Chapter 62:

Chapter 62- Guilt of Blame

Sorrow Dayz

"Go home and get some rest every one of you we have to keep moving forward, we can’t sit around in despair much as we want to do it for Yuuta we owe him that" Mr. Howkuu said. So, they all returned home and tried getting some rest. Doing things that they liked, it was still despair leaking out in the air. 

That day became very gloomy, but as night fell even more troubling things began to happen or what seemed. During the dark hours of night that same black flash of cloth appeared at Yuuta's burial and that black flash was a woman. Standing over his burial she got down and crouched on her knees talking saying "NO NOT YET YOU STILL HAVE WORK, A DUTY TO ATTEND AND YOU KNOW WITHOUT YOUR CONNECTION TO HIM HE WILL FADE AWAY ONCE MORE FROM SICKNESS LIKE HE DID BEFORE." "I COME TO YOU TO TELL YOU THAT YOUR TIME HERE IS NOT DONE." 

AS the woman placed her hand on the burial it began to turn purple and the weeds started to come back to life. A tree fell over right outside of the graveyard then a fire erupted out of nowhere on the tree. The woman disappeared in a black flash seeing nothing but cloth her face was covered with a black hood. The fire started to spread across the burial ground and Yuuta's burial was uncovered dirt gone. 

Some of the elders close to the grave yard heard something and came outside. Five of the elders heard, went to the graveyard only to see a fire covering the graveyard they were about to turn around and go get some help but the fire vanished in an instant. The elders saw something in a far distance blue eyes, then a blue mist type fog appeared. The tree was gone everything repaired the graveyard was safe as if nothing ever happened. The elders walked back together and they told each other "no one hears wind of this."

 "We keep this between each other for the village’s sake too many have already been injured" one of the elders said. So, they walked back into their homes. The morning followed and everyone was still home except Megumi she left her home. Feeling empty without her grandmother nowhere around. So, she left to visit Tasyoukee she walked to his house and knocked on the door. His sister Aina answered and said "hey you must be the beloved Megumi?" She asked. "Beloved?" Megumi asked. 

"Why yes, my brother"---- "Excuse us I have it sis" Tasyoukee exclaimed. "Come in Megumi" he said. So, she came in and sat down, "are you thirsty?" Aina asked. "No, I’m fine thank you though" she replied. "However, I would like some frozen Yaop Ice Cream." "Oh, darn we just ran out I’m going to have to make a run to go and get some more, do you guys want anything while I’m out?" She asked. 

"No, we’re fine" they replied. As his sister closed the door he turned around and asked Megumi "are you OK?" "I know you’re still upset over your grandmother" he said. "I’m so sorry Megumi I know I’m usually this suave tough guy, but I can’t express myself that easy especially around you" he said. 

"It’s o"--- interrupting her "I’m so sorry about your grandmother you didn’t deserve to see her that way, and she didn’t deserve to die" he stated. "No Yuuta"---- Interrupting her again "yes and I feel terrible about Yuuta as well its my fault I should have been able to help him." "I’m always there to help and I couldn’t he was trying to save me a weak soul like mine." 

"It’s all my"---- Interrupted by Megumi kissing him "it’s not your fault and he was risking his life for all us who were useless." "I came here to talk about Yuuta do you think he’s really, you know dead?" She asked. 

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