Chapter 9:

Burdens of being Akira

Who will the Villainess choose?

“But for that you have to find his sibling in two days” i told the man but before i could explain myself he started crying again.

“My lady, the whole city knew that lord Damien did not have any siblings. How would I find one in two days then.” he asked through a wet face.

“I understand that I need to search for a boy around 13 years old. His hair is silver and his eyes would be golden like the Duca family. He will be living in the outskirts of the capital or to the place where there are comfort yet it is less popular area.'' I was just guessing since the man was habitual of living luxuriously, he could not leave the comfort of living in a slum area.

But at the same time he didn't want to be caught. So he must be living in a less populated area where he could get all the luxuries.

“But my lady, it is like finding a needle in a haystack,” I nodded. He was right, it was almost impossible to find them but only if we could get some clue, it would work too.

“Ask the artist to come and meet me tomorrow. I will help you by making his portrait.`` I replied but the man was still not convinced or satisfied.

I closed my eyes to avoid the grumpy man. I was badly tired, not to forget the stiffness due to sitting in the carriage for most of the day.

“My lady.. My lady..” I blinked my eyes when I heard some weird noises around me. And suddenly I felt a jerk.

“Did I sleep on the bus again?” I murmured , taking a yawn and then stretching my hands when I heard many gasps.

I opened my eyes to see some strange people standing and staring at me. “Who the hell are you?” I shouted when they gasped again.

“My lady, are you very tired? You are speaking incoherent words.” said the man and I blinked. It took me a minute and looking around several times to remind myself that I was not in Japan anymore but in a game that is set with English background.

“My lady shall I call the physician?” asked my aide and I coughed to clear my throat.

“No, I am fine. I was just watching a vivid dream and got lost in it.” though bewildered they all nodded at my paltry excuses. But still they continued to look at me as if I was a newly added animal in the zoo.

“I am tired, I need to rest” I said in a sharp tone and they all nodded and finally scattered around. I finally had some space to walk out of the carriage and walked inside the palace.

The palace was looking majestic in the moonlight. It was made up of brick-in-lime mortar veneered with red sandstone and marble and inlay work of precious/semi precious stones. While the center was built of red sandstone in contrast to the marble tomb in the centre.

I walked with big eyes looking around and taking everything in. I did not look at anything in the morning as I was so excited to meet Andrew. But now that I have the time, I want to enjoy the calm scenery.

While the palace Andrew was full of gold, shining like the sun in the bright day. Damien’s place was full of stars and dark colors giving it a night look. Akira’s palace was pure white, most of it was made up of white marble giving a peaceful and calm look like moonlight.

“My lady, would you like to have dinner?” a maid asked me and I nodded.

“Bring me the costliest dish. I want to finally enjoy the palace life.`` Once again the maid looked confused by my words and I sighed. I could not even ask for the best meal! ‘A luxurious hotel would have been much better!!’

“I mean bring me the best dish of the chef. I want to eat something rich and creamy with a lot of cheese.” I elaborated. Though she was looking confused, she nodded her head and left the room.

I stood up and looked at my golden hair once again. “If I will sleep tonight, will you be gone and I will be back to my small flat in Tokyo? With my brown eyes and dark hair?” I asked the girl in the mirror seriously but she did not do anything except repeating my words and copying my expressions.

“My lady, are you okay?” I heard the voice behind me and I sighed.

“I am perfectly fine, would you stop asking the same question every 10 seconds?” he bowed his head but still did not leave the chamber.

“My lady, your father asked the reason behind your absence.” he asked politely once i sat on the chair again.

“Tell him that I went to meet the Archduke for the deal. And I will be busy this week. I would go and meet him if I get time on the weekend.`` My words may sound cold but that was how the relationship of father and daughter was! They were nothing more than a businessman and his partner and colleague. There was a time when they did not see each other for months even after living in the same palace.

I was very tired, and I did not have the capacity to handle one more drama for tonight.

He bowed and left finally looking at my exhausted face.

“My lady, your dinner” said the maid as she moved a cart with her. It was filled with all the sweet food. It has apple pie. Strawberry cake, and other sweet delicacies. I picked up the cream puff and started eating it silently.

Action taken in haste could almost kill me. It would not work. I have to learn their ways and more about Akira, since I am Akira now. And so as about Andrew and Damien to keep myself alive and make sure that Damien would love me before the player arrives in the game.

For that i needed to plan well, tonight i would do nothing but read about both of them and make my future plans. I have to win Andrew’s heart on this Friday date and i have to make sure that i get the deal with Damien on this weekend so that i did not need to meet him again, he was surely the devil who could kill me before the player come and Andrew fell in love with him and decide to kill me.

‘Yes, tonight i will make all the plans’

“My lady. These are all the paperwork of today which you have left unattended. I have arranged it according to its importance as you always ask me to do.”