Chapter 9:

Meeting Tadashi

The broken bond

The boy's head began to hurt really bad. He couldn't even feel his body. He tries to wake up from bed but his body seems too weak. He opens his eyes slowly adjusting to his surrounding. He saw a boy wiping off his sweat. He looked handsome and somewhat familiar. As the boy wiped his forehead he got a hold of the boy's wrist. The boy just patted him so that he would know he is safe right now. Bookmark here

"Miguel is he awake," he could hear the same voice before he drifted away. He saw a beautiful woman with emerald eyes smiling so kindly. "Can you move ?" she asked. All he could do was nod no. As hours when by he could feel his strength returning to him. He waked up from the bed and looked around. It looked like a clinic. He senses someone was entering the room and his body became defensive. It was the boy who was beside him a few hours ago wiping his forehead and comforting him. Bookmark here

"Here is your dinner, Can you eat it on your own," the boy asked. He replied yes. The boy place the food on his lap and sat on a stool beside the bed. He started to wat his meal which tasted delicious. After the meal, the boy started asking him questions "What is your name," the boy asked.Bookmark here

"Tadashi, and you are?". " I am Miguel . Do you remember what happened to you ? "Miguel questions him. Tadashi's memory was still hazy so he could remember how he got here. Miguel explained to him how they found him lying unconscious in the middle of the night in the forest and his conditions to him. None of it seems real to Tadashi. All he could remember was he was reading a book in his room in the palace. Bookmark here

A lot of questions run through Tadashi's head. Did this boy kidnap him? Are they telling the truth? What are they going to do to him? Bookmark here

A man with white hair and tan skin entered the room. It was none other than the head mage from the council. Bookmark here

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