Chapter 0:

the wish I once had

Arora- the wish I once had upon a star

was i born this way to be the way I am ..Bookmark here

(sounds of screaming)Bookmark here

or was my fate darkend by what I'd become Bookmark here

( in the background) Bookmark here

Is my life just some sick joke ..Bookmark here

( character wakes up)Bookmark here

or is it that what I find hateful..another finds humor .. to belive that I'd be interested In my own well beeing for once..Bookmark here

(character trys to brake free from chains )Bookmark here

mom ...Bookmark here

I wish ..Bookmark here

but I know that no one's wishes are ever heard in this place Bookmark here

I will never trust you agen .Bookmark here

-------------------‐---------------‐------------------—--------Bookmark here

I looked at the television and saw ..Bookmark here

animal humans actually existed..Bookmark here

but..a way to bring them unto the world of the higher can that work out ..I taught..but my cautions didn't stop my imagination to wonder what talking to a cat girl would feel like..what I'd ask her about and why ..or what if it was a cat boy? Bookmark here

my emotions couldn't be contained.Bookmark here

but at the back of my mind I taught , what if they had hated me for beeing a human who has always lived free of hate and disgusted gaze,by people who understood nothing yet claimed to know it all.Bookmark here

and by chance ..chaining her up to my bed because this dog won't stay still at sofa bed and tables are complete disasters thanks to that demi human ,why did this dumb government give her of all creatures to me !Bookmark here

I don't even like animals !!!Bookmark here

Taylor Victoria
Golden Boy
Takahashi  Eien
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