Chapter 5:

Megumi is useless

Former Magical Girls and their Daily Lives

An unnecessary recap of the previous chapter. Our heroes were being questioned about a video game they had no idea about.Bookmark here

"Who's your main? I really want to play with you!"Bookmark here

"Um..." Kasumi stammered, avoiding eye contact with Megumi. However, this avoidance would save her in the end.Bookmark here

Behind Megumi, Yuri brought a wooden cart.Bookmark here

"Well, you see..." Kasumi delayed.Bookmark here

Yuri poured a bunch of shaved ice into a cup.Bookmark here

"Um..."Bookmark here

Yuri dumped powdered milk into the cup.Bookmark here

"You know, I like to kill..."Bookmark here

Yuri put more shaved ice.Bookmark here

"Demons..."Bookmark here

Yuri poured cola syrup into the cup.Bookmark here

"So, I use..."Bookmark here

Yuri poured condensed milk on top of that.Bookmark here

"????????????????"Bookmark here

Yuri held up a sign that said 'Whurchill".Bookmark here

"Whuchill."Bookmark here

"The healer?"Bookmark here

In which world is Winston Whurchill a healer type of guy, Kasumi thought.Bookmark here

"I like to challenge myself by picking harder characters..."Bookmark here

"Oh, that's cool. I've never heard of someone who mains a character that doesn't fit their playstyle. I do use Whurchill too because I'm bad at aiming."Bookmark here

"Really? Aiming's quite simple. You just have to hold tight on your weapon. Look at your target. Relax. And fire. Simple enough. I understand that if you are nervous to use your weapon on demons. Missing can be the difference between life and death. But you have to relax and stay focused."Bookmark here

"I don't really think that I'm nervous about shooting demons. It's just that I'm bad at clicking heads and stuff."Bookmark here

"Look, in war, it's one shot, one kill. You can't just take it willy nilly. A missed shot can alert a horde of enemies, and you simply can't take that. We can't just say 'Oh, I'm bad at clicking heads'. That kind of talk kills people. Missteps kill people. Any small mistake will kill your beloved friends. Shoot well or don't shoot at all."Bookmark here

"Um... It's just a game, though."Bookmark here

"Oh, yeah. I forgot that that's what we were talking about. Silly me." Kasumi knocked the side of her skull.Bookmark here

"What else would we be talking about?"Bookmark here

Risa decided that she will talk in this chapter.Bookmark here

"You know, I'm interested in other things you do, Megumi. What else do you do for fun?"Bookmark here

"Well, I do read quite a bit for fun. And as you know, I like video games. My game library is pretty big. I've played thousands of hours in my games."Bookmark here

"So, you must be very good at video games."Bookmark here

"No, not really. A lot of people can beat me. Unfortunately, I don't really try to improve all the technical stuff, like aim and strategy."Bookmark here

"Do you have good grades?"Bookmark here

"Um, I'm not that bad. I don't see where this is-"Bookmark here

"Sports?"Bookmark here

"I don't really like sports or any hard movements really?"Bookmark here

"So, what are you good at?"Bookmark here

"I guess I'm pretty good at trivia."Bookmark here

"When was the United Nations founded?"Bookmark here

"1945."Bookmark here

"Who was the President of the United Kingdom in 1960?"Bookmark here

"They don't have a president, but the prime minister was Harold Macmillan."Bookmark here

"Um..." Risa looked around and saw that Yuri was eating the thing she made. "What's that?"Bookmark here

"A Whurchill. A Costa Rican dessert."Bookmark here

"Do you know what a helper is?"Bookmark here

"Well, if a bird stays with its parents to help raise future children, then it's called a helper. Is that what you mean?"Bookmark here

"I see you haven't read the first chapter."Bookmark here

"The first chapter of what?"Bookmark here

"Don't worry about it. Anyway, are you interested in learning anything?"Bookmark here

"I guess maybe cooking. I like food, not too good at making it, though."Bookmark here

"Cooking? I can help with that. What do you say about coming to my place to cook something? I can probably put you through a quick crash course."Bookmark here

"Oh, that sounds fun. I don't think I have anything planned today."Bookmark here

The rest of the day was pretty much nothing. There were classes, but it was still the first day so it wasn't too hard. Megumi took the train with the rest of the girls, and they soon arrived at the station nearest to their house. Risa told Kasumi and Yuri to head off somewhere else so that they could prepare dinner alone, and so they did.Bookmark here

"Welcome to my humble abode!" Risa said, swinging open her front door as if she was breaking it down.Bookmark here

"Cool," Megumi said, looking around. "So, you girls live together?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, pretty much."Bookmark here

Megumi walked into the living room and saw three futons on the floor and nothing else really.Bookmark here

"So, do you just live like this?"Bookmark here

"Well, we just moved in," Risa said from the kitchen. "I hope to add a little more 'magic' to the whole place, but we are stuck like this for now."Bookmark here

Megumi walked into the kitchen.Bookmark here

"Nice kitchen. Why is there so much food?"Bookmark here

There was a mountain of food on the counter. It had so much meat, fruits, and vegetables.Bookmark here

"Well, you see," Risa said, leaning on the counter, "A little birdie told me that you aren't that good at cooking."Bookmark here

"But when did you get the food? I barely told you today."Bookmark here

"So, I decided that you should have a little crash course in cooking. So, we are going to make dinner."Bookmark here

"Look, I would love to try cooking, but this seems excessive..."Bookmark here

"Look, you said you were interested. So, here we are. Don't make this harder for me."Bookmark here

"But can't we just make, you know, a couple of dishes."Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, but we have so much food, and we can't let it go to waste. Also, this allows us to really take a crash course."Bookmark here

"Fine. I'll try my best."Bookmark here

Five hours later, Kasumi and Yuri finally came back from hitting the town.Bookmark here

"We are back, Risa! I hope you got everything ready!"Bookmark here

They walked to the dining table.Bookmark here

There was a feast of food created. There was food from every culture imaginable. It had curry, fish and chips, steaks, hummus, lamb, tacos, almost anything and everything.Bookmark here

"Are you sure we can eat this?"Bookmark here

"I'm sure we can," said Risa, "Anything is possible."Bookmark here

"I doubt it honestly. Wait, where's Megumi?"Bookmark here

"She's asleep," Risa said, pointing at Megumi, who was face down in a futon and still in her apron and school uniform.Bookmark here

"It looks like you put her dead body in my futon."Bookmark here

"No, it's nothing like that. She was just tired."Bookmark here

Kasumi walked to the futon to get a better look.Bookmark here

"Her eyes are open and look like they are from a dead fish."Bookmark here

"Oh, mine. Can you close them? It isn't healthy to sleep like that."Bookmark here

Kasumi closed her eyelids and said, "May you rest in peace."Bookmark here

"As I said, it wasn't like that."Bookmark here

"Okay, that's enough mourning. Let's dig in."Bookmark here

After a long day of walking around, Kasumi and Yuri were hungry. They dag in and ate enough for a horse. However, Kasumi, Risa, and Yuri together ate about a fourth of the whole meal.Bookmark here

"You know, leftovers are great to have. It makes things so much easier." Risa said as she shoved everything into the cramped fridge. "Who's sleeping with the chef?"Bookmark here

"Oh, yeah, we can't send her home like this," Kasumi said. The girl was basically dead as the steak she cooked. "Rock paper scissors."Bookmark here

"Okay. Rock paper scissors shoot!"Bookmark here

Yuri threw scissors. Risa threw scissors. Kasumi threw paper.Bookmark here

"Dammit. It only took one turn."Bookmark here

"You won't be sleeping alone tonight."Bookmark here

It turns out that sleeping with someone who's almost dead isn't that bad. It was a little cramped, but you kinda forget about it.Bookmark here

However, the almost dead would walk later that night.Bookmark here

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