Chapter 12:


My Not-So-Perfect-Life

Bloody Hell guys!!..i don't like Tears! i hate him!..he is such an idiot and a big dougebag...and  he has not changed..that was just an act.
He is continuously ignoring The GQ.and i dont care about him really..its just that Iomhara is attached to him and she was starting to think that we were all good friends again..and she overthinks..ALOT!..
Here's what he did to make me mad!:
whats up with this phone..keeps on buzzing..i swear its gonna bring an earthquake one day..
when i open my phone i see that i have got  a text from Bumblebee(Aura likes to call him Agaricus because he looks like a mushroom..but i wont be rude..he is a nice friend of its like we are in  a kind of flirtation-ship or some shit)
Bumblebee:So you gave my book to Tears?
Me:uh..yeah..Why you ask?
  "Lara! come here" said mommy
"yeah mom!"
Me:hey talk to you later.. mom is calling..
and with that I keep my phone away..
          at school
Me,Iomhara,Bumbleebee and his friend gusti were just chatting..thats when bumblebee told me that when tears returned the book to bumblebee the book's pages were torn..and tears didnt even return the book in person but instead he told another of our classmate to do so..
he is ignoring us ever since!
I was so  infuriated when i came to know about that!..i just hate him! so much! and i was just so stupid to think that he would've changed!!..he is a big bloody dougebag! and i dont like him!..there goes his chance of ever getting with me!!...


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