The Demonic death

Have you ever wondered just how we came to existence? How the world was created? How the big bang even occurred?
The answer is within the world called "Astral world".
It is the absolute and higher existence.
It is believed by early humans that, the strongest being living inside the astral world created, what we humans call "universe".

Even though humans in early days used to be immortals, with the blessing of god. At one point of history, humans started to get illness, and one after another they started to die.
What caused this phenomenon? The answer is lost from history.
Who are the 7 Gods? Also known as 7 Angels of god.
Who's the lucifer? What caused all the tragedies?

The demonic death story is not just about satan and god,its much more complex.
Our story is about a boy named "Akuma kosei" who lives in japan.At one point of his time, his entire life changes and, he meets new and new people with extraordinary abilities.

Prompt :My new life as a... (s):#Fantasy #mythology
My theme: #shounen #Fantasy #action

Prompt :My new life as a... (s):#Fantasy #mythology
My theme: #shounen #Fantasy #action

UpdatedJul 31, 2021
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count3,829
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