Chapter 3:

World end street.


Yui walked down the street again, walking to his home. He always hated being alone in public places. The same worn walkside, the half gray half black road, the short old pilling houses and not a single living creature beside him. “Disgusting, if the police were not after us I would buy us a nice penthouse” he thought to himself. The way from the main street to the forsaken street is about 10 minutes walk, the 10 minutes that resemble the end of the world. When someone is walking down the street, they are watching the lively and tidy street slowly become ugly and sad landscape, Yui liked to think that way, he already knows everything will disappear one day, it’s inevitable and natural. His leg stepped near the little dolphin shaped hole in the road, the hole that says his house is near.

Yui came close to the azure from the rust gate near his house and found an unpleasant surprise there.

On the gate rested two soft and smooth legs with light yellow flats. Yui lifted his head up and fell on the ground blushing, he saw a different kind of azure, beautiful green-azura eyes. Yui hates looking at people's faces, he almost never does it, he didn’t saw Aku’s face yet, but now, he knows how beautiful she actually is.

“What took you so long?” Aku asked, tilting her head to the side a bit “when did you looked at people's faces last time? you are blushing so hard…”

“How… how…. how the hell did you came here?”

Aku was putting her finger on her mouth and winked “I have my own secretes”

Yui stood up “what do you want?”

Aku jumped off the gate “you ask so many questions, you like being in control. Why won’t you open the door and we will walk hand in hand as a happy couple?”

“We are no couple!”

Aku raised her shoulders “oh.. I see, you don’t want to adopt me in… I will not just leave you like that, except me or I will have to make you” she wore her serious face “you don’t want that.”

“Make me” Yui closed his eyes and pulled out a key from his post mail bag.

“I will” Aku looked calm.

Yui opened the door and locked it quickly before Aku comes in. The laughing voice of Aku was heard again but not from the outside….

Yui turned back to the place where he heard the laugh.

“As the perfect being I’m faster than any other human” she laid down on the couch smiling.

Kimori came from the hallway with his striped pajama looking tired “Everyone ran into my room because they heard a weird sound, is everything ok?”

Kimori looked up at the ripped purple couch in the living room, he had never seen such a beautiful girl before, he started blushing hard. He wanted to say something but he was too overwhelmed to say a thing.

“Kimori Megumi, 1.54 meter tall, birthday 3\6, 54 kg, blood type a+, your mother gave you so much text to read over the years until your brain capacity became much bigger than that of an average person.” Aku smiled sweetly “I am Yui Aku but call me Aku to prevent confusion.”

Kimori was too overwhelmed to hear the first part of Aku’s talk “What brings you here?” he could finally say something.

“I’m Takashima’s new girlfriend, nice to meet you” Aku said confidently.

“You are not my girlfriend” Yui was very upset.

“It’s fine, we are grown boys, you can have a girlfriend this age without hiding it from us” Kimori said lightly.

“Are you deaf? this girl threatened to spill information about us” Yui’s veins were easily seeable from his anger.

“She?! I didn’t thought she would be so beautiful” Kimori got closer to Aku, “I am not only pretty, I’m also smart and athletic. I’m better than you, I’m better than the rest of you, I’m the perfect being chosen by gods” Aku said, her eyes shined more than before.

“Stop talking nonsense and leave my house already!” Yui pointed at the door.

“Today in the evening, you need to participate in a trivia TV show, right? you wanted to use Kimori’s knowledge to win the trivia, I have a suggestion for a deal so listen closely. We will both participate as answer givers.” Aku wore her serious face again.

“Get to your point” Yui crossed his hands and closed his eyes.

“If we will both answer the same question differently you will choose my answer, if I’m right I will stay with you all” Aku offered.

“And if you are wrong?” Yui knew he had to get something out of it too.

“I will stop bothering you and return home, deal?” her hand reached to Yui, he thought of it for a second shaked her hand and said “Deal”

Aku’s face changed in second to her smiley face again “well then” her voice was sweet as sugar “when do we eat?”


“And what time is it now?”


Shiny tears started falling on Aku’s cheek “there are another thirty minutes….?”

“Hey crybaby, are you hungry? can’t you go home and get something to eat real quick?” Yui was mildly annoyed.

“Home… is too far..” Aku didn’t stopped crying “I don’t want… to go all by myself…”

“Aren't you faster than any other human?” Yui rolled his eyes.

“I do when I’m full… when I’m hungry I’m a…. couch potato” her crying voice was annoying yet cute “Will you… come with me to the… main street?”

“Fine” “ Yui lost his patience “you win. Kimori call everyone, we eat early today.” Yui commended.

“Yes boss!” Kimori saluted trying to look manly.

“And one more thing, tell the others about the situation but DON’T CALL AKU MY GIRLFRIEND” Yui knows this tone of voice works the best to scare other people off.

“Yes boss…” this time Kimori sounded less confident in himself.

“You want to know my goal right?” Yui whispered in Aku’s ear “if you are the perfect being you are a big clue yourself.”

“You do want me as a girlfriend after all?”

“If you are such a genius. Why won’t you figure out what I want yourself?”