Chapter 11:

Guilty Conscience

The Past in The Present

“Ahem!” Turning around, he found the source of the sudden noise, his teacher.Bookmark here

………oh.Bookmark here

He let go of Louise, giving her the chance to return to her seat. With that, the teacher returned to the front of the class.Bookmark here

Why the hell did she sit on my lap though?Bookmark here

He turns back to the front of the class as the teacher begins the lesson. He ripped out a piece of paper from his notebook and wrote on it, giving it to Louise. Stop laughing.Bookmark here

Feeling something drop in the back of his shirt, he reached for it and pulled it out. I can’t believe you didn’t notice her standing right next to you.Bookmark here

I really do have no excuse.Bookmark here

Reading this his face began to redden as he put his head down on his desk in shame. After that, the class continued without any hitches.Bookmark here

I feel so…empty.Bookmark here

The class ended and he looked to Louise behind him.Bookmark here

“Hey, you’re awake this time.” With a wry smile, he jokingly called back to the previous day.Bookmark here

My words feel so lifeless. It’s not like I suddenly became a different person, I can say the same things and feel the same emotions…yet it’s as if they don’t even belong to me anymore. As if I was walking out of an airport and suddenly realized that I had taken someone else’s luggage instead.Bookmark here

“Hey, come on, that was a one-time thing okay.” Slightly flustered, she grabbed her bag and stood up.Bookmark here

His heart ached as he looked at her flustered expression, and he too grabbed his own bag.Bookmark here

“I was sure you were going to go off on your without me.” Meeting up with her at the door, he made a snide remark while hiding his face from her.Bookmark here

“That was just ‘cause there was barely any time left for me to get to class. If only, someone, could’ve woke me up.” Bookmark here

“Aha, you just looked…Yeah, you’re right, I’m sorry about that.” Accidentally leaking his true thoughts, he stopped mid-way and apologized instead.Bookmark here

Why couldn’t I just say it?Bookmark here

“Anyway, we should get going before class starts.” Grabbing her hand, trying to play off his awkward behavior.Bookmark here

She pulls him close, letting her whisper into his ear. “Go by yourself.” Then throwing his hand off hers she walked away.Bookmark here

Oh…I see…I…was such an idiot.Bookmark here

He stood there still and watched her as she slowly walked to class.Bookmark here

Sorry Mom, I can’t that promise I made to you yesterday after all.Bookmark here

Faint tears rolled down his face as he sat down on the roof of the school building.Bookmark here

Why…did I have to go and get my hopes up like that?Bookmark here

He then leaned his back against the floor as he looked up at the somewhat cloudy sky. His chest began to swell with a murky feeling.Bookmark here

“I hate this…so much.” Rolling to his side he looked at the building surrounding the school.Bookmark here

He pulled out his phone and noticed a message from Louise: “Where are you?”Bookmark here

He quickly replied to her message: “Busy with something.”Bookmark here

I mean, that’s not…completely a lie.Bookmark here

Soon he received another message from her: “I see.”Bookmark here

Huh?Bookmark here

He tries to ask her what she means, but upon hitting the send button, a random number messaged him: “You are no longer able to contact this number, as the recipient has blocked this number.”Bookmark here

I really am a dumbass.Bookmark here

Hearing the bell for the next class to begin, he put his bag down next to his chair as he laid his head on the table, looking away from the person next to him.Bookmark here

“I was sulking.” Ashamed of himself, he spoke to her in a low tone.Bookmark here

After everything she did for me yesterday, I went and acted like ‘that’.Bookmark here

“Thank you.” He turned to face her, still leaning his head against the table.Bookmark here

“If you really want to show me your gratitude, then help me write the report for the lab.” Looking a little relieved, she began writing down something on a sheet of paper.Bookmark here

He picked his head up and leaned against her and whispered into her ear with a smug smile.Bookmark here

“I love you too.”Bookmark here

With blushing cheeks, he turned back to grab his stuff out of his bag and brought it to the table.Bookmark here

“That is…just not fair.” Clutching her ear with her shaking hand, she smiled gently.Bookmark here

Unable to resist his urges, he poked her soft, fluffy cheek and rectified his earlier mistake.Bookmark here

“You looked so cute sleeping yesterday…I couldn’t help wanting to look at you like that for as long as I could. I even ended up taking a picture too.” Becoming a little embarrassed as he revealed what transpired, he averted his eyes from her gaze.Bookmark here

“And…” Wanting to say one last thing, he began talking, but was cut off.Bookmark here

“There’s more?” Feeling embarrassed and happy she felt conflicted as she asked him.Bookmark here

Grabbing her hand which was now on the table, he interlocked his fingers and held it earnestly.Bookmark here

“It would’ve been nice if we could’ve something like this on our way to class.” Saying that, he looked down at their hands, and put his other hand on top of hers, gently caressing it. A beaming smile formed on his face and his eyes glistened as he looked back at Louise.Bookmark here

“Umm…are you okay?” Seeing her entire face burning up he let go of her hand and worriedly asked her.Bookmark here

“Of course, I’m not okay.” In a slightly raised voice she spoke and turned back to continue working.Bookmark here

Seeing her working, he began on his as well.Bookmark here

Suddenly, he heard a sweet voice gently ring.Bookmark here

Thank you.Bookmark here

That was Louise’s voice, but…why does it sound oddly familiar?Bookmark here

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