Chapter 7:

Chapter 7

My First Girlfriend Is A Planet Buster Volume 1

Before any of them had known it, Christmas Eve. Yuta sat in the living room of his house watching the clock on the wall tick by. He sighed before his phone suddenly buzzed, he looked down at his phone to see a message from his mom.

Mom: Sorry sweetie, work has gotten busy. I likely won’t be home tonight.

Yuta: That’s fine. I was going to head to bed here soon.

Mom: Alright, have a nice night!

Mom: Oh! Have you gotten any presents for your friends?

Yuta inhaled sharply as soon as he saw her second text. Friends?! He had totally forgotten to get a gift for Hachimitsu! He looked back to the clock and saw that some of the stores would still be open. “Oh crap! Oh crap!” He said as he ran to his bedroom and grabbed a pair of socks. He hobbled to the living room trying to get his socks on before he fell onto his face. He quickly perked up and put on his jacket and scarf before he slid his shoes on and raced out the door. As he ran he pulled out his phone and started to text Hachimitsu,

Yuta: Hey! What kind of stuff do you like?!

Hachimitsu: What do you mean…?

Yuta: You know! Stuff! Makeup, perfume, clothes?!

Hachimitsu: Oh, I really don’t wear a lot of makeup, and the perfumes they have out cause me to sneeze up a storm

Yuta: Okay! Do you like to read? Watch movies?!

Hahcimitsu: Yeah! I really like this one sports manga! It’s about this guy who used to do martial arts but now he does dodgeball at school!

Before Yuta could respond he slid and crashed into a pole. Yuta groaned as he held onto his nose, “God damn it!!!” He cursed as he hunched over in absolute pain,

Hachimtsu: However, I’m really liking this other sports manga! Have you heard of it? It’s called Prince of Court! It’s about this Prince who goes to a regular school, but he’s really good at Basketball! He’s so dreamy! (*´∀`)♪

Hachimitsu: Sadly I’ve only read it online because whenever I go to the bookstore it’s always sold out…。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

Hachimitsu: Anyways! What’re you doing tomorrow for Christmas? I’ve never spent it with anyone, and I thought maybe you and I could spend it together.

Yuta paused for a bit. Hachimitsu had never spent Christmas with anyone?! He then gave a powerful smirk as the glare on his imaginary glasses lit up. He then started to text her back,

Yuta: I’m busy, my mom and I are going out of the country to visit my mom’s family!

“Excellent,” Yuta thought to himself, “Now that she thinks I’m busy, I can actually surprise her on Christmas. She was expecting loneliness,” Yuta then struck a pose as he pointed to himself with his thumb, “KONO YUTA DA!!!” And with that, he then ran off as fast as he could.

In her apartment, Hachimitsu frowned as she set her phone down. She sat down on her couch as her eyes softened. She looked at the coffee table to see the present she had gotten for Yuta. It would now have to wait until after Christmas. She sniffled softly as she wiped forming tears from her eyes, but she couldn’t help but let a few fall down her face. She made fists with her hands before she got up and turned off the lights before she went into her bedroom. She got out of her clothes and into her pajamas before she sat on the edge of her bed. She eventually laid down and looked at the digital clock at her bedside. It went by a few minutes, then a half-hour, and by the time an hour had passed Hachimitsu had fallen into a light sleep. A few more minutes passed before she heard a loud pounding at the door. She gave a dull groan before she turned and buried her face into her pillow. The pounding came again. She groaned once more before she sat up and rubbed her eyes.

She stood with a yawn before she started to walk to the front door. The pounding continued, “I’m coming, hold on…” She said softly. She grabbed the doorknob and opened the door. Her eyes widened as a light blush decorated her face.

“Please let me in…” Yuta said as he stood there with a large box as he shivered. Hachimitsu quickly nodded and let him inside before closing the door behind him.

“What’re you doing here? I thought you were going out of the country!” Hachimitsu said as she turned on the light,

“Well...uh…” He then paused, “You see…” He then sighed, Hachimitsu then sniffed the air.

“What’s in the box?” She asked,

“Oh! Yeah! The box!” He said as he turned and took the lid off the large cardboard box, “Well, you said earlier how you’ve never spent Christmas with anyone before, so I brought you these!” She came over to the box and looked at the contents, “It’s a tradition in my family, I mean at least with me and my mom, she said my dad and her did all the time. It’s Fried Chicken as well as Christmas Cake!” He smiled, “Oh yeah, and of course your present,” he said as he took out a rather horribly wrapped gift, “It nearly cost me my life but I got it for you.”

“You…” She said as she looked at him with tears in her eyes, “You did all of this for me…?”

“Of course I did, it’s not like I forgot or anything.” He did. “And besides, you’re my girlfriend, I couldn’t exactly have you spend Christmas alone.” Hachimitsu sniffled as she placed her hands over her eyes, “Hey, are you okay…?” He then inhaled sharply, “Oh no! Are you allergic to chicken and ca-” He then felt himself be at a loss for air, even his persona inside of himself bent forward at a loss of air, as Hachimitsu then quickly wrapped her arms around him...tightly.

“It’s perfect…! It’s just amazing…!” She sobbed, “You’re so cool…! I can’t believe you did this for me…!” She then smiled as she pulled him a bit closer to her, “I love you…”

“Y-Yah...I k-know...but like...I can’t exactly breathe…”

“Oh no! Oh my god!” She said as she quickly pulled away from him, “I’m sorry!”

“You’re fine...I just gotta get my oxygen back…” Yuta said as he looked a bit like a limp noodle as he struggled to get air back,

“Okay,” she said softly as she wiped her face, she then looked to the present he had in his hand before she gently took it from him. This lead to the wrapping coming undone and the gift falling out the bottom. She looked down to see it was a box set of Manga along with a plush doll. She gave a soft smile before she set the empty wrapping paper on the counter and knelt down. Her eyes dazzled when she noticed it was a box set of Prince of Court and the plush doll was of the main character Madason! “Wow…” she said as she picked them up, “How did you manage to get these? They’re sold out everywhere I go!”

“Hm…?” Yuta said as he managed to get his air back, “Oh, well, I kind of have this membership at an anime store near the school. They normally set things aside for me if I am interested, they normally hold things for me for about a week or so. They somehow managed to get this in, but I had to fight off lots of girls for it.”

“Wow…” she smiled at her gifts before she turned her smile to Yuta, “This means a lot to me, thank you.”

“Yeah, of course!”

“Here! I got something for you!” She then set her gifts on the counter before grabbing his gift off the coffee table. She hands the box to him and he started to unwrap it. It was then a white box which he then opened.

“Oh! It’s a…” He paused as he tilted his head, “Sweater….?” He then took the sweater out, “’s a big sweater!”

“Yeah,” She said with a smile as she gently took the sweater, she put it on over her head, and as she did she also pulled it down over Yuta. Yuta was then pulled face-first into Hachimitsu’s breasts. His face turned red as he instantly overheated and blood shot from his nose. “It’s one of those couples sweaters! I was able to find someone who could help me custom make one! What do you think?” She then paused, no response from Yuta. “Um….are you okay….?”



“You are to never take this off, do you understand me….?”

Hachimitsu gave a soft giggle, “Yeah, yeah whatever you say.”