Chapter 3:

The Farewell

The Phantom Eye

The most crowded place in the MC City was silent as all the people were shocked and confused.

Billy stood in shock covered in the blood of his beloved father, but it didn't take long for a drunk man to break the ice and approach.

He stood in front of Billy, and then he looked around him to see if he was not the only one who was seeing a boy covered in blood.

Then he said "hey why is this boy covered in blood" and again he looked around him to see if anyone was going to answer him but no one said anything,

He looked at Billy and said" hey boy why are you covered in blood" Billy couldn't say anything because he was still in shock,

The drunk man got angry and said as he pushed Billy "hey I'm talking to you answer me...." At that moment the drunk man explodes.

Everybody realized that Billy was the cause of what happened.

The people started to panic, but they were too afraid to move, but in the middle of all of that a man with an iron leg stood on top of one of the buildings and shouted "people of MC don't be afraid our leader John has died and therefore I Dan announce to you that I'm your new leader and as your leader, I'll prove me by killing this beast"

The people stood silently for a moment then one by one they all chanted" Kill the Beast... Kill the beast... Kill the beast" Dan smiled as he started to load his gun with bullets, Dan aimed the gun at Billy, and before he could shoot a woman come running from behind the crowd and shouted with all of her voice "BILLY"

Billy immediately started to run towards that woman as he knew that it was his mother Masha. Billy threw himself into her arms and started crying while repeating" Dad is dead... Dad is dead"

Masha hugged him as he was in that state, she looked at Dan and said" Dan have you lost your mind... All of you... He is just a kid... He is my kid... I won't let you hurt him"

Dan looked at her and said with an evil smile on his face, " then I'm afraid I have to kill the Beast and his mother" At that moment. Masha knew that it was no use talking to Dan.

She knew there was only one thing that she could do, she held Billy's face as she took a last look at him, then she whispered in his ears " if you love me to do exactly as I say"

She stood behind Billy with her hand on Billy's back. Dan laughed and said " looks like the mother is giving her child up to live"

Masha pushed Billy and said" run as fast as you can and don't you ever look back "

Billy ran with all his strength and as soon as he got close to the crowd they opened up a way for him to pass, Dan was furious " you cowards don't let him get away" said Dan

The people didn't pay attention to Dan as they were glad that Billy was getting far away from them, then they all went home and left Dan all by himself like the nobody he had always been.

Billy ran and ran until he fell unconscious in the middle of nowhere.

He woke up the next day and he was shocked to see that blood was all over the place, but this time it was from the Wolves that tried to attack him while he was unconscious.

Billy stood up to think about what he was going to do, but by the time he stood up a black monster appeared in front of him.