Chapter 4:

The Fortune Teller

Diary of a Lost Wish

Today is Sunday, so I cleaned my house. Sometimes I compare the things I have at home with the things that my friends have so I can check if I wished for them.

For example, my fridge has robotic legs, so if I want something from it I just called it, my wall is a tv, and every single bathroom has a jacuzzi. Those are some examples of things that are different compared to other people's houses, maybe I will notice more in the future.

After some cleaning, my father comes home, I don't know where he was.

"Hey, Meiko, do you have some money?" My father asked me with a worried face.

"I have some money, why do you need it?"

"I think today I will finally be able to find love."

"What?!, What are you talking about?"

"I went to play pachinko, and after losing some money, I saw a fortune teller, she was in a corner of the street giving some love advice. I wanted a session, but I just didn't have any money, so I want some, please."

"No! I won't give you any money."

"Please, do it for your old man, I'm already old and lonely, in the future when you marry, I will be all alone by myself. I want to find a beautiful girl with an awesome body and marry her so we can have... more and more kids."

"With that explanation, I won't give you anything."

"C'mon, I'm your father! and I love you... but I also love pretty women."

"That won't change my answer..."

My father is weird, he is always yelling like a crazy man. At first, I thought it was because of a wish I made, but according to my diary, it turns out that he was always like that. The bad thing about that is that to confirm a wish I need to ask Pakya that wish so I know if it's repeated, well by mistake, I made my dad even more annoying.

But not only that, but he is also superstitious and a gambling addict. I think we would be broke if it wasn't because he has a really good salary.

After arguing with me he searched all the house for money, and after one hour he finally found some.

"My sofa loves me more than my daughter, I found some money here so I can bet and get even more money," he was almost crying while saying that.

He leaves, and maybe just for curiosity, I followed him to see where he went.

He entered a weird building where I'm sure he bets money. While I was waiting, I felt like someone was watching me, but maybe it was just my imagination.

Some minutes later, I see that Jason was outside a convenience store so I decided to talk to him, "Hi, Jason, what's up?"

As always, he just didn't talk and was watching some ants for some reason, I think he lives in his own world.

"If I kill the queen, I will become... the ant master!" Jason said that with a loud voice.

"Ant master? What is that?"

Jason just didn't reply, so I decided to buy some snacks from the convenience store.

After buying something, I get out of the store, and I see that Jason is still seeing ants.

While I'm eating some chips, I notice the fortune teller is in the corner of the street, and I ignore her, but she suddenly talks to me, "Hey little lady, do you want to get the heart of the boy you love? Come here, and I will tell you what you should do!" one hand on her crystal ball while saying that.

"Mmm, ok, I guess," I don't have anything to do, so I agree, but I'm a skeptic.

"Well, come here, I don't have any chair, so imagine there's one, but you don't want to sit down."

"Ok..." This is strange.

"First pay me, and I will tell you everything to conquer his heart."

"How much would it be?"

"1200 yen, please."

I spent everything in the store, and I didn't notice it, so I don't have money, "Right now, I don't have any, I guess I will go then."

"Stop! I will tell you one thing for free, and if you are convinced, then you can pay me later, and I will tell you more things, what do you think?"

"Fine, let's see what your crystal ball says."

The lady starts to move her head while saying weird things that I think it was just Spanish, but I didn't know what exactly were those words.

"I see, I see. In 10 minutes, you will find out something you never thought you would."

"Ok, then I will wait 10 minutes, I guess."

My father was taking his time, so I didn't have anything else to do. The lady wasn't talking, and she was just texting on her phone.

10 minutes passed by, and finally, my father arrives.

"Meiko, I think I will stop gambling, I never win, and I lose all my salary every week."

I couldn't believe it, something unexpected happens after 10 minutes, but to be honest, I feel that it was just a coincidence.

"Hey handsome, I will give you a free prediction, and if I'm right, you will pay me 1200 yen," the fortune-teller started to talk to my dad.

"Ok! tell me my future," my dumb dad was happy while saying that.

"You will see in 2 to 5 minutes something amazing and unexpected." That was oddly specific, and it sounded like the thing she told me before, and she was watching her cellphone while saying that.

Suddenly a black car parked, and a man with a black suit go out with a guy in an awful alien costume with six hands.

"Wow, that was unexpected," my father told that to the fortune teller and went to the alien guy and took him one of his false hands.

"Hey, handsome! pay me before you play with that alien!" the fortune teller was yelling.

"Meiko, pay the lady," my father was still happy about that prediction.

"I told you that I wouldn't pay for that dumb thing," I respond.

Come to think that maybe she was texting a friend or someone so she could trick me with the unexpected thing.

By the way, Jason "the ant master" starts kicking the guy in the alien suit.

"Sorry lady, my daughter won't give me any money, could you accept 900 yen?" my sad father with some cash in his hand said that.

"Ok, but next time pay me the money you owe."

I notice something weird, the woman was a mechanical fortune-teller and it was alive, I didn't think it was weird at first, but I had never seen any fortune teller like that. I think she is one of my wishes.

“Girl, maybe you won't like to know the answers of what you are searching for,” the fortune-teller tells me while we were leaving the area.

We finally came back to our home after that.

Next week my father went to gamble again, and he went to the fortune teller, she told him how to get the heart of a beautiful woman, or that's what he told me.

"That lady told me that I need to be a surgeon so I can get her heart," my dad was telling what the fortune-teller told him.

"What, that's crazy!" I replied.

"I know, but then she told me it was just a joke and what I need is another thing... but I won't tell it to my daughter."

I got worried because of that, I only hope is not something really weird.

The next day on my way to school I see Ms. Yukari.

"Hi Meiko, would you... give this to your dad?" Ms. Yukari tells me that, and she gives me a bag.

"Ok, I will give it to him."

"Thanks, just don't see what's inside."

"Well.. ok."

"And... Tell him that next time I will call the police!" Ms. Yukari looks angry.

I got home and check the bag because of what she said and there was some women's underwear... I decide to talk to my dad because of this.

"Dad! What the hell were you thinking?!" I yell at him.

"The fortune-teller told me to give a beautiful girl something I would like her to wear, so I gave her that sexy underwear," my father replied.

"Ok, I'm not your daughter anymore!"

After that, I make him apologize to Ms. Yukari. Then I took his salary so he won't spend it on gambling or stupid things.

I visit the fortune-teller again because something is fishy about her.

I see that more people are gathering around her, it looks like each day, the fortune teller uses her tricks to impress more and more people.

Suddenly the same guy with the alien costume appears, and everyone there gets impressed, maybe that alien makes them believe that the fortune teller was right when she said something amazing was gonna happen.

I see Hana walking, she was on the line, and now is mumbling something, maybe the fortune-teller told her something to get Takeshi's attention “I need to buy one lotion and two...”

“Hey Hana, did you visit the fortune-teller,” I ask her.

“Ah! Senpai, I didn't notice you... yes... but don't think that I went to her to get some love advice or something, I was... asking how to hack our school system.”

“Well, good luck with that, I guess.”

Hana left the place with some shame.

Out of nowhere, Jason appears with what looks like gasoline and a baseball bat.

“Jason! Why do you have that?” I tell him.

“I need to kill that fortune-teller thing, it's not human, and it's only killing my ants, and I, as the ant master, need to stop her,” Jason was talking like a mad man.

People were scared and run, then he starts to attack the mechanical fortune-teller.

“Stop it! or I will not tell you what the future remains” the robot thing talks to Jason.

Jason didn't care about her, and he just burns the mechanical fortune teller until its just ashes.

He starts waving his bat and dancing on her ashes, I think he lost his mind. I left there and get home.

Later that day on the news they were talking about a false fortune teller who told people to do awful things, for example, she told a little girl to do a love potion, and one of the ingredients was bleach, so she almost dies.

In the news, they also said the fortune teller just disappeared and no one knows where she is. Jason some hours ago just looked like a mad man, but maybe he realized the bad thing she was making, so he stopped her.

I'm a little worried, so I call Hana to see if she feels right, she tells me that she is fine because she never did that love potion like the other girl.

After a long and crazy day, I decide to do my daily wish but I got curious about something, why is my lazy dad working for a big company?

I figure that maybe I wished for it, so I tell Pakya, “I wish that my father works for the best company in this town.”

“No! You already made that wish, Pakya~”

Yes, I wished for that for some reason, maybe so he can have money when he bet so we won't be broke.

My wish for today is that my father won't bet anymore.

That night I had a dream where my house was simple, I already knew that but I notice that my father looked weird like if anything he says didn't make any sense, on his right hand he had a bottle.

“Meiko! I think I drank a lot today, I'm drunk,” my father is talking to me in the dream.

I don't know why, but I found out that people used to get "drunk" when they drink a lot of beer, in the actual world no one can get drunk, Maybe for some people who love to get drunk, this would be hell.

As always, when I wake up I write everything, I think this dream was irrelevant but who knows, maybe is related to my first wish.