Chapter 3:

Chapter 3

My First Girlfriend Is A Planet Buster Volume 1

Yuta stood outside the gym. He looked around before he smiled when he saw Hachimitsu. “Hey! Honey!” She blushed and walked up to him.


“Are you ready to try basketball?”


“Cool! Follow me!” He turned and took her into the gym. The gym was immensely large and several students were off playing Basketball in the distance. Yuta went over to a basket and picked up a basketball and he took it over to a section of the court with Hachimitsu following behind him. “Alright, the goal of the game is to get the ball into that hoop.” He then tossed the ball through the air and it went through the hoop. Yuta smiled and picked up the ball. “Now you try,” he tossed her the ball. She quickly raised her hand and caught the ball in her palm, “Wow...nice reflexes.”

“I-I just put the ball in the hoop…?”


“O-Okay…” she walked over to the hoop and simply dropped the ball through it. Her eyes dazzled, this felt amazing! The rush of adrenaline filled her body from head to toe! “I did it…!”

“Uh…” he paused, “Yeah that’s one way to do it. Try throwing it into the hoop.”

“O-Okay…” she picked up the ball, gently tossed it, and the ball went through the hoop. Her eyes dazzled twice as much as before. “That’s so cool!”

“Yeah! Basketball is one of my favorite sports, although I prefer to watch it over playing it.”

“Th-Then what do you like to play?”

“I prefer video games and to stay indoors. Though I don’t mind going to the beach from time to time.”

“Th-The beach…?”

“Yeah, have you ever been?”

“N-Not really…” she looked away, “I-I don’t really like people staring at me...I only really go to school and a few stores…”

“Then let’s go to the beach.”

“O-Oh...uh...I don’t know…” she said as her face turned red, “I-I don’t really want to be the center of attention…”

“Lots of people go to the beach, I’m sure they won’t even notice you.”

“A-Are you sure…?”

“Yeah. Unless you don’t want to.”

“N-No…” she looked at him and gave him a soft smile, “L-Lets go to the beach.”

A couple hours after school was over and Yuta headed down to the beach. He pulled his phone from his swim trunks and sent Hachimitsu a text,

Yuta: Hey, I’m here. Where are you?

He sighed and wandered around the beach before he put his towel down and sat down on it. He sighed and looked around at all the people. “Y-Yuta-Kun!!!” Yuta turned when he heard her voice to see her running towards him. She was wearing a green bikini top with a purple bottom and they both had a floral design. Yuta’s eyes bulged as he saw her breasts bounce up and down as she ran towards him.

“Th-They’re so h-huge!!!!” In his head he felt himself rocket to the moon from the blood from his nose. The moon then exploded and read the words ‘Hell Yeah!’ Followed by Yuta landing back on Earth being more muscular and his hair stood up and was rather spiky. He wore Hachimitsu’s bikini bottom tightly on his face with his eyes visible from the leg holes, his eyes were pure white and flame shaped and his skin was a magenta color. “WATASHI WA!!!! HONEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY KAMEN!!!!!!!” He said as he struck a powerful pose causing a massive explosion of energy.

“Y-Yuta-Kun! Yuta-Kun…!” Hachimitsu said as she gently shook Yuta. He was weak and floppy like a rag doll, his eyes were spirals and blood dripped from his nose like water from a faucet. “Y-Yuta-Kun…!!!” She shook him a bit more violently causing him to slowly snap out of his trance. “Y-Yuta-Kun…!”

“What happened…?”

“Thank goodness you’re okay!” She then pulled him into her with his face being smooshed between her boobs.

“WH-WHAT???!!?!!!!!” Yuta screamed in his mind. His form from earlier underwent a transformation. “HONEY KAMEN!!! DAI HENSHIN!!!!!!” He started to glow as he moved his body by each of its limbs undergoing a Magical Girl esque transformation. People looked at him from a distance,

“K-KORE WA…?!??!?!?!!!!”

“HAI!!!!” Yuta responded, “HONEY KAMEN!!! DAI HENSHIN!!!” The magic on his body peeled off like paint showing off his evolved form. His hair was a blue-green color and seemed to resemble that of Super Saiyan hair only he kept his magenta skin, flame shaped eyes, and Hachimitsu’s bikini bottoms on his face. A red cape with a stand up collar formed around his neck, “HACHIMITSU NO OPPAI NO TAME NI!!!!! HONEY KAMEN DAI HENSHIN!!!! DENETSU NO SŪPĀ HONEY KAMEN!!!!” He then struck a powerful pose causing a large enough explosion to cut the planet clean in half. The Japanese Kanji for the word ‘Intimidation’ and ‘Boobs’ floated around Yuta in a bright yellow color with a heavy black outline, the kanji characters shook menacingly.