Chapter 4:

In school I got switched to first bench.

Teenage life isn't supposed to be like this

 I was standing in front of Miyoko's restaurant. I went in and luckily I saw Miyoko and went near her. She then saw me and said "hey are you here to eat what would you like Itsuki-kun ?"

"Ahh no I am here for a part time job."

"Oh lucky you we needed a waiter. Would you like to fill in."

"Of course. So when should I join."

"From tomorrow. Wait a moment let me bring your uniform."

She hands the uniform to me." Okay, so come from tomorrow evening at 5:30. See you tomorrow."

"Yeah bye then."

So I told my mom about the part time job. She was okay with it. She also was happy to hear it.

I woke up at 6:00 in the morning. I just noticed that ever since the first day of school I woke up early and I was never late to school. I saw the time table of today. After seeing the time table I sneaked 2 manga volumes into my bag.

I went to school and sat down in my place which is in the last bench. Heaven for practically every student . Yua sensei came and took the attendance. Now is the fun part, it is history class now I took my history textbook and placed it vertically open infront of me and I took my manga volume and kept it under my desk so that I could read it .

"Oi are you not going to listen to history classes this year too Itsuki"

"School is hypocrite dude." I said

"What are you saying?"

"What is the thought written in board?"

"The thought written on the board is Forget the past and focus on the present. Don't get the wrong idea. It means that you have to let your bad memories aside and focus on the things you have to for your ambition."

"I am setting aside the past so I can focus on the future."

"You are not gonna change are you"

"I hate history it is so dry! What can I do about that. I just can't concentrate."

"Ahh"Akiyoshi sighed.

Minutes passed and our history class was finally over and it was math class that is Yua sensei's class.

She came in and announced " I am going to change places for you guys."

" Looks like I have to bend down so that she doesn't notice me." I said.

"Don't speak anything or she will change your place for sure." Said Akiyoshi.

"Okay Itsuki-kun. Please come to first bench and Akio Sato please go to his seat."Said Yua Sensei.

"Looks like you got trouble." Said Akiyoshi

"I have no choice but to go."I replied.

I went to the first bench and sat down and Yua sensei said something that shocked me.

"Okay I have changed your seats now take your math textbooks."

"Wait you have only changes my seat." I said with a puzzled face.

She came close to me and said in a low voice that only I could hear."I saw what you did on history class. You were reading manga right."

"No" I replied instantly with a little scare in heart.

"You do know all classrooms have two doors right one on the front and other in the back. I opened the back door just to check if all were focusing on the class and saw you reading manga. You were the only one who did not concentrate. Don't worry I won't tell the other teachers if you try to concentrate now onwards. I will take the manga if you don't concentrate in all the classes today and from tomorrow onwards and I will also tell your mom about it."

" Please don't I will concentrate."

She started to take class and for every 5 minutes she was asking question to me so I had to pay close attention to everything she said. She was asking every crooked question possible to make me concentrate of every square inch of what was going on.

"Finally class was over. Just when I thought God of romcom was being nice to me. I lost my seat next to Miyoko too."

Yua sensei came close to me and said in a low and sweet voice. "Don't ever do this mistake again that you did in history class Itsuki-kun. But that doesn't mean you can go to the last bench now I will only send you back when I think you have changed." She said and left.

 Miyoko came near me and said " You answered things that I didn't know Itsuki-kun. You must have gotten good grade in the previous class."

"No no I only got 70% and I got even lower in math." I blushed when I said that. Miyoko got impressed with me.

"But if you try hard you can get good marks this year" she said.

"Oi let's go. It's Physical education." Said Akiyoshi.