Chapter 1:

The Box

The Phantom Eye

In the middle of the MC, City lives Dr.John the leader of the city, In his pharmacy minding his own business and suddenly he heard a loud voice outside of people screaming John ran out immediately to see what is going on he was shocked to see a huge monster come to his direction.Bookmark here

The monster head was a white skull and his body was made of black smoke John ran back to get his handgun he comes out and to his surprise, the monster was already in front of the pharmacy John shot three shots at the monster but before the bullets could reach the monster it melts midway. Bookmark here

John was terrified as the monster was coming closer and closer, John falls unconscious out of the overwhelming fear.Bookmark here

 "John...John" said his wife as she tried to wake him up, John woke up in shock because of what happened earlier "was it a nightmare....but if so what I'm doing outside?" he said.Bookmark here

His wife told him that it was real she saw everything from the roof and she saw the monster put a black metal box on the ground "should we opened it " she said.Bookmark here

John looked at the metal box and thought "what could it be and what should I do should I open it?", then he heard a voice coming from the roof of the building at the end of the street.Bookmark here

His wife was holding a big piece of paper written on it the words " You can open it now"Bookmark here

John laughed and said, "Masha, you Coward" Bookmark here

He thought, "okay, I'll open it"Bookmark here

He pressed the button to open the box, his heart was pounding fast he didn't know what was waiting for him inside.Bookmark here

All the random thoughts were running through his mind as the box was automatically opening slowly and to his surprise inside the box was a newborn baby with a colorful crystal attached to his chest.Bookmark here

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