Chapter 15:

Please End My Suffering

Bible 2: The Sequel to the Bible

Kobe moonwalked aggressively at Nrvnqsr, slipping and sliding around everything that was thrown at him.Bookmark here

Platypus from the right? Hit that shit with the back fist.Bookmark here

A pack of lions from the left? Shatter them with that grade A smile.Bookmark here

A wave of locusts head on? Split them gracefully with a pelvic thrust.Bookmark here

Nrvnqsr watched on in horror as Kobe dealt with everything he sent his way. He could not comprehend what he was seeing. He hadn’t even used a signature move and he was fucking him. Like fucking fucking. It was bad.Bookmark here

He’s simply too nice with it. Nrvnqsr thought.Bookmark here

With Kobe fast approaching, Nrvnqsr sucked all of his animals back into his body.Bookmark here

Why must I focus my energy into a single body?! Why must I fight with my full force just to match the power of this mere human?!Bookmark here

Kobe was now on top of Nrvnqsr, who struck out at him. Kobe dodged by limboing under his balls and popping up behind him.Bookmark here

Kobe bit off Nrvnqsr’s head, hoping to end it quickly but it didn’t work. Bookmark here

“You fool! I can not be vored in this form.” Nrvnqsr screamed as a new head formed where the old one had been only moments before.Bookmark here

“There are six thousand nine hundred and sixty nine beasts within me, from your garden variety ant to your doujin variety cat girl! If you kill one there will always be another to take its place!”Bookmark here

Nrvnqsr turned to face Kobe, raising a threatening hand and pointing at him.Bookmark here

“Human, I’ll kill you!! I’ll will make you realize that within me, there is a life force far beyond your understanding!”Bookmark here

Nrvnqsr was ready to strike but Kobe’s calm demeanour made him hesitate. He had finally taken his hands out of his pockets and his head was tilted downwards.Bookmark here

“How can you remain so calm Steakhouse?! You are weak! You are a fraud! A vorer with no signature move to call his own is no vorer at all!”Bookmark here

“Heh…”Bookmark here

The dust on the ground started to swirl lightly and a wind stirred up from far away.Bookmark here

“I may not have a signature move to call my own, but I am a student of the game. I have seen a thousand different people vored in a thousand different ways. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be like you, I wanted to have a signature move that would shoot me straight to the top.”Bookmark here

He clenched his fists in anger.Bookmark here

“But it never happened. By the time all of my friends were eating each other in unique ways, I could still barely eat carrots with my own flair. I never stopped trying though. I would imitate my vore heroes in the yard, imaging that I could be like them. Chewing on my teachers ankles, licking the children during lunch.”Bookmark here

The wind picked up and the dust raged into a violent storm. Nrvnqsr looked up and all around him but he could no longer see outside of the dome Kobe had created around him.Bookmark here

“For years I did this. I practiced my friends moves, vored some of them with their own style. They couldn’t defeat me, I knew their abilities better than they did. For sure, my abilities were fake but they were more than genuine. In my deliberate attempt to imitate other’s moves, I became more real than the real thing.”Bookmark here

Kobe raised his hand towards Nrvnqsr.Bookmark here

“No! You can’t!”Bookmark here

Kobe did not heed his call, he resolutely began his chant.Bookmark here

"I am the Bone of my Vore
Vore is my Body and Vore is my Blood.
I have Eaten over a Thousand Children,
Unknown to Death,
Nor known to Life.
Have withstood Pain to vore many Women
Yet those Teeth will never vore Anything.
So, as I Pray--
Unlimited Vore Works"Bookmark here

As he exclaimed those final words, the wind blew straight past the two, altering the landscape all around them. They now stood in a desert lit by a dull sky. Floating in the sky were giant intestinal tracks, buried in the sand were big novelty teeth. Skeletons littered the top layer but there wasn’t a trace of blood anywhere.Bookmark here

“This is my domain Nrvnqsr, the world that became as a result of my desires, my imitation. Any type of vore is possible here, including yours. You may be unkillable in your world but in this one, you’re just as mortal as me.”Bookmark here

Kobe manifested his own animals. Mostly Leopards, since he thought leopards were cool.Bookmark here

“Now, let’s end this for real!”Bookmark here

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