Chapter 6:

Chapter 6

My First Girlfriend Is A Planet Buster Volume 1

Yuta wandered through town with Hachimitsu. He had agreed to meet her father and truthfully he was anxious. “What the hell am I thinking?!!?!!! I can’t meet her father!!!” In his mind he began to do some calculations, “Honey is seven feet and nine inches tall!!! If we apply the rules of nature that men are taller than women, and if Einstein’s theory of relativity is correct…” the numbers and symbols went through his head, “And judging on the size of Honey’s boobs and converting that to mass elsewhere on the male body…” He then gasped, “HER DAD SHOULD BE WELL OVER TWENTY FEET TALL!!!!!”

“Here we are,” Hachimitsu said as they came to an empty field.

“Hm?” He looked around, “Where are we????”

“Hold on,” she reached in her pocket and pulled out a device and pressed a button on it. Suddenly the field in front of them began to shift and change. Yuta’s jaw dropped to the floor and his eyes bulged from his head as a massive spaceship became visible.


Hachimitsu smiled and went up to the ship and pressed a button causing a ramp to come out followed by a door, “Let’s go.” Yuta nodded and he followed her into the ship. “Dad! I’m here!” She called. Suddenly a gasp was heard followed by footsteps. Yuta swallowed heavily and prepared for the worst. A shadow was cast on the wall as someone came down the hall. Soon her father came into view before he walked over to them. He was a little shorter than Yuta.

Yuta looked down at him,Yuta’s face turned showing an expression of confusion, “What…?”

“Yuta-Kun, this is my dad Kaizou. He’s the Ruler of the known Universe!”

“Ruler of the…” He paused and blinked before giving another face of confusion, “...huh?”

“Dad,” Hachimitsu said with a smile, “This is“ she blushed heavily, “Boyfriend…”

“Aha!!!!” Kaizou smiled and shook Yuta’s hand, “It’s nice to meet you Yuta!!!”

“Uh…” Yuta pauses, “Wait a minute….he’s so short, if he’s Honey’s dad…” He inhaled sharply as he heard loud footsteps, “Then that can only mean…” He looked up slowly to see a massive person standing above them.

“Oh, mom is here too!” Hachimitsu said with a smile,

Yuta stood there trying not to pee himself, “M-M-Mom?!?!!!! SHE MUST BE AT LEAST FIFTY METERS TALL!!!!!” Hachimitsu’s mom knelt down and smiled,

“So, you’re the boyfriend my daughter has told me so much about.” She said with a smile,

Yuta slowly turned to Hachimitsu, “H-Honey...what’s the-“

“Oh!” Hachimitsu smiled and walked over to her father before she looked back to Yuta, “I’m an alien, so is my dad and mom. We’re called Planet Busters!” She said with a smile,

“Wh-Why do they call you that…?”

“Oh! That’s because I destroyed the universe one planet at a time!” Kaizou said, he then chuckled, “However, once I met my wife I was able to restore all the planets in the universe and no one even remembered it!”

“We’re not perfect, but we’re family.” Hachimitsu’s mother said. The family all gave sweet and innocent looking smiles.

“S-So you can destroy the planet if you so desired?!?!!!!” Yuta said pointing to Hachimitsu, Hachimitsu gave a smile and nod.

“Yeah!” She responded, “That’s what we Planet Busters are notorious for!”

“Oh, Hachimitsu, sweetheart,” her mother said to her, “Why don’t we have lunch and get to know your boyfriend?”

“That sounds like fun!”

“I have so many questions…” Yuta thought, “ did they even make Honey? Her mom is the size of Godzilla and her dad is a normal human Honey even fully grown…?! Are my kids going to be massive..?!??!?!!!! NOW THAT I’VE MET HER PARENTS DO WE HAVE TO GET MARRIED?!?!?!!!!”

Before he knew it Yuta had been dragged along to a nice table where everyone sat and enjoyed lunch. Yuta looked down at his food, what exactly was this??? It certainly wasn’t any Japanese food. “So, Yuta,” her mother said, Yuta jumped before he turned to her, “How did you two meet?”

“W-Well, Uh, ma’am, we met at school. I mean, I didn’t know she existed, and she kind of asked me out I mean, technically behind the school.”

“I see, that’s lovely, my husband and I met in the space between my universe and yours. We’ve been inseparable ever since.”

“O-Oh that’s nice.” He said, “SHE’S FROM ANOTHER UNIVERSE?!?!?!?!!!!”

“Dear, why don’t you tell him the story.” She said to her husband, Kaizou nodded.

“Alright!!! Well, you see, my race of people are called Planet Busters and as such our children are all naturally born with the strength, energy, and raw power to destroy a planet.”

“Wow...angry dudebros would’ve just called Honey a Mary Sue. But I guess they can’t since it’s just her biology! Heh.” Yuta thought as Kaizou began to explain,

“Anyways, I was just a commoner when suddenly a group of beings from another dimension poured into ours and started to infect the planets of our universe. As such I went on a long perilous quest where I destroyed the universe one planet at a time. I figured the universe was beyond saving. Then when I came to the edge of our universe I saw her,” he looked to his wife and smiled, “She’s just as beautiful as the day we met.”

“Oh dear, stop it please!” She said with a blush,

“ she a Planet Buster too?” Yuta asked,

“Not exactly,” Kaizou said, “She’s what you would call a Planet Eater, though she’s a bit on the small side.”

“S-Small side….?” Yuta said in disbelief

“Yes, her race of people are immensely massive, they can hold a planet in the palm of their hand like a tennis ball. They’re called Planet Eaters because they actually eat the planets. Their universe is far larger than ours and is infinitely making more and more planets to keep balance in their universe.”

“I-I see…so how’d you become the ruler of the universe?”

“It was a gift and title bestowed upon me by the Great Lord of the Great Lord of the Great Lords,”


“The people of your planet would call him God of course. Anyways, he saw my great heroism in destroying the universe one planet at a time and as such he made me the ruler of the universe and granted me one wish. My one wish was to marry my beautiful wife.”


“Anyways, that’s our story. It’s how I met my wife, and eventually we had Hachimitsu.”

“I see,” he then paused, “Wait! How did all the planets come back?!”

“He simply brought them all back.”

“Oh…” he then looked at Hachimitsu, “So...Honey, what does that make you? You’re half Planet Buster and half Planet Eater.”

“Ah, that’s a good question.” Kaizou said, “Since she’s a hybrid we could call her a Busted Planet Eater, or an Eating Planet Buster.”

“Yeah..but those are a bit too long and weird…” Hachimitsu said,

“Yes, but it makes sense. She’s a lot stronger than both me and my wife.”

“Hmmmm…” Yuta looked to Hachimitsu and rubbed his chin, “How about a Legendary Planet Buster...or Legendary Planet Eater...or something like that.”

“I like those names…” Hachimitsu said with a soft smile, Yuta returned the smile before he picked up his glass and started to drink from it.

“So Yuta, are you in love with my daughter?” Her mother asked, Yuta choked, drowned and then suddenly spit out his drink.

“WHAT THE HELL?!?!??!!!! DO I LOVE HER?!?!?!!!! WE JUST BARELY KISSED A WEEK AGO WHAT THE HELL IS THIS LOVE BULLSHIT?!?!?!!!!!?” He swallowed nervously and looked at her and then Hachimitsu, “Well I Uh...uh….”

“Well...we’re not ready to say it yet…” Hachimitsu said with a soft smile, “I know Yuto-Kun will tell me when he’s ready.”


“I see,” her mother said with a smile, “Well don’t go too fast. Take your time and enjoy your relationship.”

“Y-Yeah…” Yuta said looking back to his food. He didn’t know but Hachimitsu’s parents were greatly impressed with him. As lunch was finished Hachimitsu bid farewell to her parents and the couple then left.

“M-My parents seemed to like you.” Hachimitsu said with a smile,

“You think so?”

“Yeah,” She responded, she then blushed and looked away slightly, “So um….do you want to go over to my place?”

“Your place…?” He asked, “Uh, sure. What did you have in mind?”

“ was thinking…” The blush on her face continued to grow, so much so it seemed that her face was starting to disappear. “I...I...I-I…”

“You what?”

“I-I-I’ll tell you when we get there….”

“Okay.” Yuta said before the two continued to the apartment in silence. Once there Hachimitsu went and sat on the couch and Yuta sat beside her. “So um, what did you want to-“ Yuta was then cut off by Hachimitsu placing her hands on his shoulders and kissing him. Yuta’s eyes slowly softened before he then kissed her back. She pulled away and gave him a gentle loving smile,

“Th-Thanks for agreeing to meet my parents…”

“Yeah of course.”

“I-It’s why...I want to give you a reward…”

“A reward? Like what?”

“W-Well...I know how much you look at them...s-so….” She swallowed lightly before she then spoke up, “I-I want you to touch my boobs…I...I’m normally shy about my body so be-“ before she could even finish Yuta had already simply placed his hands on her boobs and gave them a gentle squeeze. She looked down at him a bit confused on how quickly and quietly he did that, “Um...gentle…”

“Hm?” He said looking up at her, she gave a soft giggle and shook her head.


“Oh, okay.”