Chapter 14:

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Bible 2: The Sequel to the Bible

As Vorelando stared down the scorpion boys with a crazed look in his eyes, Nine tried pulling himself together. He was scared but more than that, he was angry himself for being scared.Bookmark here

He hadn’t joined the scorpion boys being scared of One and there was no way that this kid was anything close to One’s level of power, so why were his knees shaking? What was it about this guy?Bookmark here

“Can you give us a name to put to the face we’re fighting?” Nine asked.Bookmark here

“I suppose so. You like numbers, I like letters. Just call me V.”Bookmark here

Three adjusted his glasses when he heard this. ‘V’ had made a major mistake, he’d give Three a parameter to narrow his search by. V wasn’t some random choice most likely, it was probably the first letter of his given or family name. And not many vorers names began with V.Bookmark here

Still, he needed more info to narrow it down and to do that, he needed to test some hypotheses. Bookmark here

As Nine was taking his walk down death row, he pulled him aside and whispered in his ear.Bookmark here

“Wound him early and then sit back for a bit, give him the run-around.”Bookmark here

“Why?”Bookmark here

“I want to see something.”Bookmark here

Three left him with that and went back over to his spot under the tree. Bookmark here

Nine strode right up to Vorelando’s face until they were butting foreheads.Bookmark here

“I’m not afraid of you!”Bookmark here

Vorelando said nothing, he only stared right back at Nine, unblinking. After 50 seconds of this, Nine peeled himself away, choosing to do so before the fear started showing in his eyes.Bookmark here

Once again, One raised his hand to begin the count.Bookmark here

“One!”Bookmark here

Nine knew what he had to do, his limitless speed would allow him to get close enough to injure V without retaliation. Bookmark here

“Two!”Bookmark here

If he could take one of his arms clean off, he’d get whatever it was Three wanted and if he was lucky, he could stall him out until the bloodloss killed him.Bookmark here

“Three!”Bookmark here

One brought his hand down and the match was over.Bookmark here

Both of Nine’s legs were left rooted to the spot. Everything from he waist up was gone, the base of his spine giving off a searing smoke from the singe caused by the speed of Vorelando’s attack.Bookmark here

Vorelando had sprinted straight through nine and right up to Three before anyone could react. He had brought their faces as close as possible without them touching together. Bookmark here

The remaining scorpion boys all tensed, ready to jump him but One, once again, motioned for them to not do anything unless V attacked.Bookmark here

“I thought we were meant to be fighting one on one. That’s what you wanted right? Those were your rules. If you want me to fight you all at once then let’s fucking go.”Bookmark here

Three didn’t flinch.Bookmark here

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”Bookmark here

“I saw you whisper to your colleague, I don’t know what you said but I’m certain it wasn’t to my benefit.”Bookmark here

“What’s wrong with whispering in the ear of a friend walking to his death?”Bookmark here

“There ain’t no one whispering in my ear, that’s what’s wrong.”Bookmark here

“Fine, you want fair, you’ll get fair.”Bookmark here

Vorelando turned around without a word. Three adjusted his glasses and smiled.Bookmark here

“Of course, that’s a bit hypocritical of you to ask for, isn’t it?”Bookmark here

This snide comment enraged Vorelando, who’s neck cracked his head back around to meet Three’s gaze.Bookmark here

“What the hell did you just say, specs?”Bookmark here

“I was just thinking how you of all people would be a hypocrite asking for fair competition.”Bookmark here

“You don’t even know who I am.”Bookmark here

“Quite the contrary, I know exactly who you are, Vorelando Magic.”Bookmark here

Vorelando froze. He was absolutely floored. How had this guy figured out who he was after only 3 matches. More importantly than that, he was furious.Bookmark here

“What did you just fucking call me?”Bookmark here

“Vorelando Magic. Son of Voran Magic, the death of fair competition in vore. Am I wrong?”Bookmark here

In a flash Vorelando was on Three, holding him up by the neck.Bookmark here

“Dead wrong! I am Vorelando Jones! Call me Magic again and I won’t hesitate to turn the leaves on this tree red.”Bookmark here

“Vorelando!”Bookmark here

One cried out as he put an intense pressure on the air. Vorelando could tell he wasn’t using his signature move but even so, he could feel his ribs beginning to crack from the pressure.Bookmark here

He dropped Three to the ground in response and the pressure eased. Three coughed, spluttered and laughed up at Vorelando from the floor.Bookmark here

“You’re a fool Vorelando! You didn’t know how to keep your identity a secret” Never give a name when asked! Never be goaded into showing the full extent of your power when it’s unnecessary! Anyone with half a brain can infer your entire life from two mistakes as large as those!”Bookmark here

Three stood up and dusted himself off.Bookmark here

“I don’t know why you’ve decided to return to the game now but there’s no mistaking you are that Vorelando. The Vore Prodigy that disappeared after the Massacre at the Maracana. You’re not even in my database anymore, you were reported amongst the deceased.”Bookmark here

“Destiny had other plans for me that day.”Bookmark here

“That much is clear.”Bookmark here

Vorelando turned back around.Bookmark here

“Come on Eight! You’ve got a match to lose!”Bookmark here

“Be careful not to do anything too flashy, Vorelando!” Three shouted at Vorelando’s back.Bookmark here

“I figured out who you were from nothing! Next, I will figure out what you can do from less. And then, I’ll know how to beat you by the time you reach me.”Bookmark here

“I don’t need to show you what I’ve got to beat your sorry asses, you won’t even get another sniff of my signature move.”Bookmark here

“You’ve got 5 matches to prove that, Daddy’s boy!”Bookmark here

Vorelando forced himself to remain facing away from Three. He hadn’t gone up against the Scorpion Boys with any ill will but, in less than an hour, he had learned to hate Three with a passion. He was going to vore Three and he was going to enjoy it.Bookmark here

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