Chapter 4:

Chapter 4

My First Girlfriend Is A Planet Buster Volume 1

Yuta sat in the back of his classroom. The teacher had been rambling on for quite some time now. He looked down as he pulled out his phone and sent a text to Hachimitsu. Normally he saw her when he first got to school, but she wasn’t here today. Odd.

Yuta: Hey. Did you not come to school today?

Hachimitsu: No...I got sick.

Yuta: Huh?!?!!

Yuta: Sick?!?!!!

Yuta: Like the flu or something?!?!!!

Hachimitsu: It’s just a cold...

Yuta: I’m sorry, sounds miserable.

Hachimitsu: I’ll live…!

Hachimitsu: Hopefully…

Hachimitsu: How’s school?

Yuta: Super boring…

Hachimitsu: I see. You’ll get through it.

Yuta: Yeah if I don’t die of boredom.

Yuta: Anyways, I hope you get better.

Hachimitsu: Thank you!

Yuta: I’ll text you after school, okay?

Hachimitsu: Sure!

Yuta sighed and put his phone back in his pocket. He groaned as he slowly leaned forward before he flopped onto his desk falling asleep. As he slept he started to have a dream. In his dream he saw Hachimitsu standing near a window in a living room, he was on the couch trying to pay attention to anime like he usually does. Hachimitsu turned and sat beside him on the couch, “Yuta-Kun.” She said to him, he turned to her and smiled.

“Hey, what’s up?”

“Let’s make a baby.”

“HUH?!?!?!!! A BABY?!?!?!!!!” He then looked her up and down, “SHE’S ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE!!!! NO MATTER WHAT POSITION WE’RE IN I’LL END UP BEING CRUSHED BY HER HULKING THUNDER THIGHS!!!!!” She gave a soft smile and leaned in to kiss him, “STAY COOL!!! STAY COOL!!! SOMEONE LIKE YOU HAS ALWAYS WANTED TO LOSE HIS VIRGINITY-“ He then grit his teeth and looked down at himself, “D-DAMN IT!!! I CAN'T MOVE!!!!” He then looked to Hachimitsu, “WHAT IF SHE SUCKS MY SOUL RIGHT OUT OF MY FACE?!??!?!!!!!” He then closed his eyes and started to pray, “MOTHER THANK YOU FOR BRINGING ME INTO THIS WORLD AND INTRODUCING ME TO ANIME AND MAKING ME WHO I AM!!!! DAD YOU LEFT BEFORE I WAS BORN BUT I’M SURE YOU’RE PRETTY COOL!!!!”

Yuta then jolted awake by the sound of the school bell. He looked around and gave a heavy sigh, “It was a dream...thank god.” He stood up and took his bag and started to leave the school.

“Yuta~!” A female voice came, Yuta turned to see a girl run up to him. She had her hair dyed red and seemed to wear a bow in it. Yuta inhaled sharply, this was the girl he had been crushing on since the first day of school all those years ago.


“Hey, so I was thinking,” she wrapped her arms around his and pressed her breasts against his body.

“WHAT?!?!?!!!!!!” Yuta screams internally, “IS THIS IT?!?!!! IS MY HAREM FINALLY COMING TOGETHER??!?!?!???!!?!!!!!!” In his mind he began to evolve again.

“YOSHA!!!!!” He said, “DENETSU NO SŪPĀ HONEY KAMEN!!!! HYPER DAI HENSHIN!!!!!” He then screamed really loud as power began to course through him. The eyes of the people around him began to bulge,

“NANDATO?!???!!!!!” They screamed

“ONORE!!!! ULTRA DENETSU NO SŪPĀ HONEY KAMEN!!!!!!” Large pointed sunglasses appeared over his eyes. “WATASHI NO HĀREMU WA TEN O TSURANKU TSUMORIDESU!!!!!!!” He struck another power pose which caused the Solar System in its entirety to be completely and utterly destroyed.

“So what do you think?” Hayase said, Yuta snapped out of his trance and looked to her.

“I’m sorry...what?”

She glared and gave a pout, “You’re really useless ya know.”

“I wasn’t paying attention…”

“I was wondering if you and Hachimitsu wanted to go on a double date with me and my boyfriend!”

“B-Boyfriend…..?” In his mindscape his evolution because to fizzle reverting him back to his previous form. “Bakana….” He then cleared his throat, “U-Um...she’s sick right now…”

“I see,” she sighed, “Oh well, I’ll see you later.” She waved to him and then walked off. Yuta fell to his hands and knees in utter despair before he let out a scream of anguish.

At Hachimitsu’s apartment moments later she got up from the couch when she heard a knock at the door. She opened the door to see Yuta there with a brown paper bag, he looked like he had been crying, “Y-Yuta-Kun…? Are you okay…?”

“I’m, I brought you some tea and soup to help you feel better.”

“Oh,” she said with a slight blush, “Th-Thank you…” she took the brown paper bag.

“Yeah don’t mention it…”

“Y-You should probably get home so you don’t get sick…”

“Yeah that’s a good idea…” he sniffles and waved to her, “Bye…”

“Bye.” she said with a soft smile as he then walked off to go cry at home.