Chapter 8:

Unconscious boy

The broken bond

Who was that? The question kept running in their mind while they were searching for someone or something which was screaming in the middle of the night. The scream began to get louder as they were heading towards the barrier. "Luciana you better go and get Lexdon, "Arna commanded. Little did she know Lexdon was aware of what was going on.Bookmark here

As they got near the barrier, they saw someone laying on the ground. Arna wanted to make sure that this wasn't some kind of trap to lure them as the raid happen a few days ago. Lexdon appeared behind them "What you guys are trying to do," which spooked them. Arna quickly elbowed  Lexdon as a defense mechanism but it just when through him. "Shut it Lexdon, What if there were guards nearby," Miguel whispered. Luciana return to Arna's body and Arna thanked her. Bookmark here

Lexdon shrugged and when near the person who was laying on the ground. Both of them stood still as Lexdon examined the person. He had a terrified look and quickly carried the person who looked like a young boy. " We need to get this boy to Luna," he said panicked. None of them understand but just followed him. Lexdon can only teleport only by himself, which made the way back home much longer. Bookmark here

"Luna, Luna," Lexdon shouted as soon he entered home. Everyone who was at home hurried to the main hall saw Lexdon carrying a young boy. "Lexdon, Who is this? The boy shivering quickly take him to the treatment room, "Luna instructed. Lexdon the 6'8-foot spirit had to duck to get into the treatment room. He laid the unconscious boy on the bed. Bookmark here

Luna called her spirit, a little pixie to examine the boy. The pixie trembled and squeaked something to Luna. "That's impossible, only gloom has the power to do that," she said. "Luna it's true. The boy seems to be in a gloom manipulation. His mana has been sucked up completely. As long we don't severe the tie we can't return his mana to him "Lexdon explained.Bookmark here

Nano, Alex, and Omar asked Arna and Miguel where did you find the boy. They explain it to them. All of them were anxious. They know the boy's life is in danger. Bookmark here

 Hours passed, the night turn into dawn. All of them stayed in the main hall when Luna was treating the poor boy. Miguel was sleeping on Diane's lap while Arna was passed out cold laying on her shoulder. Alex and Omar were laying on the floor napping as they were really tired. Lexdon and Nano were helping Luna treating the boy.Bookmark here

The boy opens his eyes and showed a scarred face. He was surrounded by strangers. "You need rest child. Don't worry you're safe," he heard someone said with a kind tone. The boy was too tired to question it. He drifted off to sleep. Bookmark here

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