Chapter 2:

A Movie and a Talking Teddy Bear

Diary of a Lost Wish

Today is a normal day as always, well what you can call normal by my standards.

I'm going to Kanako's home to see a movie in her personal theater that I wished for some days ago.

Kanako lives alone with her mother in her house, her dad died some years ago, sometimes I feel like she is a little lonely, so I try to be with her every time I can.

Before I get to her home, I'm going to the convenience store to get some snacks.

Outside the store, I notice that Jason is watching the clouds.

Jason is a weird guy who looks a little older than me. He always seems so distracted, as if nothing in the world matters to him as he just wants to enjoy life. He has long blond hair one of his eyes is covered by his hair, he always use brown clothes.

I don't know his name, but I think he is Yamaguchi or Yamamoto or something. But because he looks like a foreigner, some kids started to call him Jason, and suddenly everyone knew him by that nickname.

“Hey, Jason! how's it going?” I talk to him to see what he says.

Jason keeps watching the clouds without saying a word.

I enter the store and buy some snacks, after leaving the store, I see that Jason is still watching the clouds.

Jason finally says a thing after some time, “I like the clouds, they look purple, yellow, and green, I love them!”

I just leave the poor soul there and go directly to Kanako's house.

When I arrive at her house, I hear someone screaming.


I enter the house running, and there it is, b-chan is singing some metal.

B-chan is Kanako's little teddy bear, he is a metalhead and is always singing, but he sings awful.

Kanako arrives in that room and starts to talk, “Meiko hello, for some reason, b-chan is loud today.”

“Hi Kanako, I just noticed that b-chan is annoying as always, there should be a way to make him stop,” I told Kanako.

“I tried everything, but I can't make him stop, and he is like this often, sometimes I can't concentrate on my thoughts.”

B-chan suddenly hears us, and he starts talking, “the best band in the universe, "Metal lethal" just released a new song, so I need to sing out loud until they release a new song.”

“I see... Hey Kanako, want to go about for a bit?” I'm trying to escape from that bear, I already have Pakya to deal with.

Pakya is there, it always follows me, but it never says a thing, but I'm sure it smiled when I thought about that bear and the similarities between them.

“but what about the movie?” Kanako asks me.

“later, let's go to a store to buy a thing I forgot about,” I tried to convince her.

“Ok... let's go.”

We leave the house, and I directly told her that, “we need to find a way to stop that bear to sing, he is annoying.”

“But Meiko I tried everything, and I can't make him stop,” Kanako was worried.

We walk for a while, trying to figure out how to stop that bear, but we couldn't think of anything.

On our way to the store, we find Takeshi Ono, he is a muscular guy with spiky green hair obsessed with exercise, he was walking with his hands for some reason.

“Hi Amamiya, hi Ebihara, while watching your legs Ebihara I noticed that you are very athletic, want to join our basketball team?” He said that while watching my legs, I think he is a perv.

“No thanks, I need to go help Kanako with her teddy bear,” I tell him.

“But you can join the club after that.”

”But I also have to help my father with his work plus I have a... dog, and I need to take care of him,” I tell him some lies, Kanako is just watching all the conversation with a grin without knowing what to say.

“Helping Amamiya, your dad, and caring about your dog is also a training, think of it as a way to train before the actual training of the club,” he is still so insistent, I think training is his favorite word.

Out of nowhere, Hana Fujimoto arrives, she is a girl with blue wavy long hair and glasses, she always use an orange jacket. Also, she is good with technology in general, there's a rumor that she is even a hacker just like the ones in the movies because one time she changed the transit lights so we could arrive on a school trip soon, by the way, according to my diary I never asked Pakya to make Hana a hacker so it's something that she was before.

Hana interrupts Takeshi, “Hey Takeshi, do you know who won at the basketball tournament the other day?”

I think Hana has a crush on him, and maybe she is jealous of me even though I don't like him.

“Meiko, we need to hurry to find a solution about b-chan” Kanako talks to me while Takeshi is talking to Hana.

“I know, let me think of something,” I tell Kanako.

“What happened to b-chan,” Hana asks and interrupts her conversation with Takeshi.

We explained both the situation to see if they know a way to stop b-chan.

“make him join my team, and he will get tired after some games,” Takeshi said his bad idea.

“B-chan is little like a baby maybe you need to give him a pacifier and some milk to make him sleep,” Hana says a bad idea too.

“that's it! we can make it sleep with that” for some reason, Kanako liked Hana's idea.

We arrive at the store, and both Kanako and Hana buy some baby things. Takeshi just disappears into the sports section, and I buy some socks so I can put them in b-chan's mouth so he can stop singing.

At Kanako's house, we tried to give b-chan a pacifier, but he doesn't want it, and he is trying to escape. Takeshi then uses a basketball ball to make him stop, but b-chan punches him in the face.

Takeshi starts to chase the bear as if it was a cartoon, and just like a cartoon b-chan throws some furniture to make Takeshi fall, but he didn't fell out, and finally, he throws the basketball ball to b-chan that knocks him down for a moment.

Kanako took advantage of the situation and put the pacifier and some baby clothes on b-chan. Kanako puts b-chan on one of the theater's seats while he's knocked out.

After that Kanako invited Hana and Takeshi to watch the movie with us. Kanako's movie theater is just like a real one with a big screen and a lot of seats, so we all can enjoy the movie.

B-chan wakes up in the middle of the movie, but he wasn't talking or anything, maybe because he felt so ashamed to use those clothes.

When the movie ended, we ate some snacks and talked for a little more.

“Wow! the movie was awesome, I didn't think it was everything a dream,” Hana was impressed by the movie.

“It was fine, but next time we should watch a basketball or soccer game,” Takeshi, as always, is just talking about sports.

“Yeah, the movie was good with a somewhat unexpected turn of events at the end,” I tell Kanako and the others my opinion.

“I'm glad you all enjoy the movie, I hope we can watch another one in the future.”

After that, we talked for a little more until everyone went to their home. And about b-chan, he remained calm for the rest of the day, and we finally found a way to make him shut.

I finally arrived at my home after some time. It's a little strange, but I realized that no one else has a talking bear except for Kanako and me, but Pakya doesn't count.

“Pakya, I wish that Kanako have a talking Teddy bear,” I ask.

Pakya with a smile says “No! you already made that wish, pakya~”

It turns out that b-chan was made by one of my wishes, but sadly it's not my first wish or something relevant to it.

My wish for today is a soda machine outside my house because it's a hot summer, and I didn't know what else to wish.

That night before sleeping I swear that I saw through the window a girl with a red yukata and a cat with bat wings outside my house, but they disappeared in seconds, maybe I'm just sleepy.

Today was a weird day, but at least it was a little fun.