Chapter 26:

The Dick-sucking Testament


Joey scoffed “You’re kidding me?”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” Enang’s voice trailed “no.”Bookmark here

“I feel that all the time.”Bookmark here

“Did you just agree with me?”Bookmark here

“Y-yeah…”Bookmark here

“You fucking people-pleaser.”Bookmark here

“Yeah…”Bookmark here

“You’re terrible at your job.”Bookmark here

“Yeah.”Bookmark here

“Would you stop agreeing with me?”Bookmark here

“Sure?” Bookmark here

“I…” Bookmark here

“But to answer your question.” Joey smiled. “That was actually true.”Bookmark here

“You’re not shitting me?”Bookmark here

“Would you like me to say that I’m shitting you?” Bookmark here

“I don’t know… Fuck. You’re too open about this shit.”Bookmark here

“Hey,” Joey chuckled. “If you’re in my line of work, knowing how to kneel and suck someone else’s dick is a virtue. Actually, we called it a 'skill' when I was still working part-time.”Bookmark here

“Oh… god.”Bookmark here

“Metaphorically!” Joey shouted. “Quit it. It would be easier for you to know if I related it you through a vivid image—”Bookmark here

Enang held her face. “Oh, it was vivid, alright.”Bookmark here

“But the point is,” Joey hurried. “It’s quite common. I’m not shitting with you, either. I carry no emotional baggage, or rather, we needed to function when we walk into the floor as though we have no emotional baggage. So—”Bookmark here

“You walk up there, you get on your knees, unzip their pants, suck their metaphorical dicks, and go ham until they come and buy your products?”

Bookmark here

Joey grimaced. “You got the thought behind it, at least. But what the fuck is wrong with you?”Bookmark here

“The image was too vivid.”Bookmark here

“And you’re blaming me?” Bookmark here

“You’re just too good. But…” Enang breathed. “Do people blame you if you do stuff without telling them? Do they get angry… or… I don’t know.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, definitely.”Bookmark here

“You’re not exactly helping me out here.”Bookmark here

Joey jerked his head and scoffed. “I’m supposed to help you out?”Bookmark here

“Fuck,” she whispered. “But then again, you’d just agree with me.”Bookmark here

“Either way…” Joey sighed. “I’m not really the best person to ask about something like this. I’m sure that Enteng would’ve given you something. Uncle, perhaps, even with his difficult situation, would probably be able to give you something inspiring.”

Bookmark here

“Okay, stop making me try to validate your poor ass.”Bookmark here

“The point is that I have no grounds to stop you, or anyone for that matter.” Joey peered into Enang’s sunken face from the corner of the wall. “You do you. Everyone is doing shit that they think is better, so if they want to do something, as long as it’s not illegal or shit, then I don’t have the grounds to tell them that they’re wrong or even try to stop them. So, as long as you’re not going to murder us or burn the house down… then I guess I can’t stop you.”Bookmark here

“Really?” Enang gazed back. Bookmark here

“Also please don’t try to drink some bleach and go out like that. People would still try to touch you if you’re not yet stiff or your body is still warm.” Bookmark here

“What the fuck…”Bookmark here

“I’m focusing on the benefits!” Joey screamed and waved his hands to make a point. “I’m telling you bad things, so you’re more inclined to do things that are good!”Bookmark here

“Sure.” Enang clicked her tongue. “You think you’re in my head...”Bookmark here

Enang jumped on her feet, grabbed Joey’s collar, pulled him close, and looked deep into his eyes. Brown. She could see her face flashing back. She wavered a bit. Fuck. George isn’t here. It’s fine. It’s still fine. She imagined Joey was a big huggable cactus, a giant George. Shit. She was wrong. Now, he looked so huggable. Fuck. Her eyes were puffy. Her lips were dry. Her face was grimy as fuck. She looked like she had been left again in the basement to starve for a week. Ridiculous. Bookmark here

But the gaze that peered back at her was the same. Bookmark here

There was no malice behind it, which edged her more since he’s a certified dick-sucker. Bookmark here

“Tell me, then, what you really think about what I said. I don’t want all that Telemarketer bullshit. I want you to tell me straight what you really think.”Bookmark here

“You want me to be honest with myself?”Bookmark here

Enang clicked her tongue. She shivered at the certainty behind Joey’s words. It struck a nerve. She closed her eyes. This was a black out. She slapped his face and pushed him down. Nothing. She opened her eyes and breathed. This man did nothing. It hurt her that she had to act, and this liar in front of her pissed her even more.Bookmark here

Joey groaned. “You really had to slap the sore part...”Bookmark here

“I’m not going to apologize, but you get to be mad at me.”Bookmark here

“Nah...”Bookmark here

“Then sure,” Enang shouted. “Please, do tell me what you think, if you think that you got inside my brain.”Bookmark here

“Just don’t die.”Bookmark here

Enang scoffed, but her brain emptied. “What…”Bookmark here

“Don’t just assume that I know everything. I don’t know enough, and it’s not like you’re being honest with me, either. I’m not a therapist, but I get to know what people want.” He closed his eyes and smiled. “Do what you have to do, but make sure that you get to return to us. You’re slipping.” He chuckled. “You care for that old man and that retarded bastard that punched me in the face. You have to start accepting that they care about you too, who they met last night, even if you never did anything substantial, you headpat whore.”Bookmark here

“You don’t fucking know anything about me.”Bookmark here

“Five years of dick sucking.” He snickered. “It really lets you know who cares.”Bookmark here

Enang’s eyebrow twitched. Fuck. She bet that Moon Bitch, Mayari, was smiling. She stepped back. She’s laughing. That fucker. Fuck. She wanted to scream. She thought she’s right. Fuck that. Bookmark here

That familiar image flashed in a second.Bookmark here

There she stood, reaching out to a beautiful blindfolded woman, in the middle of a forest of twisting trees. Her silver hair that carried this purple gleam flowed over her shoulders, darkening her supposed peaceful smile. She held her hand. Bookmark here

She breathed to bring herself back to reality, and her eyes fell on Joey. Bookmark here

“Fuck you.”Bookmark here

“I don’t know why, but sure.”Bookmark here

“Fuck Mayari. Fuck that old man. Fuck Geor—” She clicked her tongue. “Fuck that Uncle bitch. Fuck Jonathan. Lucy can choke on her saliva and die. The rest of these people can go fuck themselves, and this little George Fanclub should just die and burn themselves to the ground. I’m tired of everything’s bullshit. Why is it so hard?” Bookmark here

“Is that what you really think?” Bookmark here

“You know what, shut the fuck up.” Enang patted her thighs and walked away. “I’m done talking here.”Bookmark here

“Is that what you really think?” Bookmark here

Enang stopped.Bookmark here

“Yeah, but thank you, Joey.”Bookmark here

She lied. She’d protect them, too, in her very own way.Bookmark here

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