Chapter 3:

The Ghost in the Shrine

Diary of a Lost Wish

Today I'm in an old shrine searching for an evil spirit or something... I think my wishes have something to do with it.

Sometimes I help people with their problems, well most of the time the problem is related to a wish I made, so I feel responsible for that.

Last week I helped Kanako with a problem with her talking Teddy Bear and yesterday, I helped Richard with a problem with a pizza delivery, who gave pizza to everyone for free, and it looked so suspicious, but it was one of my wishes.

Right now, I'm searching for the ghost on a shrine, I'm with Hana and Takeshi, who is the one with the problem.

a few hours ago, when I was on my way home, I noticed that Takeshi was scared in front of a convenience store.

"Ebihara, I need help, please I beg you, help me!" Takeshi said that while he was shaking.

"Hey, what's going on? You look like you've seen a ghost" I told him.

"Because I saw one... Well... I heard one."

"What! Where or what happened?"

"Four or five days ago, I finished a basketball game, and it was late, on my way home, there's this creepy and abandoned shrine that always scared me. While I was walking by, I heard a scary noise similar to a person asking for help."

"Are you sure it wasn't your imagination?"

"No! and that's not all. I got closer, and every time I could hear the screaming asking for help, but I couldn't find anyone. The next few days, I realized that I lost a lot of weight, and in every basketball game, I played awful. I think I'm curse by a spirit."

I think he doesn't know what's is to being cursed, but he was really scared about it, and the loss of weight was a little weird.

"Maybe you're just self-suggesting, Takeshi."

"That's not it! Some hours ago, I went to the shrine to see if I could do something to stop the curse, but I saw a shadow moving fast. I need your help."

Because of the way he was acting, I got a little worried, so I agreed to help him. "Calm down. I will help you, don't worry."

Out of nowhere, I felt like there was a hand on my shoulder, and like if it was a ghost Hana appeared behind me.

"That shrine was cursed" Hana was talking with a big and scary smile.

Takeshi looked like a little dog shaking and got behind a trash can. "See Ebihara? Hana knows about the ghost too."

"How do you know that story, Hana?" I told Hana with some doubt.

"Well, I found it while searching for myths and legends of the town. In that shrine, an old samurai lived for the rest of his life after killing more than 100 people. But one night, the spirits of all the people appeared under the shrine, and they attacked him, ripping off his limbs until he died. The legend says that until he gets 100 bad souls, he will be free."

To be honest, I don't think that story or legend is even true, but Takeshi was almost passing out "So... that means I'm a bad person?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, you are! a normal person wouldn't do a lot of exercise like you and won't stare at girls' legs to see if they are good at sports" Hana had a smile, and it looked like she was enjoying scaring Takeshi.

"Stop it! Let's go to the shrine to see if the ghost exists" I was annoyed by both Takeshi and Hana, so I told them to do something about that stupid ghost.

After that, we went to the shrine, and it got dark. Before we enter, Hana was saying more horror stories to Takeshi, who was scared.

I told Takeshi and Hana that they should enter first to the shrine because something that Hana said was true, Takeshi is obsessed with exercise.

"Hey Pakya, I wish to make Takeshi someone athletic," I told Pakya my wish. By the way, Pakya was always following me, but no one can see it.

"No! You can't repeat a wish, pakya~"

I never thought of it as something strange, but it looks like I made a wish to make Takeshi an exercise addict.

Anyway, I finally entered, and that's how I got here, and I feel like this problem is related to one of my wishes.

In the shrine, I notice that Hana and Takeshi were scared as hell.

"Ebihara... There's something behind the shrine," Takeshi tells me.

Hana Isn't even speaking because she is shaking.

I get close to the shrine, and behind it, I see a mysterious shadow moving from one way to another.

After a minute, the figure gets closer to me and, finally, with the moonlight, I notice that the mysterious figure is Jason.

"Hi, are you searching for something?" I ask Jason.

Jason doesn't say anything, but he is moving a lot, he keeps like this for a while, he is creepy.

"I was searching for a fluffy dog who entered here," Jason finally talks.

"Do you see that dog often?"

"Yes, every now and then. I like his vibe, and I want to get him."

I think what Takeshi saw was that dog, so I decide to tell him what it is. Jason is still running around searching for the dog.

"Takeshi, I think it was just a dog."

"What?! A dog? But I heard it asking for help the other day."

"Maybe it was just your imagination, you were so scared you thought its bark was someone talking."

"I don't think so..."

"I think it was just a dog."

"But why I was sucking at the game?"

"Takeshi, I know you are a really good player, and maybe you were so scared of that supposed ghost that you couldn't concentrate on the game."

"But I feel like I've been playing bad even before I saw that ghost."

What I said to Takeshi is true, he is a good basketball player. But maybe he is someone insecure.

"Takeshi, you are a really good player, I didn't say it because I'm your friend, I truly think that."

"But I do play bad, I think every time I play or practice any sport I'm awful at it. That's why I always try to train more and more, but even if I train a lot, there's always someone better, not just basketball, in everything, and that makes me feel like I'm just awful."

"Well, no one is perfect at one thing, and there's always someone better, but you are good in your way, and every day you get better and better. You already won some tournaments, and you are everything but bad. You already achieved something, and I'm sure you will achieve more and more things, just trust in yourself."

I sound like an auto help video, but at least I hope some of my words reached Takeshi.

"You know what, Ebihara, I think you are right, while I'm not the best one, I will try my best every day until I achieve what I want."

I think he will be fine, and he was just playing badly because of his bad self-esteem.

"And I haven't forgotten that you will be on my basketball team," suddenly Takeshi has a smile instead of being sad.

"I said no!" I got angry, "Anyway, Takeshi, where's Hana?" I nearly forgot about her.

"She went that way searching for the ghost."

I get close to where Hana is supposed to be, and I hear a scream, "AAAHHH!"

I find Hana and, there it is, the dog or what it looked like a dog.

Maybe it was a coincidence, but Kanako calls me on my phone, "Hey, Meiko, b-chan got lost, and I don't know where it is."

"I think I found it! call me later."

I saw the teddy bear in front of Hana, who is so scared she can't move. I tried to catch b-chan with my sweater but I failed.

b-chan was mumbling something, "help me, take my diaper out."

Then Takeshi threw a big rock that knocked b-chan.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving me! I think I will stop reading horror stories online" Hana was relieved.

After that, I finally catch b-chan with my sweater.

Takeshi finally found the ghost, or well, a weird teddy bear.

Everyone part ways except for Jason, who disappears, and I went to Kanako's home to give her her teddy bear. B-chan scape because Kanako put him in some diapers.

An this is the end of that ghost story, but what about the weight that Takeshi lost? Well, I realized that I wished for a diet soda that makes you lose weight, I think Takeshi takes that soda often.

That night I had another weird dream. In that dream, Takeshi wasn't muscular or athletic, he was a little fat, and he couldn't do any sports apparently because he had a problem with his knee or something, but he wanted badly to do exercise and play basketball.

The dream wasn't so clear, but it looks like no one bullied him or anything, but he had low self-esteem. I was Takeshi's friend, and maybe I felt bad about his problem, and that's why I made that wish.

The next day just like every time I have a dream like this I write everything in my diary or I will lose any memory about it in less than two hours.

At first, I didn't think there was a clue related to my first wish but I noticed someone in that dream, he was a male with black or maybe brown hair but his face was blurry. He was in some random moments of the dream, he talked frequently with me, and Takeshi. But I don't know who he is. 

I can't remember him, but maybe he is related to my first wish in some way.