Chapter 5:



.......Kyoshi safely drags out both of them from the forest but he is getting worried over and over for Sayaka who is right now fighting against that monster on her own.

" This is the first time in the last 20 years that this kind of powerful beast has gotten this close, seems like someone cast an evil eye over us. I have to inform the village chief about this as soon as possible." Kyoshi mumbles.

At the same time on the forest side, Sayaka reckoning fighting against it,

"Seems like all of them successfully went out this place now I can unleash my full power without getting worried and eradicate it from top to bottom. You scoundrel!.. Soon you will know what kind of scourge I am."

The truth is Sayaka is a Tire-6 magician and high expert level combatant but she's hiding it from the villagers because of the risk involved of divulging her genuine identity to others and the main reason behind this is she can't abide unnecessary obstructions in adventure That's why she is travelling from place to place hiding her real identity from everyone she meets.

After landing on some punches in the fight against the wolf she realises that the use of bare hands alone can not be adequate to undermine its strength because it has a high density of "Magical Barrier" around it which almost every time negates her attacks, so to win against it unwillingly, she draws her black sword(Kage Orochi) with an enchanted magic spell "Domain slash" and aims towards it.

Seeing the high level of spell coming towards its beast instinct fills from shudder and in recklessness, it abruptly launches its most potent magic "Sound Blast" towards her.

This overpowered magic stirring up the vicinity coming towards her but not enough to tackle the upper-level spell which is taking off cutting through everything that comes in its way.

Just after slashing through the spell of the wolf, there is big blast happened which causes smoke everywhere in the vicinity. Eventually, the smoke drifted away and Sayaka feels that the wolf presence has gone in place of that its body lies on the surface split into half and the situation gets cleared that the potent spell "Domain Slash", slashing through that blast, perfectly went beyond and slashed the wolf's body into half.

Although she gets successful to eliminate the wolf, on the other side due to this commotion the same area of the forest is now suffering from huge mayhem, trees get uprooted, small magical creatures bases get destroyed and the whole vicinity looks like some kind of Armageddon.

Unfortunately, this causes big loss to everyone because different varieties of plants, animals, trees are providing lots of necessary amenities to all those whose daily lives depend upon it even the villagers who are very much dependent on different diversities of herbs now have to dig out more ways to amass them.

Meanwhile(After dusk), Kyoshi arrives at the village chief place with her daughter and Tetsuya on his shoulders. He calls( Panting), in urgent, Tetsuya's mother,

" Kaori-sama! Kaori-sama! Pshaw!... where are you Kaori-sama!..."

Kaori, hearing the noise of an individual, rushes to the entrance of her house to see who is shouting for her and getting there when she sees Tetsuya lies on the shoulder of Kyoshi fainted she gets shocked and asks him(in a startling way),

"Oh my God, Kyoshi! What happened to my son? Why he is lying on your shoulder? And why are you looking so spooky?"

"Wait, wait, wait... Kaori-sama calms down and stops asking too many questions at one go. First, we have to take Tetsuya-sama to a nice room so he can rest properly after that I will tell everything in detail so please lead the way first." He requests.

"Yes! you are right, sorry Kyoshi! I had to maintain my composure but you know after his father's death when I hear about anything bad I can not curb my sentiments and get overly concerned." She responses to Kyoshi

Kaori immediately ushers the way to a pleasant room, then Kyoshi lies him down in a futon and explains everything in detail. She gets anxious after hearing such perilous news and immediately takes her eyes towards Haruka to get the information about "White Wolf" and disperse this to the whole village as well.......

Note:- I am writing down some magic spells and their function. If you like any of it please let me know in the comment section.

1. "Fireblast"- The Tire-3 magic spell takes shape of a ball based on user imagination(It change its impact according to user accuracy).

2. " Domain slash"- An enchanted overpowered Tire-5 magic spell that can counter any spell, except one, on the same Tire if it is used with a high spec weapon.

"Kage Orochi"- The Black Sword possessed by Tachibana Sayaka(Sixth Tire Magician and high expert level combatant) inherited from her father. It is one of the six strongest weapons in the world.

I will give the interpretation of the "Sound blast" magic spell in the next chapter so look forward to it.