Chapter 3:

The God of destruction

The Demonic death

I am akuma kosei, i live on a small city called "tamaka" near tamayaka,gifu.
Its a very small city with only 1 high school, 3 primary schools.
There's only one small hospital in our city.
The population of our place is only near 8 thousand.
Living on a city like tokyo is a big dream of mine, but i don't wanna leave my parents :)

So mister john, what are you planning on doing now? Your patient is fully healed by now.
-I'll be staying on japan for a while, in that time I'll be training you.Don't you wanna save your sister?
-Yes, I'll work very hard. Thank you so much for training me.
-Your training will start after 4-5 days, i have few other things to do before then.
Okay, i will mentally prepare myself by then. So i should get going.

-kosei leaves the house and went to home

-The next day is a holdiay in japan-
Hey kosei, have you heard the news? A great religious leader is visiting our city. That man is very famous around the world. We should get a autograph from him, my mom is actually a believer of his religion.

-Religious leader? Who's that. I don't wanna meet edgy people
-No man, he's called "Saidi pandrit". He is a great man who helps the poor.
-Saidi pandrit? I know him....It will be interesting meeting him.
-Okay fine, lets go.

\Hundreds of people gathered at a place where saidi is said to arrive and meet people/
There's so many people, can't see anything.
Hey hayashi, what will we do?
Just wait, we will get our chance.

-Saidi arrives and people starts meeting him one after another untill kosei and hayashi gets their chances-
Hello sir, hayashi asked.
°Oh hello children of god, god might be very pleased with your deeds. °
I am a huge fan of yours, i brought one of my friends to meet you.
He doesn’t believe in god, he's name is kosei.
°Hoooooo? You don’t believe something created the universe?°
I do, but not your god!
°My god? You mean the mighty diabolos, the mightiest and kindest god of all?°

Kindest? Mightiest? Oh please,I've read about your religion, you fraud.
You talk about kindness, while you allow killing protesters? You talk about kindness when you demolish other religious sites from your country and build your religion temples? You talk about kindness when you de humanize people for not accepting your religion? That's pathetic.
I know alot about you, unlike my blind friend who belives in you for helping the poor, which is also a propaganda.

°Oh god, please forgive this man for his rudeness. O mighty diabolos, please have mercy on this boy and guide him to the right path°
Heeey kosei, shut up.
Sir sir, please forgive him for his rudeness, we will get going. Hey, lets get out of here kosei.
°You two live in this city,right?°
°We shall meet again°

\kosei and hayashi leaves /
What's wrong with you man?
Huh, wrong? Its that fraud who's wrong.

Dude, i belive in you, but you could have gotten ourselves killed by his followers. You shouldn’t have acted like that infront of him.

Sorry, i just lost my mind.
There's even rumours of saidi raping womens, i just couldn't controll my emotions.
Okay, whatever. We should go home.

Meanwhile in saidis staying place:

Hey, where's that mind controller? Still no confirmed location? Get him as fast as you can.Gooooooooo!

°Calm down, we will get him.
Who were that boy from today? I didn’t like what he said to me, get him killed.°
That is a piece of cake, sire.
In the meantime, please enjoy the model girl you ordered. We payed a high price to her, she will be your toy for the next 3 days.

°Nah, She's no fun. I want new girl every single night"

At johns place:

I am John I Tzimiske, i have arrived at japan at your order. The person called "Saidi pandrit " will get eliminated for violating angelic law.
°°You are the strongest servant we can rely to. Saidi has violated our law, and shall be eliminated.
God of power, diabolos. Do you have any objections?°°
°No lord azazel,god of destruction °
°But azazel, i will let my loyal servant saidi be killed only in one condition. No other eternal besides john shall participate in it. If saidi gets out of it alive, then you will not order someone else to kill him°

Get out of it alive? You have that much confidence in him? Okay, that's accepted.
Is there any other angel with anything to say?.....Okay we will see°°
°We will!!!°

I John I Tzimiske will wipe saidi out of existence.

(Note:There are total 8 Gods or Angel in the world.
7+1 angels:
1.God of destruction :Azazel
Azazel is the strongest among 7 angels.
Azazel is known as the god of destruction, no other angel comes even close to his destructive power.
When he was a human, he used to be a great warrior who hunted animals to feed and sell in the market.
Lucifer (8th angel) used to be his close friend

2.God of power:Diabolos
Diabolos is the strongest angel in terms of brute strength.
In ancient time, he was also known as "hercules"
Diabolos was the strongest man in his village, he even beat azazel on a hand wresting match.
Diabolos was also close to azazel.
Its said that, diabolos had a crush on lucifers sister.

3.God of beauty and love, aphrodite:
Most beautiful among all angels.
It's a female who were the most loyal to god.She's the weakest among the angels.
Its said that lucifer had a crush on her.

4.God of nature, jigu:
It's another female goddess, she controlls nature of earth.
She's a friend of aphrodite, she sometimes used to be jealous of her because of how beautiful aphrodite is.
Jigu had a crush on lucifer

5.God of creation, mireuk:
Mireuk is extremely strong. He is the god who creates everything throughout the world.
Mireuk is the strongest creator.
Mireuk is the kindest amon the angels,he's very comedic and doesn’t like fighting and destruction.

6.God of weather and thunder, perun:
Perun is the god who controlls weather, he was also known as "thor" in norse mythology
Perun used to study weather when he was a human.
During the angelic war, perun used heavy rains to warn people to stay inside and save them.
During the angelic war, perun supported lucifer and perun was killed by diabolos, which ended that war.

7.God of war, bishomon:
A god of war who likes war.
Bishomon is a mighty god who's the 3rd strongest angel.
He gets more powerful if there's a war going on.The more blood he sees,the stronger he gets.
Bishomon doesn’t like allying with other angels and minds his own.
He has over 1 million sex slaves in his realm

8.The God of Speed and Lord of the underworld, Lucifer the morning star:

Lucifer is the fastest among the angels.He can cast "Things" from the astral world.No other angel can do that.
Lucifer is the man who casted darkness from the astral world to earth.
Lucifer is extremely strong, lucifer went on a stalemate with 2 of the strongest angels.)

The End
Chapter 4 will be coming soon

Taylor Victoria
Lucifer calling for you from astral world

The Demonic death