Chapter 8:

The boy with the silver eyes.

Who will the Villainess choose?

I thought that he would be shocked. He would be angry or he would just burst like a volcano with many questions which I would not be able to reply to. I did not know where his father and brother were! Bookmark here

I just knew that they would come back soon. His father only had this much history in the game. So, I could not reply to his questions. I was already prepared with many fake responses. Hiding my sweaty hands, I sat there with fake confidence and serenity on my face.Bookmark here

But the man did not do anything as I had thought. He calculated something in his mind for a few seconds and then nodded his head. Bookmark here

“Got it, thank you.” with that he stood up, ready to go out.Bookmark here

Though he was silent and said nothing else, I could feel the pressure around him. But that was not how it should go.Bookmark here

“Hey.. wait a minute. Where are you going?” I asked as he walked a few steps away.Bookmark here

He stood near the window and moonlight fell on him, giving him a halo. He looked so majestic that I forgot my words for a minute and became dumbfounded again.Bookmark here

Damien was clearly blessed by the graphics designer, I could feel it. The skin of his face under the moon was shining unrealistically, and the silver hair covering his forehead looked like the finest silver thread made from the moonlight itself. His straight forehead, sharp nose, and straight eyebrows were as beautiful as a sculpture.Bookmark here

In particular, his eyes were the most special. His golden pupils filled with conviction were more beautiful than anything else. I was certain of it, there would be no jewel more beautiful than his eyes, even if I searched the rarest gems on google.Bookmark here

“Would you stop staring and drooling over me again and again?” his anger returned and so did my senses, as he roared in his low voice.Bookmark here

“I was not staring at your beauty. I was staring at your absurdity.” I replied , trying to sound furious., but it was so difficult. He was looking so damn sexy that I just could not get angry even if he roared. I wanted to touch my face and check if there was really drool on my face, because I was sure there were high chances of it.Bookmark here

“What did you say?” he asked, looking around and a smug smile formed on my face. That was the reason I was asked to take every sharp thing around. Your misogynist nature would not let you touch me and there was nothing you could throw at me.Bookmark here

But the smile did not stay for long when he took out his cufflinks. Bookmark here

“I mean, I gave you so precious information. Should I not deserve anything in exchange? Or lord Damien will not fulfill his promise?” my words came out a bit incoherent looking at his burning eyes again.Bookmark here

“My lord, the lady is from the Duke Ashford family. We could not take hasty actions.” came the panicky voice of butler from behind.Bookmark here

Damien closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and I exhaled the breath I was holding too. Finally I passed the catastrophe.Bookmark here

“What do you want in exchange?” he asked, finally letting go of the cufflinks that fell on the floor with a clink.Bookmark here

“I want the acceptance of the deal which we were going to discuss this Friday. It was about the production of jewels from the magical stones of your new mine.” ‘Please do not ask me more questions. I do not know anything else. I was playing a dating and love game, not the businesswoman of the year. So I did not pay any attention to it.’Bookmark here

He tilted his head as he looked at me, “I thought we were going to discuss it this Friday.” Bookmark here

“Yes, my lord, but there is nothing else I could ask for in exchange. And as a businesswoman I could not give information for free.” ‘I knew I was not making any sense. But I did not think that he would cross question me. Shouldn't he just nod and throw the papers on my face like the haughty rich villains do! Dumb man, did not even know how villains should behave!’Bookmark here

He glared at me but my calm behavior and his butler’s pleading gaze finally worked and he nodded. Bookmark here

“The lady shall send the papers, my lord would sign and return it after checking all the details.” said the butler, taking a breath of relief.Bookmark here

“I want you to come personally with more detail about that young boy.” Just when I thought I had won the battle, he threw another explosive at me.Bookmark here

“But it would take time to search for more details.” I replied panicking and he nodded. Bookmark here

“Then instead of Friday, I will meet you on the weekend.” With that, he left the room in big strides and I continued to sit there dumbfounded.Bookmark here

“My lady, would you like to drink something?” asked the butler, to ease me maybe.Bookmark here

“Would his blood be served!?” i realized i spoke out my words loud only when i heard audible gasps around me.Bookmark here

I stood up ignoring the widened eyes of the servants around me. It was not like they had the courage to go and tell the living dragon about my words!Bookmark here

When I walked out, my aide was circling beside the carriage with worry and tears in his eyes. Bookmark here

‘Tsk tsk. If he was so worried, shouldn't he come in to check on me? The moonlight had already filled the sky when I walked out. But suddenly it reminded me of the person who was shining in the moonlight. Bookmark here

I shook my heart to get rid of that sexy image that was corrupting my soul. Bookmark here

“My lady. You are finally here.” he turned and almost cried when his eyes fell on me. He ran towards me like a mother who had found his kid after losing for a while.Bookmark here

“I am tired, I want to go back to the palace.” I spoke , cutting his melodrama. I am done with the drama for today. He nodded his head, and sat with me in the carriage.Bookmark here

The carriage started, but I still could not get peace. He was looking at me like a lost kid who would cry anymore.Bookmark here

“He agreed to meet us on the weekend with papers ready, he would sign the deal that day.” I told the man, his chest broadened like a newly air filled balloon. Too bad the needle was ready too. “But for that you have to find his sibling in two days” and here the balloon deflated..Bookmark here

“.............................”Bookmark here

Aide’s note: (can i cry again after being bullied again!?)Bookmark here

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