Chapter 8:

Chapter 8

My First Girlfriend Is A Planet Buster Volume 1

Yuta sat there in class looking down at an assignment. “Hey, Yuta,” he turned to see Hayase smiling at him,

“Oh, hey.”

“So, what’re you doing with Hachimitsu for Valentine’s Day?”

“What?! How do you know that we’re dating?!”

“Everyone at school knows,” Hayase said with a giggle, “How could they not know? You’re all she talks about now.” Hayase smiled at him before she looked around as the other students started to pack their things. It was the end of the day and people were starting to leave. She then looked back to him, “Here, take this.” She whispered softly as she reached into her bra and pulled out a condom. He looked at it before his eyes and nervous sweat went up his face.

“W-Wait! Th-This is a-”

“Yeah! But be quiet!” She whispered rather harshly before she clubbed him on the head,

“Why do you have one of these?!” He whispered to her,

“Because you’ll need it.”


“Don’t you know, all kids in school are extremely likely to lose their virginity on Valentine’s Day! As such I’m making sure you’re prepared!”

“Wh-What?! Why do I have to-”

“Come on Yuta, do you want to be the loser who graduated high school a virgin?!”

“W-Well…” he then paused, “Wait! I won’t be alone! You’ll be there with me!”

“Wow, you really are an idiot.” She said with a sigh,

Yuta then paused for a second, “WAIT A MINUTE YOU AREN’T A-”

“I said keep quiet!!!!!” She said again as she clubbed him in the head once more, “So what if I’m not a virgin?! The only thing you need to know is that you are!”

Yuta then groaned before he then paused. His eyes widened softly before he turned to Hayase, “Wait a second, is Hachimitsu also not a virgin?!”

“That’s not my place to tell. Look, she’s really head over heels in love with you. So just scrape together what you can and do this one thing for her! And even if she wasn’t a virgin why would you care? She’s your girlfriend after all, don’t you love her regardless?!”

“Well, I mean-” He said softly before the bell rang,

“Just keep quiet about it!” Hayase said before she turned and walked off. Yuta sighed as he looked down at the condom she had just given him. He growled before he stuck it in his pocket and gathered his things and walked home. As he walked home he kept thinking about Hachimitsu and the time they spent together. His face turned red as his thoughts slowly became lewder and lewder. He shook his head as he grabbed his thought bubble, crumpled it into a ball, and threw it into a trash can he walked past. He then approached his house to notice a massive box on the porch. He grinned as he ran to his house and grabbed the box before he dashed inside with it.

“Alright! It’s here!” He said as he dragged it into the kitchen. He grabbed a knife and opened the box to see the face of a stuffed bear. He grinned as the glare of his make-believe glares started to glow. He then chuckled evilly, “Jikandesu.”

At her apartment, Hachimitsu wiped her brow as she finally placed a lid on a heart-shaped container. She had taken the school day off and took the entire day to make Honmei-chocos from scratch. After many hours she finally was able to complete them. She then removed her apron and wiped some remaining chocolate from her face before she walked into her bedroom. She started to get undressed when she heard a knock from the front door. She sighed, so much for showering off. She got in some casual clothing before she rushed to the front door. She opened it only to be attacked by a giant pile of fuzz. “Gyahahaha!!!!” Yuta laughed as he knelt on the top of the mountain of fuzz, “Tōchaku shimashita!” He then paused, “Eh…?” He looked around and couldn’t exactly find Hachimitsu, “Hey...Honey?” A faint gasp for air was heard as Hachimitsu poked her head out from under the giant mountain of fuzz,

“Yuta-Kun, what is all this?!”

“I’m so glad you asked,” Yuta said as he slipped on a pair of glasses and pressed his finger on the bridge causing them to glow white. “I saved so much money to have this imported clear from America for you. They’re immensely popular,” He then got off the mountain of fuzz and held it up as best he could to reveal it to be a giant stuffed bear the exact size as Hachimitsu, “I figured you’d get lonely, so I got you a friend, his name is Yu Yu.”

“Wow! He’s so cute!” Hachimitsu said with a smile as she stood up, “Is the Yu Yu in his name after you?”

“Of course,” He said, which was a blatant lie. Yu Yu was from Yu Yu Hakusho.

“Wow! I love it! I’m sure he’ll keep me plenty of company!” Hachimitsu said with a smile, “I got you something too, I spent all day working on them!” She walked into the kitchen and came back when a heart-shaped box. “Tada!” She said as she removed the lid, “I made you lots of Honmei-chocos!”

“Fukanōna!” Yuta said as his eyes widened with such force his glasses came off. He stood there shaking a bit overwhelmed by the chocolates pure beauty! They each reassembled the main character from all of his favorite Shonen manga and anime with a large heart-shaped one in the middle with the word love on it.

“I hope you like them! I didn’t want to go to the store since they’d likely be super expensive, so I just bought the ingredients and spent all day making them for you!”

Yuta swallowed heavily as he looked at the chocolates, “Hayase...she was right! Hachimitsu...she really does love me!” He looked up at her genuine and loving smile, “She’s really so cute...why does she-” He then paused as he looked down a bit.

“Anyways,” she said putting the lid on the chocolates, “We can eat these later, for now, I have a reservation for us.”


“Yeah,” she said with a nod, “Just give me a little bit to put myself together, okay?”

“Yeah, totally.” He said as she turned and walked back into her room. Yuta paused, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the condom Hayase gave him. He just stood there and frowned at it. “Damn can I do this? I can’t even,” he then sighed, “Why can’t I tell her how I feel…?” He then slid the condom back into his pocket. At that moment Hachimitsu came out, the only difference in her appearance was some makeup, and the fact that she did her hair into a ponytail on the back of her head instead of the twin pigtails he was used to. She was less cute and now just flat out beautiful. Yuta blushed heavily as she walked over to him,

“Ready to go?”

“Y-Yeah...I’m ready.”

“Okay! Cool!” She said as she reached into her purse, “But first, put this on!” Yuta blinked in confusion when she handed him a blindfold.

“Are you kidnapping me….?”

“No, just put it on silly!” She said with a giggle. He nodded and put the blindfold on. She smiled and took his hand and led him out of her apartment and through the city. As they walked all he could think of him was the chocolates. It only made him nervous knowing how much she loved him. After a few twists and turns he eventually heard some doors open and they went from outside to inside. Hachimitsu smiled and set him down in a chair, “Stay here! I’ll be back!”

“Yeah…” he said before she walked off. He clenched his pants between his fingers as he made a fist. “I don’t know where I am...but it’s probably harmless. Hayase was wrong, Honey doesn’t want to have sex right? Yeah! This is just an innocent dinner date!”

Soon he heard Hachimitsu’s voice again, “Alright! It’s ready!” She said as she took his hand,

“Aha! It’s dinner! It clearly wouldn’t be if she said that!” He said to himself with a confident smirk as she took him through the building.

“Just so you know, this is a special place and we have to take an elevator to get to where we need to go.”

“Elevator?” He said to himself, “Oh! Maybe it’s a restaurant in Tokyo Sky Tower! Or maybe one of those super fancy rich people McDonalds! Aha!!! Can't wait to have some 24k McNuggets!!!” Once the elevator trip was over she took him down a hallway before they stopped. She then took him into a room and closed the door. She took him to the center of the room and started to undo the blindfold, “ALRIGHT!!! LETS SO THOSE-“ His eyes then widened ass his heart sank and his face became pale. “Wait a second….this is a-

“Here we are,” Hachimitsu said with a smile and a faint blush, “Honestly, I saved so much money for this place for us, I thought was time.”

“This is a love hotel…” Yuta slowly turned over his shoulder to looked at her, she was blushing and rubbing her arm. His heart started to race faster and faster,

“Yuta, I-“

“I’ll be back!!!” He screamed as he ran into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. He went and sat on the toilet as he placed his face in the palms of his hands. His eyes widened as he started to breathe heavily. “Hayase was right….! Hachimitsu totally wants to have sex…!!!” He then sat up and reached in his pocket, he took the condom out and looked at it in the palm of his hands. He gasped as his eyes shook with fear. He imagined himself laying across Hachimitsu’s lap with her making circles along on his lower back with her finger, immediately after that a flower wilted and tore apart before his kind saw him lying facing away from Hachimitsu on his side while Hachimitsu sat up with two cigars in her mouth. “I-I-I NEED STRONGER STUFF!!!”

After a few moments Yuta gathered his thoughts before he stood up and left the bathroom. He took a deep breath before he walked into the bedroom. He saw Hachimitsu sitting on the bed looking down with her face bright red. Hayase’s words echoed in his mind, he knew he had to do this one small thing for her. He walked over to her and sat down beside her. “Um...hey,” he said softly,

“Hi,” she said in response,

“Um...Honey I-“ he then froze when she leaned over and wrapped her arms around him. His face turned slightly red as he slowly turned to her. They looked into each other's eyes before they then kissed. “She’s here...she’s here with me….I can’t believe I’m doing this with her.” She thought as she pulled away from him. She looked more nervous and shy than she had been in a while, plus with her hair tied back she was now beyond beautiful. Long story short Yuta couldn’t say no to her.

Hachimitsu then turned and laid on her back before she looked at Yuta, “Come here…” She said softly, Yuta nodded as he moved over to her. He hovered above her slightly before the two of them kissed again. As they kissed, Hachimitsu grabbed onto his hand and gently guided it to her breast. She gave a soft gasp as he squeezed her gently.

“Sh-She’s not wearing a bra…” Yuta thought to himself as he slowly pulled away from their kiss. Hachimitsu looked away before she slowly slid his hand down her body before she placed it between her legs and onto her panties, Yuta blushed and looked away from her, “Wh-Why she making me touch her down-“ His eyes then widened before he looked to her, “She doesn’t look too comfortable. Maybe she doesn’t want to do this.”


“Honey,” Yuta said, pulling his hand away from her, “Are you okay?”

“Y-Yeah...I’m fine, I just thought maybe-“

“This isn’t like you,” he said as he sat up, “What’s wrong?”

Hachimitsu’s eyes softened as she looked away from him, “All my friends, they said if we didn’t do this on Valentine’s Day then it meant we weren’t a real couple...they also said you’d get bored of me and you’d want to leave me.” She then said up and hung her head causing her eyes to vanish from the shadow of her bangs, “Yuta….I….I….” She clenched the sheets of the bed before she turned to him, “I love you Yuta.” Yuta’s heart skipped a beat as he blushed, “I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone before! I want us to be happy and I don’t want you to leave me!”

“Honey…” he said softly before he looked down and placed his hand on hers. He looked up at her and smiled, “Honestly I feel the same! I really care about you and don’t want to lose you! However, you aren’t comfortable with this and I can tell. We don’t have to do it just to be a real couple, we already are! I’m more than willing to graduate from high school a virgin if it means you’ll be doing the same!”

Her face turned red as her eyes widened, her eyes then softened as she smiled, “That sounds like a good idea to me.”

“Great!” He said with a smile, “Now let’s just order pizza or something and watch anime!”

“Okay!” Yuta smiled and grabbed the remote and turned on the TV and porn began playing, Hachimitsu’s eyes widened, “Yuta turn it off!”

“But This a good one though!”

“Turn it off!!!” She said putting her face in her hands,

“Fine,” he said as he started to change the channel,

“Besides her boobs aren’t even as big as mine…” She said softly

“What?” Yuta said as he turned to her,

“I said Pizza is a favorite food of mine! Let’s order some!” She said as she pulled out her phone.

“Oh, that makes sense.” Yuta said with a smile, he then sighed and turned to the TV before he looked to Hachimitsu who was now on the phone with a pizza restaurant. “You know...I never thought you’d be the best thing in my life...Hachimitsu.”