Chapter 18:

Peak of Curioisty and Fear

who I am is not who I want to be

On 1st January 2020, after Karma got abducted from her Grandma home:Bookmark here

Karma found herself in a small room tied to a chair. Her hands were tied with rope. This is strange. Karma thought to herself. Why would anyone kidnap me in a situation like that? She thinks of multiple possibilities, but nothing makes sense.Bookmark here

She heard quick footsteps behind her, and she bristled. She said to herself:Bookmark here

Don’t be silly.Bookmark here

You’re a grown woman, Akane. Bookmark here

She shook her head.Bookmark here

The footsteps were coming closer. She just could not help herself.Bookmark here

She rolled her eyes. A hand grabbed her shoulder. A man was standing behind her. Terror sucked the very breath from her mouth. She had seen those eyes of the man somewhere. She breathes deeply, trying to remember the eyes. She opened her eyes, staring into Man's eyes. She stared at the man standing in front of her.Bookmark here

“What happened? Don't you recognize me?”Bookmark here

The man whispered, pulling his chair closer to her.Bookmark here

The man shakes his head and pulls her chair more closer to his. His long, curly black hair is falling out of its bun, and into his brown eyes.Bookmark here

She is thinking of getting buried somewhere by this man.Bookmark here

(Zack’s incoming calls phone buzzing. Phone buzzing again and again. the man switched her phone off, and placed it on a table.)Bookmark here

The man said:Bookmark here

"Your father asked me to kill you on the spot if I ever found you in this city."Bookmark here

The man started to walk around her, forming a circle around the rusty metal chair she was sitting in. Everywhere she looked, she saw darkness surrounding her, except for the little light above her head, making her a spotlight in the center of the small room. Bookmark here

Karma had a flashback memory. Pulse beating in her ears, blocking out all other sounds.Bookmark here

She was again able to hear some footsteps other than hers.Bookmark here

She could feel someone was getting closer.Bookmark here

And closer.Bookmark here

And closer.Bookmark here

She was able to saw her grandma.Bookmark here

She saw her grandma getting killed again in her flashback memories.Bookmark here

She saw the life drain out of her eyes.Bookmark here

She heard her screams of pain.Bookmark here

She felt a tingly sensation course through her.Bookmark here

She felt a tight knot form in her chest.Bookmark here

She witnessed it all again.Bookmark here

She felt all of it again.Bookmark here

She started to scream:Bookmark here

"Get away from me!!!"Bookmark here

She yelled, her voice was deafening.Bookmark here

"GET AWAY FROM ME!!!" She yelled at the man.Bookmark here

The man tried to make her silent by putting his hands on her mouthBookmark here

"Let me go!!!"Bookmark here

She screamed so loud that it echoed through the room. She yelled so loud the man felt as if his ears were bleeding. She got Goosebumps. She was Sweating. Fear became a tangible, living force that crept over her like some hungry beast, immobilizing; her brain.Bookmark here

The man placed his finger on her lips to make her silent.Bookmark here

The man said:Bookmark here

“It is going to be easier if you listen to me. I want nothing but to tell you the truth.”Bookmark here

She growled:Bookmark here

"Who are you?"Bookmark here

Heart pounding in her ears, she tried to scream again.Bookmark here

The man threw water at her and said:Bookmark here

“Look, I know it was not you. You were the only seventeen, and I know you were not even at home. The evidence pointed to you was fake, and I helped your father to create those evidence. I was powerless. I had no choice but to give up. I have a chance to admit my mistakes. I should be grateful to you for appearing in that house. ”Bookmark here

She wanted to run for safety, but her feet would not allow her to do so. She did not understand it at all. She opened her mouth, but no scream came. Her teeth chattered in fear. Her heart was throbbing in her ears, loud and irregular, but she barely heard it, for her mind was clouded with fear. Fear crippled her, freezing every muscle of her body.Bookmark here

The man untied her hands and gave a glass of water to her. The man revealed his face so she can calm down a little bit.Bookmark here

The man said:Bookmark here

“Do you remember me, Akane?"Bookmark here

Akane quickly placed her hand over the mouth. She was staring at that man without blinking.Bookmark here

She said with a doubtful tone:Bookmark here

"Is that you? Uncle Eiji? "Bookmark here

(NOTE: Eiji is the servant who serves in Mr. Manzo’s home. The servant helped Mr.Mazo in creating fake evidence against Akane when Mr.Manzo killed his wife by pushing her from the balcony. )Bookmark here

As Eiji said to Akane:Bookmark here

“I am glad your father did not saw you. Otherwise, you would have died till now. Your father pushed your mother from Balcony, and she died."Bookmark here

Anger poured through Akane. Rage pulsed through her veins. Her resentment grew inside her like a tumor.Bookmark here

"The Crap, That happened in 2015. I helped your dad when he threatened me with killing my only son. I had no choice but to make evidence against you."Bookmark here

Eiji was able to see Akane swallowing down her frustration.Bookmark here

"Where have you been? I tried to find you everywhere.”Bookmark here

Anger overpowered her, and she shouted:Bookmark here

“Why did you abduct me?"Bookmark here

Fury roared through her mind.Bookmark here

"Why did you took away my phone from me?Bookmark here

I was creating evidence against my dad, and you ruined it.Bookmark here

GIVE IT BACK TO ME.Bookmark here

RIGHT NOW!!! "Bookmark here

Akane asked the man:Bookmark here

"Why did my dad killed my mom?Bookmark here

Why did he defame me for killing my mom?"Bookmark here

Eiji was steeped in guilt and bitterly regretted everything he did in the past to helped Mr.Manzo.Bookmark here

All the pieces of the puzzle fell into place when the Eiji said:Bookmark here

“Your mother wanted a divorce from your father. He denied they fought, and your mom threatened your dad that if he will not give her divorce, then she will tell the whole world that he tried to kill you after the data breach incident for the sake of money."Bookmark here

“Sorry, I helped your dad when he thought of the consequence of you returning home and revealing to the world that he tried to kill you for the sake of money. He burned the bridges for you,” he mumbled guiltily.Bookmark here

Akane asked:Bookmark here

"Why did he kill my grandma?"Bookmark here

And why did you took me here?Bookmark here

Eiji was shaking and said:Bookmark here

"I am sorry. When you were gone missing; I promised your dad to find you, and kill you but I changed my mind later. I took you away from there so your dad would not see you."Bookmark here

Akane said to Eiji:Bookmark here

"Untie my hands right now and return me my phone. I am sure the evidence is on my phone. I will reveal his true self."Bookmark here

Eiji nodded his head and said:Bookmark here

No, I will not let you go. I am afraid your dad has seen you. Let me confirm that he does not have a single clue about your existence. Only then I will let you leave this place. Stay here for few days, and let me confirm that you won't get killed before reaching a safe place."Bookmark here

(NOTE: The reason why Akane did not appear to Zack for ten days is that she and Eiji wanted to confirm that her dad has not a single clue about her existence)Bookmark here

Zack on the eleventh day:Bookmark here

I told myself that She was gone.Bookmark here

I felt so detached and unreachable to everyone around me, and everything was too much effort to achieve. Everything was hard, even getting up. All my brain was able to function was to think about Karma. An infinite loop was running in my head until she appeared in front of me.Bookmark here

I was feeling hollow, but heavy and dead on the inside. I was not able to remember what it feels like to feel the warmth of an emotional connection with another person. I was Muttering, shaking my head, talking to myself.Bookmark here

Where is she?Bookmark here

What is taking her so long?Bookmark here

On the eleventh day, my patience reached its peak. I braked the ethics and broke into her house just like a robber. I knew where she used to keep her keys. I knew she was going to hate it entering into the home without her permission. It was mostly under the red doormat. The door creaked as I opened it slowly.Bookmark here

As I entered her home, I slammed the door shut behind me. The house was silent. Suddenly I heard a voice of glass break from the kitchen. My heart nearly leaped out of my chest. I was shocked but that quickly turns to confused relief when I saw it was that stupid cat. Bookmark here

Hazel: that annoying cat. It was looking at me as If I was a robber. It started to make some noise. Bookmark here

MEOW, MEOW...!!!Bookmark here

(In a loud voice)Bookmark here

Damn, this cat. Bookmark here

Hazel hissed at me. There is no mistaking the intent of a cat’s hiss. Sounding like a steak sizzling on the grill, it means the cat feels threatened and is ready to fight if need be.Bookmark here

He aimed at me. He probably wanted me to follow him to his food bowl. His food bowl was empty. Bookmark here

Oh, Damn ... Bookmark here

"He is hungry. I think he misses Karma too."Bookmark here

I said to myself.Bookmark here

I started to search for cat food. I searched everywhere in the kitchen, but I was not able to find it. Bookmark here

He growled at me. He was crouching with an arched back, fluffed out fur, and a bushy tail. He started to make an annoying sound while moving back and forth.Bookmark here

MEOW, MEOW, MEOW!!!!Bookmark here

I thought to myself maybe it wants me to follow him. I started to follow him. He led me toward a closed door. It was the room where I never entered whenever I visited Karma. It was always locked due to some reasons. I opened the door.Bookmark here

The cat ran inside, and jumped on a table, and started to move in a circle around the Cat food. I was impressed. Bookmark here

While I was about to grab the cat food, I dropped some papers on the backside. I ignored those papers that were dropped for a while and filled the food bowl. That cat ran toward the food bowl and started to eat. Bookmark here

I went back into the room to put the cat food back on the table. I turned back after putting the cat food in its place, and I saw the mess of papers I made on the floor. Bookmark here

I started to collect all the papers that were on the ground. I stopped and peered intently while picking up those papers. In between those papers, It was a photo of a girl who looked like Karma. Saho was also in that photo. They were together.Bookmark here

"Huh?" Bookmark here

"What is it?"Bookmark here

I was to myself.Bookmark here

The girl had long hair and looked like Karma, but yeah her jawline was different than Karma. I thought to myself maybe she is a younger sister of Karma. Bookmark here

"NO WAY!!Bookmark here

WAIT!!!Bookmark here

She does not have any siblings.Bookmark here

What is Saho doing with her?"Bookmark here

I said to myself.Bookmark here

I had an urge in which I felt to know more about it.Bookmark here

My mind was flooding with questions. The background in that photo I was able to recognize. It looked familiar. It seemed as if I had seen the wall pattern somewhere before. I was in Curiosity. I wanted to know that why Karma was with Saho.Bookmark here

Was the girl in the picture really Karma?Bookmark here

I wanted to investigate it. I took a photo of that picture from my phone camera and placed everything back. I put the key back in its place and started to run toward my training camp. I was running as fast as I could. Bookmark here

I had a feeling as if I have seen that background of the picture in the Organization of "Cyber detectives." Bookmark here

All the time Karma was interested in Saho, I thought to myself. She was always interested whenever I talked about him. I wanted to know why she was always interested in his name.Bookmark here

(Features of Saho:Bookmark here

Height: 6'1''Bookmark here

Skin Tone: Light brownBookmark here

Characteristics of skin tone: Light to pale brown skin color with a more golden undertone, might freckle, tans occasionally (but nowhere near dark bronze), and burns easily under the sunBookmark here

Hair: He had Warm blond hair -- Blond with a touch of gold and red; whiskey, wheat, honey, strawberry, brassy, golden, etc.Bookmark here

Hair Texture: Soft curls and wavesBookmark here

Descriptive Hair Color: Warm blondBookmark here

Eye: Lustrous/ green: At its most basic, the word “lustrous” suggests that you are describing someone who has an aura of beauty and sexiness that is also intense and magical. Green eyes can look enticing enough to warrant this sort of description, whether the eyes are light green or dark green.Bookmark here

Cheeks: hot oval cheekBookmark here

Chin: Cleft ChinBookmark here

Jaw: square jawlineBookmark here

Nose: Roman Nose )Bookmark here

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