Chapter 2:

Saidi pandrit

The Demonic death

Akuma kosei wokes up from sleep,day after the incident.

Akumas sister kaguya is still on the hospital and his family is still on shock.

Akumas father took 5 day off from work to look after his wife.

Meanwhile in another part of the world:

India (in region of bengal):

(Note:Bangladesh and Pakistan doesn’t exist in this story.India is a big country with 3 super states, Pakistan, Mainland india and the region of bengal.)

Sire, the secularist party continues to call protests, its getting more violent now. The government is starting to pull back their support for us. We barely covered up last weeks incident where more than hundred students were killed. The president from mainland is demanding us to pull back our mens from stopping protests. 

Even our religious people are turning their backs on us. They are starting to lose faith, some even said "No god would force people to convert"

The main issue is with the missing model, she's been missing for the past 3 weeks. We made a mistake by killing her. She had a huge fan follower.

People throughout the world are starting to notice this outbreak,  our religion is starting to lose fame.

At a time like this, you are visiting japan?

°Do you doubt my decision? °

No sire, i just want to know the motive.

°I've already murdered thousands, we still can't make people stop. Instead of forcing them to stop, why not control them?°

Control them sire? Is that even possible?

°It is possible, there is a strong mind controller who lives in japan. He is also like me, an eternal°

An eternal mind controller who lives on japan? I didn’t know that.

But is it even possible to controll as large number of people?

°We Don't have to do that. We will controll the people who's leading those protest, including the party higher ups.

The government shall pay for turning their back on us. Next time i will have the presidents daughter in my bed°

°Tell the japanese government that,i the great sage, Saidi pandrit is paying them a visit°


So this is where mister john is staying, the place looks huge. It's like a small palace, did he really rent it? He's super rich.

*Knock knock*

*knock knock*

*knock*.....hey the door opened up automatically!

Hey mister john,can i come inside?


-Guess i should enter

-Kosei enters into the house and sees no one in the hall room.

Kosei proceeds to look after him throughout the house and suddenly heards johns voice, saying "I'm in the second floor, the second room from right side".

Ah,what are you doing here? Remember me,  i'm the boy from last night.

°Sure i do, I'm not dumb like you°

So mister, are you really john tzimiske? How is it possible and just what the hell happened?

°Well, i know you have more questions than that. I've decided to make you my student, so there's no reason to lie.

I've read your mind a bit, you like history. You know about " John I Tzimiske",who's not that famous. So your knowledge on history is big.

You’ve seen enough things already, so nothing will surprise you more.

To put it in simple, i am an immortal being.

 The immortals or also known as "Eternals" are humans who are blessed by the gods.

You read about Tanruism?That's an long lost ancient religion. °

-The ancient people used to worship an entity, a single most powerful god. The god became tired and wanted 7 most worthy humans to take his power and guide humanity.

At that time, it is believed that the humans used to be immortals.

The 7 worthy humans were blessed with gods power, and the original god faded away into the astral world.

Humanity were blessed with prosperity, it was nothing like before.The 7 Angels promoted peace and happiness.

But at some point of history, darkness covered the sky.

The very first human died with illness, which never happened before.

One died, two died, one after another started to die.Untill people invented medicines to cure them.

The angels couldn’t save the people, the people started to turn their backs on the angels, who are at this point called "7 Gods".

Centuries past by, the angels are forgotten by the next generations.

That's what ended that religion.

It is believed that an 8th angel existed, that 8th angel is what caused the tragedy.

People from ancient time called that 8th angel " lucifer,the devil".

-Oh yes,i did heard of it,but didn’t knew all this details.

If people forgot about the angels, then how are you, an 9th century emperor "eternal"?

Some religious people were devoted, they past down their knowledge to next generations. The Byzantine empire had them.

The time i became a warrior, the higher ups from the palace found out the secrets to how to summon the angels.I was one of the 4 higher ups who gained immortality and angelic power from back then.

But the books say you died on 976 Ad.

I faked my death for few reasons,I've been living with different names and identity ever since.

Meanwhile at the tokyo airport :

So japan hasn’t changed, It's still full of pretty ladies.

-Sir welcome to japan, i am hanabi kyo.I will be your guide in japan. We have prepared your staying place, please feel comfortable.

°Hooooo, a ladie? You are my guide? Thats great. Take me to my place°

-Saidi pandrit and his mens arrive at a place organised by japanese government

I will be staying nearby, please call my number whenever you need me.


\\A womens body is founded at the garbage bag the next today. Police identifies it to be hanabi kyo, a government agent. It seems she's been raped and horribly tortured before getting murdered //

The end

Chapter 3 coming soon