Chapter 2:

Chapter 2

My First Girlfriend Is A Planet Buster Volume 1

She walked nervously beside Yuta. For their first date Yuta thought karaoke was a good idea. Hachimitsu has never once sang, at least not out loud. Once they reached the karaoke place the two then got a room. Yuta looked to Hachimitsu as she ducked to get into the room. “Does it bother you?” Yuta asked sitting down on the sofa,

“H-Huh…? D-Does what bother me…?”

“Being tall.”

“O-Oh….n-not really,” she said sitting beside him. “I’m used to it…”

“I see.”

“S-So, what do you want to sing…?” She asked as she picked up the tablets and went through the songs,

“D-Damn it!!! All I know is anime theme songs forwards and backwards!!!”

“H-How about this one? It’s from an anime I like.”

“A-ANIME?!?!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!!” Yuta cleared his throat, “S-Sure, what is it?”

“This one,” she then handed the tablet to him. Yuta’s eyes widened,

“W-We Are…”

“D-Do you know it?”

“It’s from One Piece…” he smiled, “Yeah, I know it. You like One Piece?”

“Y-Yeah...I also like Dragon Ball and Naruto…” she cleared her throat, “Though...typically I like Slice of Life or Romance.” She looked at him, “I-Is that a problem…?”

“No! It’s not! I like anime too!”

Hachimitsu gave a soft smile, “That’s nice…” she then turned and picked up the microphone, “Shall we get to it then…?” Yuta nodded and started the song. Hachimitsu was a bit shy and hesitant to start singing, but after Yuta had been singing for a while she then started singing herself. Yuta’s eyes widened, she had a really beautiful singing voice. The two continued to do karaoke well into the night, they finally stopped once it was time for Yuta to go home.

“Hey, Honey,” Yuta said, she blushed and looked at him, “I had fun.” She responded with a soft smile,

“M-Me too…!” She looked away and rubbed her arm, “ you want to go out again some time….?”

“Hmm,” Yuta paused to think, he then smiled and looked at her, “Sure.” She gasped and turned to him,


“Yeah, why not.” He held out his hand, “Here, give me your phone.”

“M-My phone…?”


“U-Um...okay.” She took her phone from her pocket, like her it was rather big, but it wasn’t oversized for a phone. It was just one of those regular XL phones. Yuta put in his phone number before he handed her back her phone,

“Here, that’s my number. You can text me whenever you want.”

“R-Really?!” She said with a smile,

“Yeah!” He said with a grin, he then waved to her, “Well, I’ll see ya!”


The following morning Yuta laid asleep in bed. A large bubble came from his nose that grew and shrank as he breathed and snored. The bubble suddenly popped when his phone went off with a text tone which was Ichigo from Bleach screaming Getsuga Tensho. He slowly opened his eyes and looked over to his phone. He rolled over and picked it up, he put in a code to unlock it and went to his texts. His eyes widened and blood suddenly spattered from his nose, “WH-WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!!!!!”

Hachimitsu had sent him a picture of herself. She was laying down on her bed, with two fingers held up and she had a soft smile and was in her uniform for school. What he reacted to was that her cleavage was visible. Suddenly another text came,


Hachimitsu: I’M SORRY!!!


Hachimitsu: NOOOO!!! (;´д`)


She then sent him another picture of her, it was slightly similar only her face was bright red and she looked to be looking away in embarrassment and this time her shirt was buttoned up.

Hachimitsu: HERE I FIXED IT!!!


Hachimitsu: I’M SO SORRY!!! :;(∩´﹏`∩);:

Yuta sighed and scratched the back of his head. “Hmmm….” he paused before he gave a smirk. He then put on his uniform for school and left his top few buttons undone. He then laid down on the bed and took a picture similar to her first one and sent it to her.

Yuta: Here!

Hachimitsu: Y-Yuta-Kun…(≧д≦)

Yuta: Are you okay?

Yuta: I was trying to make you feel better. I’m sorry.

Hachimitsu:’re okay...are you going to be at school today?

Yuta: Unfortunately yes...I have gym. But it’s not all that bad, I think it’s basketball today.

Hachimitsu: Basketball?

Yuta: Yeah, it’s a sport. There’s an anime on it called Kuroko’s Basketball.

Yuta: You know, you’d be good at it! Why don’t you come by the gym?!

Hachimitsu: Are you sure…?

Yuta: Yeah!

Hachimitsu: O-Okay...see you there.

Yuta: See you!