowling at both, tries to discern the current situation around it(monsters intelligence grow as their status grows) and in order to expunge them sooner, it uses its rare move "Lightning Bolt"(Its unique limited range magic spell), which has now converted into massive powered "Lightning Mega Fusion"(Wide ranged magic spell), to vanish the entire vicinity along with them.

As he sees the beast using a large magic spell, he tells Haruka(Getting impatient),

" Haruka! Seems like it's(Wolf) going to wreak havoc in the entire vicinity, thus we will have to secure our position anyhow and to do that, we'll have to create the strongest magic barrier upon us which can withstand the intensity of that spell."

"But I can't create an overpowered barrier with my current status, therefore, we'll have to combine our magical power into one and in order to succeed in this process, you(Haruka) will have to perform a common magic spell "Mana Transfer" on my body. For this, I am going to teach you how to perform it efficiently. Got it..."

Then, he interprets the technique of mana transfer to her and tells, it has to be quick because of the danger looming over them.

"I have succeeded to learn this spell with the help of Tetsuya nii-san but in reality will I be able to use it properly? It won't cause any harm to him, Right. Ohh...This is making me nervous what should I do now? She mumbles.

Seeing her getting baffled over this, Tetsuya gently put his hand over her head and tells,

" Look at me Haruka don't get anxious so much and believe in yourself because, in this world, there is nothing we can't achieve. We have to just believe in ourselves in any arduous condition and to make it out safe from here we'll have to perform this spell as soon as possible, so rather than thinking about whether this is going to help or not we have to concentrate on the much bigger problem in front of us."

Moved by Tetsuya's words her anxiety is blown away thoroughly and Haruka's belief in herself got much stronger to execute the technique of mana transfer more efficiently, now she begins the process and rapidly her mana is started to get sucked out of her body and transmitted to him.

Although the process of mana transfer is executed successfully in a short duration, at the same time that beast's magic spell gets ready to take a shape and anytime fall upon in the vicinity including both of them. Tetsuya anticipates the imminent peril and actives his magical barrier quickly according to it.

As soon as the barrier takes a shape, massive powered lightning strikes upon it and soon after the barrier loses its form because of the concentration of magic. Tetsuya falls on the surface (alive but breathing heavily and Sweating a lot) didn't anticipate enduring as much saturation of power.

At the same time Sayaka and Kyoshi, moving to the forest, see an enormous explosion that occurred inside the forest, suddenly both, looking at each other(In a stunning way), getting thought that something ominous transpired that's why they run in the direction of the explosion to find out the situation.

When both arrive at the location they get stunned because where they see that Tetsuya is lying on the ground collapsed, Haruka who is trying to heal his body and the wolf is already in the position to pounce on them, Sayaka, feeling of bloodlust coming from that beast, immediately unleashes Tire-3 magic "Fireblast" onto its head by which that monster gets bamboozled and somehow she finds enough time to approach them.

Seeing Haruka safe and sound, Kyoshi(pouring tears of joy) hugs her tightly and says,

"Haruka!... I am very very happy to see you again, don't you ever come again to this gruesome place alone without telling anyone, you know how much I got anxious when I didn't find you at your mother's grave, I thought I would lose just like your mother but by the god's blessing it doesn't happen." Thank you, god! Thank you very much!..." And also Sayaka-sama thank you And sorry for all this trouble, because of me even you were involved into this matter."

"What are you saying Kyoshi! Rather, It's good that I got encompassed in this situation otherwise anything could happen and no one knows". She replies.

After cooling himself, Kyoshi finally asks about the circumstance about what happened, Why he(Tetsuya) got unconscious etc. Then Haruka concisely tells everything to Kyoshi and Sayaka.

Afterwards, Sayaka says,

"Hey... Both of you now listen to me from here what I am going to say is very crucial because of the wolf who is not like others I fought before. It has a peculiar "Magical Aura" very similar to evil creatures I was encountered before and it can thoroughly ravage below the Tire-4 magical Combatants. That's why we need to take additional measures to subdue it."

"So to deal with this, I need your cooperation in this you have to do just one this as I say, okay!..

Kyoshi(getting tensed) asks,

" Sayaka-sama you already know that I am not strong as you and the same goes for my daughter even a strong opponent as Tetsuya got fainted against it so then how can I face it."

Sayaka replies with a big smile on her face,

"Don't worry Kyoshi, I am not that stupid as you think so just listen when I will going to get busy dealing with that monster at the same time you will leave this place immediately and take both out of my reach, because I can't afford to protect you while fighting and also it won't get enough time to attack you all, " You got right! ...."

Then following Sayaka's plan Kyoshi picks up Tetsuya upon his shoulder with Haruka on his left begin to move in the direction of the village and at the time Sayaka moves forward towards the wolf to buy some time for them.......

Note- I am writing down some magic spells and their function. If you like any of it please let me know in the comment section.

1. "Flash Drive"- This Tire-2 magic spell excels one's speed by formulating small whirlwinds around one's feet area and by practising regularly it further enriches the footwork and speed.

2. "Lightning Bolt"- This Tire-2 magic spell creates a lot of small and thin lighting beams in the atmosphere by the user and attacks where the user pointed in.

3. " Lightning Mega Fusion"- This Tire-4 magic is a fusion of Several lightning beams and used the same as "Lightning Bolt" magic but on a much larger scale.

I will give the interpretation of the "Fireblast" magic spell in the next chapter so look forward to it.