Chapter 7:

The curse of the Dragons

Who will the Villainess choose?

I tapped my foot on the floor as I continued to look at the ashen faces of the staff. I really wanted to give them some time to digest my words but I did not have that luxury. Bookmark here

“Now, would you go or want to know further?” I asked , looking at them with annoyance and the butler blinked, finally coming out from his stupor.Bookmark here

“I.. I am going to my lady. I apologize for keeping you waiting.” the man rushed as if the demons were chasing him. He even forgot that he could order any of the maids to call the duke. Bookmark here

“Would you like to have tea, my lady snacks or anything light to keep you warm? It's too cold.” Their behavior turned 180 degrees after listening to my words and the reaction of the butler.Bookmark here

Though many did not know. The Duca family was once the talk of the town. They were the richest family of the empire, with a strong hold on all the mines of magical stone and strong military power. The family was stronger than the royal family but there was one thing that never let them flourish. The curse on their family.Bookmark here

It is said that their ancestors were part of the protector of the dragon clan but they betrayed the dragons for the prosperity of their family.Bookmark here

They were given the curse that they would not have love for the family, only prosperity. So, even if they donate gold from both hands all the time they never lose even a penny. If they donated everything, suddenly a new mine of rare gems would be found on their property giving them twice the amount as before. But in exchange, it would take one life or one relation from their family. Bookmark here

Either the wife gave divorce to the husband or was killed by him. No matter how many women have ignored the warning bells and decided to marry in the family out of love or because of greed, have faced the same fate.Bookmark here

So, once the family with many members and a big joint family is left with only Damien. And once he would die without marriage, his lineage would end with him. Though I have not seen the end of the game, I knew only the player could have chosen him since the game did not have any female character to love him.Bookmark here

There was one more thing I knew about his family from the game. Everyone think that his father committed suicide after killing his wife, because he was feeling guilty. I knew that he had run away to get rid of the effect of the curse and started a new life with another girl. But it would not work as the curse was on members not on the place. That girl would die too while giving birth and after a few years, his father would return.Bookmark here

But before that rumors would start. That a boy with the same face of Damien was seen in the capital. Only the Duca family have silver hair that was known as their identity of the lineage of dragon protectors. That was how they will soon recognize his step brother.Bookmark here

My reverie was broken when I heard footsteps coming closer to me. Bookmark here

When I looked above I went still. Damien, in reality, was much sexier, bold, handsome and I could not even explain in words. The fangirl in me was again coming on the edge looking at him.Bookmark here

In that midnight blue suit, he was looking so damn hot that my whole body started steaming. I could not say a word, as I continued to look at him frozen. He walked and sat on the seat in front of me.Bookmark here

His golden eyes were flaming with anger. As if he was the dragon and could breathe fire any moment to burn me. Yet I was frozen, at my place, mesmerized by his beauty. He was not like Andrew, prim and proper, but his hairs were scattered all over his forehead, the front three buttons of his shirt were opened to show his well built taut muscles and peak the interest to see more of him.Bookmark here

He had that bad boy vibe that attracted women like moths.Bookmark here

“Would you speak now, or are you here just to look at me and drool?” he asked with a glare and I blinked.Bookmark here

“I am here to help lord Damien. You should be grateful to me.” I took a breath of relief as the voice came out much more confident than I had thought.Bookmark here

“Well, that will depend on the word you are going to speak. So tell me, what do you know about my father?” his voice was getting more and more filled with fire. As if he could not wait to stand up and strangle me to death this instant. His hands were already on the fork. Bookmark here

One would think that he wanted to eat something but I knew better how many people he had killed with the fork.Bookmark here

“Well, first of all, I demand you to listen to me patiently, my lord. I am here out of my goodwill. And you should respect it if you are not grateful about it. Another thing is i want all the sharp things out of the room before discussing the matter with you.'' I instructed looking at the butler rather than him. Bookmark here

His aura, his presence was too strong for me to bear. The butler also looked at him fearfully as I could hear the sound of his gritting teeth. I wanted to beat him but I knew he would bend my hand before I could even touch him and threw me out from the balcony, so I endured. I guess today is the day to test my endurance in this new world!Bookmark here

He took an eternity in taking decisions as he slowly nodded his head looking at my stubborn face.Bookmark here

“This should be worth it, my lady.” he warned, or probably tried to scare me again but i nodded confidently. Bookmark here

After a while the room was completely empty. The swords adorning the wall, the spear in the hands of statues and even the cutlery from the table was taken out.Bookmark here

The man continued to stomp his feet, impatience and anger was written all over his face.Bookmark here

“Would you start now?” he asked again as the last piece of sharp object was also taken out and I nodded.Bookmark here

“My lord, we have business spread all over the empire. A few days ago one of the best side of my father's went to the southern desert for some trade. There he found a young boy who had silver hair and golden eyes like you.”Bookmark here

"...................."Bookmark here

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