Chapter 2:


The butterfly chronicles

Those words gave me strength to continue even though it was something simple, I was thinking that this could not continue, or an hour even I could hurt myself.

- Try again Adan gradually you will understand how to better manipulate the ki to create a consistent magic.

- Phinara would be like a dam containing the flow of water?

- That's right, darling, remembering that the whole flow of ki is like a tree root inside your body, if you master this will can focus on which part you want.

- I have to try again I can't leave it till tomorrow.

- All right, Phinara,I'm going to do it again.

This time I was, but apprehensive, I had taken a certain distance from Phinara as security measures.

- Now Try Adan concentrates a certain amount of arcane magic in your hands and when shooting decrease the power.

It's okay, it's okay.

I close my eyes and start paying attention to everything that was out there, it was for a moment, but I was starting to feel the ki of all things and that was wonderful.

That's when I realized the flow of ki that was going through my body, starting with the heart going through the trunk spreading through the arms, legs, ending in the head, it was the 6 points of ki, if I mastered this I would become, but skilled and so could change some things without innocent hurts.

That's when I open my hands by putting them together and focus my ki between them, thus creating a ki sphere.

What's going on?

I did it!

It was a mistake of mine found that so easy, it was when that sphere had gone out of control increasing much its can and thus ending up exploding.


- Relax Phinara,I'm fine,

I was full of dust and smoke myclothes had turned into a bagasse, what a shame I was feeling at the time.

- How am I going to be quiet after my husband suffers this explosion?

- It's absurd enough that you get all this power just with arcane magic.

- Hey relax that just really alittle.

- None of that Adan!

- You have to take care, a bad handling of ki can cause the death of the user by exhaustion.

- I'm sorry Phinara.

- I had no idea this was so serious, I'm going to take care of it, but about that.

She was crying and I didn't want to see her awkward, so I wipe her tears feeling, you could feel that Phinara really cared.

- Passed, Passed,

- It's all right Phinara.

Out of nowhere she hugs me so tightly as if she were going to lose me, at the time I did not understand why this, also not even arrive in adolescence in my other life, how i would understand what was real love?

You idiot!

- Ai ai ai.

Why are you hitting me, Phinara?

- Because you're not careful, look at your clothes.

- To your goodfortune that your wonderful wife knows arcane creative magic.

- Arcane creation magic?

- Sometimes I forget you incredibly know nothing about this world.

It was an absolute truth sometimes I wonder why some information come to my mind and others don't.

I was curious what this magic could do?

Pay attention, Adan.

- As I said the arcane magic is used for attack and support.

- How to create magic barriers or casts bursts of arcane magic among other purposes, such as when I refer to support would be like the arcane magic of creation.

- That part I understood Phinara.

- I'm very curious how this arcane creative magic works?

- I'm going to show you, Adan, stand still.

Then I positioned myself and Phinara raised his hand towards me.

- Arcane creation magic.

That's when a strong light came on me and suddenly my clothes were restored, and better was other clothes.

- Damn Phinara.

- How cool that black overcoat.

How did you do that?

Incredibly she was looking full of herself, it was a little worrying.

- Oh that was easy hihi.

Then why are you so panting Phinara?

- It's nothing, it's just the heat.

Was it over with that it consumed a good amount of ki, or did it have little ki?

I was in this tremendous doubt.

- I just used the arcane magic of creation, knowing the materials and composition needed to rebuild your clothes and modify it.

- Wow thatcomplex, I thought this was anyone who could use it.


Hey, what's going on?

- What's the point of knowing how to use it if you don't know the composition of things?

That was a nice point raised by Phinara,which I had no response to that.

It makes sense to me.

- Does that spend too much ki?

Why the Adan question?

- That you're pretty tired and your ki was way below normal.

- Um then you realized i can't believe you learned how fast to feel the ki.

- Usually this takes a month for beginner who trains every day.

- This technique consumes a certain amount of ki, but in you it would be nothing, now for me it is a lot because I have little source of ki.

I didn't know this was so impressive when I went to realize I had already mastered it.

- So each person has an amount of ki established?

- Yes Adan, and this can not be changed, the difference that the stronger the user the greater their attributes increase, some focus on more attributes than others, but it is a fact, the source of ki is already defined at birth.

- This world is very complicated just to have combat classes.

So that's why Phinara in the time he gave me an outfit instead of creating one, unfortunately this can be considered a curse for some to be born with little source of ki, I imagined it would be like those other isekais that has mana bar.

And more and more the user is getting stronger all his statuses were going up, and so someone who was born with a little source of ki could change that drastic future, but the hole was well mais down and this wasnot possible.



Oh what?

- Hey Adan you were thinking about what?

- Nothing not Phinara,and are there fighting classes or something?

I remember Phinara was looking up, and I have no idea why?

No, i'm not.

Oh, i'm so good.

I was resinous about it, I was horrible to choose a class, at least this in this world is different.

And how does it work then?

- What you set on what you're going to focus on are your statuses.

- Adan, there are 4 statuses being him, Strength, Resistance, Speed and perception.

I'm going to give you some examples.

- For example if you want to be a swordsman, seal and train your speed and perception status.

I was thinking, isn't that the same thing as classes? Or was it a mistake? Different names? Or something else?

I was pretty confused about it, but one thing I had pulled out.

- So if the user wants to focus on being a wizard then he must be born with a lot of ki source and train perception.

- Oh, I see you've got the way it works.

- But not mandatory you follow this, we can also train all statuses, but evolution will be slow for more delay, so many prefer to specialize in other forms and status to get the most out of themselves.

I was with a question behind my ear and it was bothering me.

- Phinara why so you did not go to a status that does not depend so much on ki?

For a certain moment she had stood still and became restless in her thoughts.

- It may sound silly, but I've always wanted to be a mage.

I was looking into her eyes.

- Hey stop judging me I know you're thinking I'm an idiot and that's impossible.

- I've been told so much that sometimes I think i'm the problem.

Those words of Phinara hurt the bottom of my heart, I understood what she was talking about, always in school no one took faith in me, and always told me that I would never be that, that it was a mistake I think I could get there.

That's when I hugged her from the bottom of my heart, and I didn't have to say anything for her to understand.

That moment was unique, we were hugging together watching the sunset.

This world was not a game but it was living beings living here, and more and more I was clinging to this life did not seem bad, I missed the net and other perks of my old world, but with time I got used to it.

It had been 6 months and I had learned all the basics about handling ki and etc.

Andyou didn't even imagine it was possible just by concentrating the ki, and can walk on water and "wall" the magic was incredibly useful and I always wondered what it would belike to join the magic withtechnology.

There were several adventures about that world, the discoveries I had learned brought me together a lot of knowledge about such a place.

I had learned about the monsters that derived from primitive and intelligent species like the Ogre and Orc that I had defeated.

That world was fantastic, the fauna and flora of that world was totally different, we went to various places such as mountains and floating rivers, colossal creatures among others, I was delighted that it was something very new to me, I felt like a child on a playground.

I've had several battles against various species that you can't imagine, ah and another thing I had learned about arcane team magic.

It was a kind of magic that connected the ki of the team users thus sharing Xp.

I didn't realize i had some systems like RPG games, but you couldn't see anything, there wasn't a screen explaining things, and there wasn't a voice indicating anything to you. It was that you could feel that such a person was on your team.

That's when I realized the most important thing phinara and I were so close.

That we were already a complete couple and most importantly I loved her.

- Congratulations you learned everything I knew before a year.

- haha, that that Phinara.

- If it wasn't for you, what would become of me.

Phinara had been all silly and blushed and her face was beautiful like that.

That's when I took an attitude that even I didn't know I was capable of.

Hey Phinara.

What was adan?

That's when I pulled her by the arm and kissed her for the first time.

That moment was unique to me, my first kiss, my first real love in this world, who knew that our first contact in that time turned that.

I just looked her in the eye and she was crying.

- Oh I'm sorry Phinara if I was too rude....

Don't cry.

- Idiot....

- I'm sorry Phinara I don't do this anymore.

- Stupid Adana!

- I was waiting a lot forthis, I thought you'd never like me like that, this is the happiest day of my life.

Man that was a bad understanding of the damn, I was inexperienced in the kilo, but I was very happy to hear that and not to be rejected.

That's when I didn't realize I was crying and smiling with happiness.

- Adan don't cry or I'm going to cry too!

- Don't cry Phinara or I'm going to cry too!

- But you're already crying Adan!

The conclusion was that we cried too much for five minutes, but it wiped the soul in an unimaginable way that we were renewable.

Oh, uh.

I feel so light.

- it's really Adan

- But no more stalling we're almost there and my village.

- I haven't been here in six months.

- Alias Phinara,why were you so far from your village when I met you?

- That Orc had stolen my staff, this is very important to me was a gift from my late mother that magic staff was hers.

- My condolences Phinara.

- Thanks it's okay that was 80 years ago.

What are you talking about?

- That's a hell of a thing to me!

I was outraged by this age difference and conception of time, I know for some this would be wrong our love, but I wasn't calling for it, because I was in another world and the rules were different here, and also I was already about to become an adult.

It was kind of a weird thing to understand, but then you get the hang of it.

That's when we arrived in front of the village gate, it was a huge gate must had 20 meters, and the village was surrounded with walls of the same height.

We walked lightly to the gate was when phinara opened her hand and a kind of hologram appeared, that's when she warned that she was coming and so the gates opened.

- What is this Phinara?

- Oh, I didn't tell you about the Magic of...

When the gates opened an old elf was coming running with everything towards us.

Little girl!

I'm glad you're back.

- Leave me, Daddy, I'm not a kid anymore.

- Haha, I'm sorry little girl Daddy got carried away.

Um, Dad? So this guy is my...

That's when I was greeted with a kick in the face and i was thrown with everything into the woods.

Daddy, i'm sorry.

- Um so that was Phinara.

Why did you do this, Dad?

I was lying on the ground amid several tree trunks that were over there, that's when the old little guy appeared on my side.

Um? ...

So you're the one who...

That's when he shoved the tip of thecane into the ground next to my face, causing the ground to sink, opening a crater causing the 2 to fall into it, while we were falling I thought.

- This old nanico is strong as hell, besides being fast.

I have to be careful.

Then I quickly got too much of the rocks that were falling.

It was when several arcane spheres of magic were going towards me, it was until easy to divert them by hand, when the damn old man had appeared in front of me striking me with a punch, had hardly given me time to hold that heavy blow, even so I had been thrown back.

His ki bursts were not so strong, but his physical strength was monstrous.

Is that all you got, kid?

- Crazy old man I'm going to kick you!

Quickly I concentrated a small amount of arcane magic.

Take that one!

And I unleashed a big burst towards that crazy old man, who swerved by little.

- If I had received this attack I would be in...

I wanted to put an end to it quickly because I was hungry.

That's when I appeared in front of him the blow was accurate, but that old man had swerved again, hitting me with a kick, that kick was so fast that when I realized I had already hit the cliff wall and continued to fall.

- Boy you have enough ki but you lack...

That's when I smiled slightly and an explosion had hit the old man from the bottomup.

- Hehe this arcane magic mine that I had put on the ground was my salvation.

Swallow that old man!

The old man was tough, even getting a lotof damage, he was still in battle mode when it even scared me.

- Impressive boy, I confess you fooled me right, but it's time to end this.

That's when I felt that great ki pressure coming from the old quele, he had activated his aura and was prepared to attack with everything he had.

It was a monstrous ki, I had no idea the old man had all that power.

The worst was that the old man had become a bombed out of nowhere, it reminds me of something I saw in some famous anime.

- Now I'm going to show you my best technique.

Boy get ready!

Then the old man went up to me with everything, in his fist was creating a kind glove made of water.

Get Boy!

- Water fist!

I knew if it hits me I'd have problems, I couldn't swerve or defend, I only had one option.

That's when I said that word again.


And again that happened, I was able to analyze everything and so hire attack.

-Everse water handleR!

That's when our blows collided.

- What this technique looks like mine.

- No, he in the short time observed my technique and created something new!

- I'm not going to lose old man!

when I realized a second blow made of water ends up hitting the old man's face with a lot of pressure throwing him up, we were still falling and so he ended up crossing several rocks that were still falling.

- I lost, this kid is a genius I'm happy!

After allthis, I had arrived on the ground and made a magic barrier because of the stones, it was when the old man was falling again and I decided to catch him, I confess that even after all this I was in doubt if he would survive in a fall 2 kilometers deep.

It's time to go upstairs.

- I'm going to go all out and get there faster.

That's when I activatemy aura.


- This kid's got all this ki...

- I understand then he was holding on...

Come on, I'm hungry!

So I jumped all up and when I saw it was already out of the hole and it was high in the sky.

- Oh what the fuck I didn't know I could skip all this!

Shit!!! Come on, die!

That's when I was falling like an anvil towards the ground.

Where are they?

- There's no way Dad's got it!

It was by surprise That I had fallen near where Phinara was.

- Phew, I thought I was going to die, but I didn't even feel the impact, and still fall on my feet.

Phinara was rushing towards us.

Are you all right?

- Here's phinara this old man.

- Adan what did you do?

- I gave him a light chorus.

- What did you beat my father?

That's when the old man got up.

- Hoho, I lost, I didn't stand a chance against this guy.

- So you chose my little girlwell, it serves our purpose.

What are you talking about, old man?!

Didn't you tell him little girl?

Phinara had remained silent and face-to-face, I knew something bombastic was coming, my intuition did not fail in those hours.

That's when I found out he already knew everything about me, because Phinara had communicated with him by the magic of transmission, it was the same thing as having a phone with net.

- I see my son-in-law is very strong he is fit to become the new head of the village.

- I'm not aware of that, not old bastard!

- Time as you're going to marry my daughter, I have to pass the baton to you that's the tradition.

- Phinara Why didn't you tell me it was important in the village? And the chief's daughter!!!

- Um dear I've expected this reaction from you walks, so I didn't have the guts to talk.

On second thought, I even understood later why she was afraid to tell me, most of them would benefit from it knowing that she's the boss's daughter.

- It's all right Phinara I understood your motives even so I'm perplexed by this stop makes me the head of the village.

Whether I wanted it or not why didn't I think I might end up getting this out of nowhere? Am I the protagonist of this Isekai?

Is that why these twists?

I spent a long time thinking about it, until we entered the village of the black forest, and met my father-in-law his name was Noble Kearel. What a sarcastic name I confess I was laughing inside. And the bastard was 500 years old, these people lived long.

- I'm sorry Adan for the rude way I got you, that was a test if you were worthy to take the hand of my daughter and the village.

I was in the mood to kick the old man but I was quiet, and if I was weak or he was stronger than me, what would happen? Although to this day I do not know if I am too strong or my opponents who are weak, but this is for another time.

- Come on, it wasn't old at all.

- Haha that's the posture of someone strong, no one here has the courage to call me old, I liked you boy uuuhahahaha!

- You saw Dad, I said you'd like him.

- I confess I was worried what he would be like, but now I'm quiet.

- I wish you happiness Phinara and Adan, I have blessed you.

- I'm going to get you situated in the Adan situation.

- I better phinara not tell you, but the village chief.

- We were warned that the kingdom of devas was coming our way.

- Old man what kingdom is this?

- The kingdom of devas is a place of humans coming from another world, who are wanting to dominate this world, they have no limits to achieve their goals.

- The tyrant King Loki wants to subdue all races including the native humans of this world

That's when I was surprised to hear this information, that's how that goddess said, that the human race of the world would get a second chance, did Julia and my mother also be reborn?

Even after i found it best not to mention that I was also a reborn.

After that crazy day they had a big party to celebrate, but I didn't imagine the lull would turn into flames.

James Kamiouji