Chapter 16:

One step Away from endgame

who I am is not who I want to be

The year 2019Bookmark here

2019 is about to end. Rin: My younger sister; wants to go to meet her old friends. My mom has allowed her to go. She takes out a cute dress and wears it. One of her friends is waiting for her and says, She should hurry up otherwise; they'll be late. Rin comes out of the room and, both of them have left from home in a rush. Before visiting the old friend, they have decided to buy some cupcakes for their friend. They are rushing toward a bakery and Boom!!Bookmark here

Rin bump into a boy.Bookmark here

The man, Before turning around and taking a look at the person who has bumped into him says :Bookmark here

"Fuck. What are you doing?Bookmark here

Are you blind?"Bookmark here

The boy who has bumped into Rin is Haru.Bookmark here

A little gap .....Bookmark here

both are staring at each otherBookmark here

When he looks behind that, who has bumped into him. Haru is shocked and deeply feels sorry for being harsh on Rin.Bookmark here

He quickly apologies to Rin as He feels he should not talk to any girl like that.Bookmark here

Rin is also shocked and embarrassed.Bookmark here

Haru says:Bookmark here

"I think one could do bumping into someone. It could be at a crosswalk, a doorway, the middle of the street, even. It is not a big deal. I apologize."Bookmark here

Rin feels sympathy for Haru as she knows that Haru is not financially stable.Bookmark here

she says to Haru:Bookmark here

"I'm aware of what happened, and I'm sorry. You think maybe you might be to blame, though?"Bookmark here

Both of them have an awkward feeling. Out of nowhere, Rin asks Haru to accompany them. She says to Haru:Bookmark here

" Haru, We are going to meet Yui an old friend from our school.Bookmark here

Do you remember her?"Bookmark here

Haru thinks a little bit and says:Bookmark here

Ohhhh!!!Bookmark here

Yes, I remember her. she was in the same class as we were.Bookmark here

Rin while, looking very Adorable asks Haru:Bookmark here

" Will you accompany us to her place? "Bookmark here

Haru has the Strongest feeling as if this meeting after, the gap of more than one year this meeting can be the start of something new.Bookmark here

Without feeling any hesitation, he agrees to accompany them. They bought some cupcakes from a bakery and, Approaches Yui's home.Bookmark here

Yui is amazed after seeing Haru. She is curious to know about Haru and seems to be a little bit concern about If something is happening between Rin and Haru.Bookmark here

She receives the cupcakes from Rin. After opening the box of cupcakes, she makes an unpleasant impression and says:Bookmark here

" I don't like Chocolate cupcakes. Rin, you don't know a single thing about my likes. "Bookmark here

Haru says on that:Bookmark here

" Rin loves chocolate cupcakes. I remember. "Bookmark here

Yui seems to be annoyed with Rin. She Gives them a dazed look of bewilderment. She brings the meal for everyone, and they start to gossip about the old school days. Yui asks Haru:Bookmark here

" Your dream was to become a Hacker. Am I right? "Bookmark here

On that Haru, says:Bookmark here

" Yeah, It was. "Bookmark here

Everything is going normal, and Now it's time for everyone to return. Haru and Rin start to walk in the same direction. They are walking a little slow so they can gossip as much as they can. Walking together in full moonlight is lovely. It gives them a new perspective on their surroundings. Haru sees a banner that has the engraved word Hacker on it. He says to Rin:Bookmark here

"Back in the time, when your brother: Zack asked me to come to your home for learning to hack. I really had my hope high. I'm sorry for what I said to your brother. I became a little desperate and disrespected him. he asked me to return, Although I knew He was in the home. I had no choice because I did not have money to pay him. "Bookmark here

Rin is standing with a weird dull face having no Idea about what Haru is saying to her. She says to him:Bookmark here

" Tell me in detail. I don't have any idea. What do you mean? "Bookmark here

On that Haru, realizes that Rin doesn't have a clue about what happened in the past. He says:Bookmark here

"Let it go. Nothing special."Bookmark here

She insists on him telling her, and Haru tells her about what happened in the year 2017 between Zack and him.Bookmark here

Rin is standing with unbelievable impressions. and saysBookmark here

"Are you sure it was my brother Zack?"Bookmark here

He says yes I am sure he even called me to his home. It was your home. Who else it can be?Bookmark here

Rin apologizes to Haru for the disrespect he faced due to her brother. Both of them say bye to one another and starts to move on separate paths.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, I came home after working on bug bounty hunting of a newly launched program with Karma. I spent a good day with Karma.Bookmark here

I go to my room and lay down on the bed to get some rest. The bell rings, and Rin is back. Both of us are at the dining table to have dinner. I can feel as if Rin faced something strange. I am concerned about her and say to her:Bookmark here

" How was your day?Bookmark here

Rin. "Bookmark here

She is Ignoring me and not saying a single word. After she has finished her dinner, she asks me to come into her room; she wants to talk about something.Bookmark here

She seems to be angry now. I am continually thinking about the reason behind her strange mood. Usually, She does not behave like that. I don't even remember when was the last time she reacted like that.Bookmark here

I go into her room, and she tells me everything that Haru told her today. She is upset about how I treated her classmate. She wants me to Apologize to Haru.Bookmark here

A look of puzzlement crossed my face, and I am not even sure about what she is speaking. I ask her to stop.Bookmark here

I say to her:Bookmark here

"Are you kidding me?Bookmark here

What sort of Joke is it?Bookmark here

Who is Haru?Bookmark here

Why would I ask your classmate to give me money for learning to hack?Bookmark here

And You are talking about 2017.Bookmark here

What are you even talking about?Bookmark here

I don't even know any guy named Haru."Bookmark here

Rin gives me a pathetic look and says to me:Bookmark here

" You are now even lying."Bookmark here

"You asked him to come to our home. You knew he could not afford to pay, and you offered him. "Bookmark here

I said to her:Bookmark here

"I don't know anything at all. I don't even know any of your classmates except a few.Bookmark here

But If you want me to apologize to him, then I will."Bookmark here

After the argument, I go to my room and lay down, and sleep.Bookmark here

The next morningBookmark here

I prepare to go with Rin. We are at Cafe Sunshine: where Haru used to work in the year 2017. I apologized to Haru. Everything is settled down.Bookmark here

After that, I am heading to attending my training classes.Bookmark here

I am lost in my imagination and thinking about what happened to Haru that day in 2017. I don't understand anything. I am walking and trying to fix the puzzle in my mind, and suddenly I bump into Saho: The guy from the cyber forensic department. He tries to pick a fight, but I am not in the mood, so I have to ignore him. He doesn't seem to be a trainee anymore. He has started to work in the organization.Bookmark here

Honestly, Saho is one of the most arrogant guys that I have met in my life.Bookmark here

He is the type of person who considers his friends, family, and co-workers below himself, and he gets angry if someone questions him in public or makes him start to doubt himself. He is pretty famous in the organization, but I don't have any interest in him, so I never talk to him.Bookmark here

Suddenly, a thought comes to my mind. I remember now that one day Karma received a phone call from a guy named Haru. She seemed very upset after receiving that call, and without attending to the phone call, she switched her phone off. I did not remember the year. I again think in my mind that It is not possible. I mean there are thousands of boys with the name Haru.Bookmark here

How can he be the same Haru?Bookmark here

It sounds illogical. There is no way that the Haru who called her is the same.Bookmark here

After 4 hours:Bookmark here

I visit Karma and tells her about that Haru thing. Karma pretends as if it is something very strange, and weird. She seems clueless. Karma wants me to forget about it, and she did every possible thing to divert my attention. She changes the topic every time I mention the name Haru.Bookmark here

It remained a mystery for many years.Bookmark here

Although, she was the one who pretended to be Zack in front of Haru. She texted Haru while pretending to be Zack.Bookmark here

Back in 2017, Before Karma contacted me, she wanted to find my location, to confirm if I am single or I have a girlfriend. She used to do eavesdropping on me. She used Haru to get to know where I live. Karma was just one step away from being caught. Only if Saho still had her number saved in his phone. It would have been an endgame for Karma. Saho after being totally disappointed deleted the chats and the contact number.
Bookmark here

(Features of Rin Erwin:Bookmark here

Height: 4'9''Bookmark here

Skin Tone: BeigeBookmark here

Characteristics of skin tone: Light or fair skin, can freckle and can become light tan after repeated sun exposure (but the risk of getting a sunburn or skin peeling is high)Bookmark here

Hair: Middle length hair with little waves Bookmark here

Hair Texture: Soft and lushBookmark here

Descriptive Hair Color: RavenBookmark here

Eye: Magnetic/BrownBookmark here

The word “magnetic” is a good word to use for describing brown eyes, especially if the person has an intense stare or if the eyes are a deep shade of brown. It is easy to understand that you are talking about someone who magnetizes you and pulls you towards them naturally.Bookmark here

Cheeks: clean out-and-outBookmark here

Chin: Pointy ChinBookmark here

Jaw: Triangular jawlineBookmark here

Nose: Turned-Up Nose )Bookmark here

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