Chapter 11:

The Nightmare Emerges (Part 2)

White Nightmare

Rodan and Nono weren’t on their own in the VIP room. There were several people as well, though not as many like the regular visitors below. The two sat in the back row of the VIP seats, which is the highest point that they could see the entire show going.Bookmark here

“Ahh... this chair is way comfortable than the ones at home. I can spend the whole day napping on this kind of chair. Geez, I want to know where they got this kind of seat.”Bookmark here

Shortly, Rodan looked beside him and noticed how Nono was still down. He then patted his friend’s shoulder.Bookmark here

“Aww, cheer up, Nono! That was not a big deal. Come on, now.”Bookmark here

“How could you say that when you’re not even in line waiting...?”Bookmark here

“AHUMP—W-Well, that’s right, but... at least we still get to watch the show, right?”Bookmark here

“...ha..........”Bookmark here

“Don’t ‘ha...’ me like that!” Roro quickly retorted.Bookmark here

“Besides, weren’t you the one who wanted me to come here to enjoy the show? Get your spirit fired up again! At least we didn’t miss the show, Nono.”Bookmark here

“Errrgh... oh, well. I guess you’re right, Roro. Well... let’s just see how the show goes. Sorry for being a jerk.”Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

And so, the show started with the circus ringleader gave a bombastic opening.Bookmark here

He walked gently to the middle of arena and greeted the visitors. The opening began with the entire room suddenly turned dark, leaving only streaks of light all around the place.Bookmark here

“—Eh, what? Why is it dark all of sudde—Bookmark here

“—Shush, Roro! It’s about to begin.”Bookmark here

The ringleader raised his arms and slammed them to the ground, creating a massive cyan magic circle on the arena that illuminated its surroundings in a warm soft luminescence. Few seconds later, the walls were decorated with balls of light. Those lights swarm in spiral around the ringleader before finally sending those highly into the air and then outwards back into the wall in a quick motion. Shortly, the room was bright again. The spectators were greatly amazed and they clapped afterwards.Bookmark here

“Ho... Using magic as a tool of entertainment, huh? Pretty impressive,” Rodan complimented the action.Bookmark here

“That’s so cool, don’t you think, Roro? Never thought magic could be used that way, because normally, magic served as weapons. Wait, isn’t that dangerous?” Nono asked.Bookmark here

“No worries. I’ve sensed the magical energy in his act. None of them were potentially harmful to us visitors. They’ve calculated this. Hm-hm, as expected of a great circus,” Rodan explained.Bookmark here

“But you know... it is refreshing to see magic being used not for warfare, but for entertainment. How knowledge has evolved throughout the ages...”Bookmark here

“Oh, oh, here’s their next act!” Nono stated excitedly.Bookmark here

“Hm... nom-nom-nom...” Roro nodded as he munched an apple.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

..Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

The show lasted for almost three hours and now the circus team prepared their final show for the day.Bookmark here

“Huh... time sure flies by,” Rodan noted. There were two apples left in his bag.Bookmark here

“Their way of acting and stunting was extremely great! I’m really glad we go here today.”Bookmark here

“Huh, just then you were nagging like a crybaby. But, oh well... I’m surprised at how they performed overall. They really show us some high quality shows.”Bookmark here

“Yup, imagine it, Roro, their play was so awesome that nobody notices that it has been three hours since they began! Ooh, what they’re going to show now?”Bookmark here

Shortly, the lights went out slowly, leaving the room dark with only streaks of light coming from the walls and the arena.Bookmark here

“Ooh, here it is!” Nono said to himself excitingly. Meanwhile Rodan watched him in a cringed face.Bookmark here

Not long afterwards, the ringleader appeared again, this time with a unique set of clothing that matches the theme of the room now: black and stripes of shining cyan light elaborated his clothing. His necktie was also lighting up.Bookmark here

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are nearing the closure of today’s act. Our final show will be a special one. Why? It is because a new act that we are presenting for the first time here in Gantz city!”Bookmark here

Few seconds later, a group of men appeared from the veils of darkness, pulling a cart into the middle of the arena. The cart was mostly unseen, probably carrying a giant box. Once it reached the center, the box object was picked up and brought down. Then, sounds of metal and chains were heard once it impacted the dirt below. There, Roro realized what was being carried into the arena.Bookmark here

“Hey, hey... you’re not joking, right...? That’s...” he said while having his arms crossed.Bookmark here

“Eh, you can see it, Roro? Geez, I can’t see a damn thing down there. It’s so dark.”Bookmark here

“Hah, stop messing around, Nono.”Bookmark here

The box turned out to be the large cage from before. They intend to show everyone on board the circus the strange creature. Somehow, Rodan felt uneasy by it being brought to everyone’s attention.Bookmark here

“I’ve a bad feeling about this...”Bookmark here

Soon, the team who carried the cage pulled away the cart and back into the other side, leaving the cage with the ringleader. Everyone could hear how aggressive the cage was shaking.Bookmark here

“Ladies and gentlemen, we Algorians have managed to secure a rare catch. Today, we will present to you, one of the BEST we have!”Bookmark here

A moment later, a man in full armor appeared from the dark of the arena. His armor was also flashy with lights all over his body. As he closed his distance with the large cage, the ringleader continued his presenting.Bookmark here

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is a rare opportunity, a great privilege to witness one of the greatest fights in history of our circus! The knight hero of Algoria that shall usher light into the world tainted by the white demon!Bookmark here

This is not a mere circus play.Bookmark here

This is a true fight!Bookmark here

I present to you, the final show! The evil demon shall be defeated in the hands of our knight hero!”Bookmark here

The man in armor drew his great sword out, pointing at the cage. Shortly, two guards arrived from the dark to accompany the protagonist actor. They brought a long pike, which Rodan noticed who they were.Bookmark here

“Ahh, aren’t they those guards from before? Their presence here would mean that this play is absolutely real.”Bookmark here

“What do you mean, Roro?” Nono wondered.Bookmark here

“Just wait and you’ll see. I saw those guards when I was strolling alone. Those pikes could possibly be used to tame the creature in it should things went out of order. The creature in that cage... was not any normal creature.”Bookmark here

“H-Huh... is that so? How scary,” Nono replied.Bookmark here

“Just for safety measures... Nono, activate your magic detection spell. I will activate mine, too.”Bookmark here

“Haha, what are you talking about, Roro...?” Nono chuckled, but stopped immediately when he noticed Rodan’s face was dead serious when watching the arena. Nono realized that Rodan would only act that way should something dangerous would happen.Bookmark here

“I get it. I’ll activate now.”Bookmark here

“Do you see it, Nono?” Rodan asked seriously.Bookmark here

“Whoa... the aura in that cage was... blaring like crazily. What’s going to happen? What should we do, Roro?”Bookmark here

“...So it is true. Well, we should wait and see how they do this. Judging from the way they spoke, it appears they’ve been doing this several times, so let’s leave it to them.”Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah... they’re professionals. They can handle it. I hope.”Bookmark here

And so, the show began with the knight hero planting his sword to the dirt below, causing a massive white magic circle. This time, Rodan and Nono sensed how tense the magic power coming from the knight hero alone, beating that of the massive magic power from the cage.Bookmark here

“That guy... is probably the strongest guy in the circus.”Bookmark here

“I agree...”Bookmark here

And then, the cage padlocks were unlocked by the two guardsmen. Once they opened it, they rushed into the corners of the stage and pointed their pike to it. Slowly, the cage door opened and then fell into the ground, causing some shake around it. The blankets were still there, but now with the iron bars opened, the creature was free.Bookmark here

The creature crawled out, though unseen by everyone, its presence could be sensed from how evil the aura it emitted from its very body.Bookmark here

“Roro, that creature...”Bookmark here

“I know.”Bookmark here

Shortly, spotlights from eight different directions lighted on the creature, revealing the creature’s physical shape.Bookmark here

“No way...!” Nono retorted.Bookmark here

“...A girl...?!” Rodan’s eyes nearly popped out in shock.Bookmark here

The creature was covered by its white loose hair. Its appearance was that of an albino girl with a ghostly white skin. No matter how Rodan and Nono looked at it, that creature resembled a young human girl instead of a monster.Bookmark here

Then...Bookmark here

Disaster struck.Bookmark here

The creature opened its eyes as it was exposed to light in a long period of time. When its eyes were open the entire spotlights that were shining at it broke apart one by one, until none was left to reveal her position. The only thing that shined the arena was the streaks of light on the wall, the tribune, the knight hero’s armor, and ultimately the red eyes of that white creature.Bookmark here

“How scary of you, but let’s get this over with and push you back into the cage,” said the knight hero actor as he raised his sword. Bookmark here

“Hope to get along with you—Bookmark here

The actor’s voice suddenly cut off as if it was gone from the world. Everyone got confused why did that happen and thought it may be part of the show. But their thoughts fooled them. Even Rodan and Nono were shocked.Bookmark here

The actor that was standing steadily suddenly fell down to the dirt like a crumbling tower that had no foundation to sustain it. The entire tribune went silent as the creature approached the fallen body. It looked like it was trying to search something in the actor’s body, but to no avail.Bookmark here

And shortly, the creature let out a deafening roar. It was shrieking so loud that the room instantly returned back to light. Now before everyone’s eyes...Bookmark here

The albino humanoid creature was revealed clearly. Its arm skin had been transformed into spiky hide in white with red lines going around it. Its fingers which resembled humans’ now shaped as sharp black fingernails with each nails reaching up to ten centimeters long.Bookmark here

The knight hero actor... was lying coldly on the dirt, leaving everyone stunned.Bookmark here

Rodan and Nono were both shocked to see, that the actor was dead on a pool of blood.Bookmark here

That day, the circus turned into a terrifying incident.Bookmark here

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