Chapter 0:

One's Darkest Thoughts

Mind Reader's

Wherever I looked, I would see people wearing the same device on their necks. A device that became mandatory when it was first created. The Automatic Mind Obstructer, or AMO for short. A device created for the sole purpose of stopping the Xeno gene from activating, by utilizing telepathic waves of an opposite frequency, it blocks out and destroys and form of mind reading from happening.

Thankfully, with the introduction of the device, people stopped being able to read other's minds, the only way a person's mind could be read if both parties or multiple individuals give consent to it and by connecting both or multiple devices wirelessly, they are then able to read each other's minds.

As I waited for the light to change to green, I glanced over at the store right next to the sigh and noticed that they were showing an ad for a new model of the AMO. Ever since it's introduction, it slowly started becoming a very big part in both our social life and personal life.

People started introducing new fashion senses that could be done to the AMO device as well as changing the shape of their devices and what not. As I continued staring at the screen, a sudden pain started coursing through my head.

The pain was like that of a migraine. I started holding my head and stopping myself from groaning in pain. After a few seconds passed, the pain subsided in an instant. I could feel a bead of sweet fall down my face and immediately after, the light turned green.

I continued walking down the street once more, but eve then, something was odd... In between the pain, I couldn't help but feel like I heard another voice in my head. As I continued walking, I gently placed my hand on the AMO to check if it was in working order, and upon doing so, I noticed that it was perfectly fine.

"That's weird... I wonder if I'm just tired... I did stay up even later then usual because of that new game, but even then, I've done it countless times and I've never gotten a migraine on that scale before" I shook of the feeling and continued walking down the street.

As I was nearing the school, I noticed my friend waving at me from just out front the school gate. Just when I was about to wave back at her, a voice spoke up deep in my mind.

"I can't wait to see their faces of fear! I'll kill everyone and then steal all the money from that damn bank!" "I just hope that the cops don't catch up to me before I do..."

At those words, I stopped in place and could feel all the color leave my face. I glanced around in desperation, but no one had called out to me. I then looked back, but even then, there was no one calling out to me.

"What the hell was that...?"

"What are you doing, Natsuo?"

I looked back and saw my good friend Muratagi Tetsuya looking at me somewhat confused "S-Sorry, it's nothing" "Let's get going"

"Of course, you need to go and see you're crush, don't you?"

"W-Would you shut it?"

"Yeah, yeah"

He shrugged his shoulders and the both of us made our way towards the school building all the while talking about the game that we had played, how far we got and our opinions on it, but all the while we did so, in the back of my mind I couldn't help but start thinking about the words that had appeared out of thin air inside my consciousness.

"I wonder what the hell that was about..."

Once we arrived at the classroom, a lone girl glanced over at us and smiled at the both of us "Hey there Natsuo, Tetsuya~"

"You're here early, Chitose"

"Excuse me?" She glared daggers at Tetsuya "I'm always here early"

"Yeah, let's leave it at that"

She puffed out her cheeks and continued glaring daggers at him. Katabuchi Chitose had been in the same class as us ever since middle school and we had all hung out with one another ever since that moment. 

I let out a chuckle at how they were acting and when I glanced over at the desks, I noticed the person I had fallen for noticed my gaze and waved at me. I waved back and immediately made my way towards my own desk.

I had fallen in love with Ichikawa Sumiko ever since our first year of high school. She was both beautiful, smart, kind and helpful towards others and that alone was what made me fall for her, but I never did make it known.

Once the bell started ringing, our teacher made her way inside and started going through the material that we were going to be looking at for the day. As we started with our whole school day, after around an hour or so, everyone's phones started ringing.

I quickly picked up my phone and noticed that it was an alert about a robbery of the bank right next to the main street. Upon seeing that, the words that had appeared in my mind now made complete sense.

"I somehow managed to hear that person's thoughts... Even though the Automatic Mind Obstructer should stop that from happening, I somehow managed to hear his thoughts" I gently placed my hand on the device and lightly pressed it "It's working perfectly fine... Does that mean that this is something else?"

I shook my head and tried to think that it was otherwise, but everything that had happened just this morning was more then enough to tell me that there was something else going on... 

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