Chapter 13:

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Bible 2: The Sequel to the Bible

“Wake up Steakhouse”Bookmark here

Kobe was woken by a violent shake from John. Bookmark here

“Yo, where am I?”Bookmark here

“You’re still in the Jungle Gym, kid, and you don’t have time to be resting.”Bookmark here

As he pulled Kobe onto his feet, Kobe noted that none of his limbs seemed to hurt anymore.Bookmark here

“You kept your word, goddamn.”Bookmark here

“I would never dream of breaking a contract, Mr. Steakhouse but we have more pressing matters.”Bookmark here

He pointed down the corridor at the two black furred dogs looking at them with ravenous eyes, drool slopping down to the floor from their hanging jaws.Bookmark here

“Wait a minute…”Bookmark here

Kobe knew who this was, the student he had picked out as the biggest threat out of any of them, a man who consumed life itself. Those dogs weren’t two separate dogs but instead they were parts detached from what constituted this man’s body. Unvoreable they called him, the one, the only Nrvnqsr Smith. Kobe still didn’t know how to pronounce it.Bookmark here

“Don’t try and fight these things, we have no chance, they’ll just reform.” Kobe said to John.Bookmark here

“So, Kobe Steakhouse knows who I am.”Bookmark here

Nrvnqsr slinked around the corner and stood between his dogs.Bookmark here

“And, uh, who might that be?” John asked.Bookmark here

“Only dead men and dead men in waiting have never heard the name Nrvnqsr Smith.Bookmark here

“Sorry, how did you just pronounce that?” Kobe asked.Bookmark here

“Nrvnqsr.”Bookmark here

???” Kobe replied.Bookmark here

“The ‘E’ is silent.”Bookmark here

“’E’? What ‘E’?!” John exclaimedBookmark here

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.” Nrvnqsr screeched as he and his dogs charged down the corridors towards the two.Bookmark here



He chased them down the corridor, Kobe turned to the right and yanked John along behind him.Bookmark here


Nrvnqsr and his dogs chased them down this corridor too. They took a left.Bookmark here


Nrvnqsr was gaining on them. Kobe took evasive maneuvers and rolled himself and John into the open chute of a slide to their left.Bookmark here


The ‘E’ echoed down the chute behind them. There was going to be no escaping from Nrvnqsr, the man had entered the jungle gym with essentially limitless energy and had eaten numerous people since then. Kobe knew that the longer he kept running, the worse his chances got, but he needed time to formulate a plan.Bookmark here

Kobe and John fell out of the chute and landed with a thud on the brick below them. This level of the jungle gym was a recreation of a public park, and Kobe saw no obvious place to run to next, he was going to make his stand here.Bookmark here

As the two picked themselves up off the ground, Nrvnqsr burst through the chute, taking the entire ceiling with him as hundreds of different animals of shifting forms crashed through with him like a tsunami of death.Bookmark here

Kobe took of his shirt and handed it to John.Bookmark here

“Take this and hide behind one of the bushes, if I lose here, you’ve lost as well. If that happens, find a way to kill yourself if you don’t want to become a part of that thing.”Bookmark here

He pointed across the open section of park towards Nrvnqsr, lit by the artificial lights around them. As his animals slammed into the ground around them they turned into a liquid, scurrying in between the cracks in the bricks across to their main body and forming him back to full strength.Bookmark here

“You better win, we have a contract.”Bookmark here

With that, John ran off to hide.Bookmark here

“Ha… ha… hahahaahahah.”Bookmark here

“What’s so funny Nrvnqsr?Bookmark here

“It’s a laugh of respect Steakhouse, I don’t think I’ve ever known a man crazy enough to stop running from me, knowing what I am.”Bookmark here

He took a step towards Kobe, but Kobe didn’t budge.Bookmark here

“How do you want to die Steakhouse? Ever dreamed of going out fighting a lion? Maybe you’d like to be trampled by a herd of buffalo? Got a Dolphin fetish? I’m sure I could do some weird shit with the dolphins.”Bookmark here

“I know how I’m going to die, and I refuse to let it be here.”Bookmark here

“You don’t have a choice.”Bookmark here

As Nrvnqsr said this, Kobe looked down to find his feet tied to the ground by millions of pitch black ants swarming over his ankles. While he was distracted, he was taken down by a dog and then a bear mounted him. Animals of all manner flowed from Nrvnqsr’s body and began to vore Kobe.Bookmark here

“This is why the called you ‘All Sizzle’, you were fun to watch but you were all flair. Coming up against real ability, you never stood a chance. Fundamentals will only get you so far, without a signature move, you were finished before you even stepped in here. You will die, Kobe Steakhouse, you will die and I will kill you. I will vore you and you shall become part of me.”Bookmark here

Content that he had won his battle with Kobe given he was currently being devoured by his animals, Nrvnqsr made a move to go and find John. Only two steps off the spot he was standing and he had frozen. There was a sound emanating from the mass of black where Kobe had been. A distinctly human sound, a familiar one, maniacal laughter.Bookmark here

“hahahaahahahahahah! Ahahahaahahahahahahahahahah!”Bookmark here

Nrvnqsr’s eyes went wide as all of his animals that had been eating Kobe melted in an instant. Amidst the storm of black flesh and blood, Kobe rose, shirtless and with many a wound but, somehow, still standing.Bookmark here

“Steakhouse…”Bookmark here

Nrvnqsr could scarcely comprehend what had just happened. Whatever had happened, it was not the result of a signature move. Beyond the fact that Kobe had never demonstrated the ability to use a signature move, when someone did use one, the air changed in a subtle but perceptible way.Bookmark here

This time, things were different. By the way his raw charisma hung on the wind, it seemed Kobe had eviscerated Nrvnqsr’s animals by sheer force of will.Bookmark here

Kobe’s crazed eyes finally caught on to Nrvnqsr’s and his laughter began to ease off.Bookmark here

“Ha ha ha ha! You wanna kill me monster? Very well.”Bookmark here

Kobe cracked his knuckles and rolled his neck as the animals he’d so thoroughly destroyed a moment ago began reforming around him.Bookmark here

“C’mon then, let’s die together…”Bookmark here

Kobe got into a fighting stance and spat the blood out of his mouth.Bookmark here

Nrvnqsr Smith!”Bookmark here

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